Bloom POV

I was in the Alfea courtyard just hanging out with my friends. The Winx Club. Because I have no other friends, you know? Anyway, I'm just hanging out with them when some random student just runs towards us! What could she possibly want?

Stella POV

So I'm like: sitting with the other Winx Club girls in the courtyard. I'm painting my fingernails in Royal Purple and using a spell to do my toenails in the same colour at the same time when a student comes running out to us!

Random Student POV

"Miss Faragonda sent me to get you all and deliver a message!" I said, feeling out of breath. I was so glad to be selected by Miss Faragonda to deliver a simple message! I never got a chance to meet the Winx before and now I can, even if only for a few minutes. EEE!

Tecna POV

"So what's the message, Random Student?" I asked, going through my Magical PDA logically.

"She says you must come to her office now and that she has an important mission for you! She says a new evil has arisen!" Random Student exclaimed.

Miss Faragonda POV

The girls entered my office looking serious. I'm glad the student messenger I sent got the message to the Winx…

"Ladies, I must tell you of an important evil threatening the universe. She is an evil witch named Discordia. She hails from a distant realm called Crystaliana and is seeing to destroy us and a new student here."

"Who is the new student?" Flora asked.

"She will be here soon." I said.

"I'm already here!" A voice said from the doors as we all turned to look.

New Student POV

I flicked aside my long, luxurious locks that were the colour of soft, light blue petals out of my eyes that were sapphire coloured and shone brightly as I stepped into the room. "Hello everyone. I am Princess Kizarina of Crystaliana. I am the Fairy of the Elements and Discordia is actually my aunt. She broke away from the royal family when my mother, who is her twin sister and a fairy like me was made queen instead of her…"

"That's terrible!" Musa exclaimed.

"I know. That's why I came to Alfea instead of being homeschooled. It's the best at what it does and has good security!" I exclaimed.

Discordia POV

A lot of people seem to think that I only want to kill my niece Kizarina because my fairy sister got the throne of Crystaliana. They're wrong.


That- and the fact that she's annoying as hell…

Plus she's oh-so-perfect in the way that makes you want to puke. Just like her mother. Ugh.

Enough of this bitching. I have work to do.

Musa POV

"Yeah, Kizarina! You can do it! Work it!" I cheered for my new friend Kiz as she danced to a CD I recorded earlier. She's really great at this and a lot of other things! "Whee!" She laughs and giggles as she dances. This is really fun to watch!

Flora POV

Kiz is really good with plants. She may not exactly be a nature fairy like me, but the Earth section of her wonderful and powerful elemental powers certainly covers that! She helped heal my mini rose garden! She's so sweet…

Aisha POV

I am actually having fun with Kiz. I didn't think I would be too fond of her at first, but she turned out to be okay! Hey! She's another princess who rides motorbikes and likes sports like I do!

Discordia POV

"IT'S FINALLY TIME TO LAUNCH MY EVIL PLAN!" I laugh evilly and the Trix laugh with me.

Oh, didn't I mention them earlier? No? Oh well. I'm mentioning them now. They're well qualified for the job, considering their records for working as minions for more powerful people in the past few years…

We're outside Alfea now, waiting for that brat Kizarina to show her overly made-up mug.

"ATTACK!" I command as I see Winx Club and Kizarina emerge into the courtyard

Kizarina POV

The ground is shaking, the sky has gone dark and everyone is screaming! What is happening?

I hear my evil aunt's voice suddenly behind me and I turn to dodge the evil spell I hear her cast and it narrowly misses me! Humph! Why can't she love me like everyone else?

I transform into my purple frilly outfit with silver butterfly wings and my silky blonde hair (I was bored with the light blue I had before) is up in a bun.

I fight and with all the training I got in the past year, I manage to beat my evil aunt easily.

"NOOOO!" She screams, as she sinks to the ground, powerless.

I look around to see the Winx beating the Trix again and shrug. Oh well, looks like this issue is gone for good and I'm now totally safe from anyone who would want to hurt me! Isn't life grand?

Kiko POV

"Munch, munch, munch, munch, munch." These the only noises I make as I sit in my mistress' closet, eating her clothes while she's out at the annual "defend Alfea from evil attackers" celebratory party. These clothes actually taste pretty good. But not as good as Stella's salad dress I had a few months ago. I wonder if she has more? I must go to her closet too and see!