In the courtyard, the Sue Club was still being worshipped as deities with students and teachers alike fawning over them.

The boys were practically falling all over themselves trying to impress the girls with various gifts and they were enjoying it.

"You know, this isn't really all that bad..." Kizarina relaxed as she allowed a brainwashed Stella to paint her nails. "Having people worship and serve you all day..."

"Not for long..."

None of the Sues had time to react before they were suddenly blasted off their thrones.

Their worshippers ran off screaming in terror.

"What the- who?" Alysyn snarled as she looked up towards the source of the blast and saw Roxy flying there, in her new fairy form, twirling her Story Staff. "YOU!"

"Why, hello there, Ruby. Or should I say... Alysyn!" Roxy pointed the staff at her.

Upon hearing Alysyn's name, something seemed to break in Bloom and instead of looking at the red-haired Sue with a look of awe, it was now one of terror.

"Alysyn?!" Bloom sounded utterly horrified. "Alysyn Saskue Ruby Phoenix Raven Scarlette Bailey-Hilton?"

"It's Hilton-Kardashian, actually..." Alysyn slapped her perfectly manicured hands over her perfectly pink lips and her eyes widened.

Bloom screeched in horror as she backed away.

"You! My Sue sister! The one that claimed she was my long lost sister!" She began to shake in terror.

"As for the rest of you... Lynn, Sasha, Cara, Mystik-Fyre and Kizarina..."

As Roxy pronounced each of the Sue Club's real names, the rest of the Winx Club seemed to come to their senses and looked around at themselves and each other in horror, before taking one look at the Mary Sues and running off to join Bloom.

"You're not welcome here! Coherent Plot!" Roxy let loose a blast of energy from the Staff that sent all the Sues careening through the air.

"We won't be defeated that easily, Roxy!" Sasha spat, seething as she saw the Specialists also breaking free of their spells and being escorted to safety by Nex.

"Blinding Light!" She held up her hands and cast a spell that blinded nearly everyone else present temporarily.

"Oh no you don't! Story Shield!" Light green words, seemingly made out of energy twisted and formed around Roxy and took the form of a protective shield that bounced off Sasha's attack. "I'm the only Last Fairy of Earth around these parts! Wolf Claw!"

She lashed out and her attack sent Sasha tumbling down to the ground, some scratches all over her body.

"Why you little-" Mystik-Fyre flew forward and was about to cast her own attack spell, when she was blasted out of the air by a rapidly approaching Daphne.

"Hey, Roxy. How are you holding up against the likes of the Sue Club?" Daphne took a battle stance next to her.

"Okay. I think I broke their enchantments on the Winx and Specialists. I saw them running off. Did I?" Roxy deflected a rainbow coloured attack from Lynn while Daphne fended off an attack from Sasha.

"Sandstorm!" Kizarina lifted her hands into the air and clouds of sand erupted from the ground and formed into giant tornadoes that Roxy and Daphne had to fight to beat their wings in at first.

"AAH!" Roxy had to spit sand out of her mouth. "Daphne, do something!"

"Counterstrike!" Daphne glowed brightly and the tornado reversed its direction, releasing them and heading towards the Sue Club, who were all running/flying off, screaming in terror.

"I thought your little friend said that her scheme was foolproof!" Alysyn screamed at Cara as they flew off.

"She didn't count on those two side characters getting a powerup!" Cara screamed back.

"All I wanted was to be the special one! Was that so hard to ask?!" Sasha screamed.

"Yes!" Mystik-Fyre snapped. "I was supposed to be the special one, not you!"

"I want my mommy!" Kizarina cried pathetically, her tears nearly blinding her as she flew.

They all screamed as the tornado engulfed them and tossed them about like ragdolls until they slammed hard into the ground, instantly becoming unconscious and de-transforming on impact.

"What the hell?" Alysyn groaned as she came to. "Where the hell am I?"

She screamed in horror as she realised that she was tied up with a bunch of glowing energy rings.

Around her in the room, the other members of the Sue Club were also tied up as she was and that Liana was encased in a ghostly cage.

Kizarina and Cara were sobbing pathetically in their corners, while Mystik-Fyre and Lynn were screaming death threats to Roxy, Daphne and anyone else they could.

"Hello there, Sue Club..." Daphne and Roxy stepped into the room, flanked by Nex and Thoren, with the Winx Club and Specialists hovering close behind them, looking terrified.

"You. So you managed to beat us. Well done. Wouldn't have seen it coming." Liana looked up at them, looking completely unrepentant.

"Thanks to these wonderful Story Staffs, we were able to find out all about you and your acts in your alternate fanfiction universes..." Roxy twirled her own staff. "You all wreaked havoc in your own stories and then you want to come here and overthrow the canon events? To turn the Winx Club into the Sue Club?"

"And we would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling fairies..." Sasha grumbled.

"Well, well, well. Sasha Carrie Robyn Topaz Anastasia Lopez-Smith. That name's quite the mouthful. You wanted to take my place as the Last Fairy on Earth. Too bad that's not going to happen..." Roxy sneered at her.

"You. Alysyn." Daphne glared at the only redhead of the Sue Club. "You claimed to be Bloom's long lost sister. My long lost sister. You were so obnoxiously perfect that even Bloom with all her Mary-Sue moments couldn't stand you."

"It was horrible. She was perfect. So perfect! She was gorgeous, powerful, beat a bunch of evil villains with just one spell!" Bloom cried and Sky held her closer.

"Lynn: You wanted to join the Winx Club in your universe. You shoved your way into the plot with your sickening levels of perfection. You even had an arranged marriage with a man you didn't love but grew to love by the end of the story. Just like Aisha." Roxy glanced back at the Androsian princess, who was trying her best to remain composed. "But unlike her, you shoved your way into things, was completely overpowered, not to mention underdeveloped.

"Look at you..." Daphne sneered at the snivelling Kizarina. "The sweetheart. Were you supposed to be the Purity Sue? The fairy with the horrid past-"

"Nah, that was me!" Sasha interrupted.

"-with family members that wanted to kill you and steal your powers?" Daphne continued as if she hadn't been interrupted by the wannabe Last Fairy. "Your powers, which were oddly reminiscent of the Avatar? And I'm not talking about the blue people either..."

Daphne and Roxy strolled up and down the room casually, maintaining firm grips on their Story Staffs.

The Winx Club and Specialists watched them nervously.

"Of course, there's the not-so-brilliant mastermind behind all this..." Roxy glanced at Liana. "And her just as pathetic friend..."

"What do you think we should do with them, Roxy?" Daphne asked her.

"I think we should send them to the deepest parts of the Pit of Voles." Roxy grinned a grin that left the Sue Club feeling too terrified to be scared.

"No! Not the pit!" Mystik-Fyre screamed in horror. "Anywhere but there!"

"That's actually a good idea, Roxy." Daphne and Roxy pointed their Story Staffs at the Sue Club and they were bound together by a few giant energy rings. "No Mary-Sue ever gets out of The Pit. It is where the worst of the worst Mary-Sues and the fanfictions they belong to are banished, according to the Fanfictionix fairies."

"A fitting sentence, I should think..." Nex commented casually and Thoren nodded in agreement.

"They certainly deserve it for screwing up canon like this..." Thoren agreed.

Daphne and Roxy nodded and touched the Staffs together.

"We call up the ultimate punishment for all wreckers of canon." They glowed as they spoke and their voices sounded ethereal.

"The place of darkness where all destroyers of plot spend eternity, sentenced for their crimes against Creativity, Language and Logic..."

"Pit of Voles, rise forth and claim the Sue Club and their ally!"

"Take them to their just rewards!"

They tapped the Staffs onto the ground and a rush of energy engulfed the Sue Club and Liana, lifting them into the air as a portal formed behind them.

Vague images in the portal showed Valtor with large, black wings smoking a joint and drinking a can of Red Bull while blasting at terrified people, teenage girls that looked (aside from minor changes) like carbon copies of the Winx Club, an angry little girl raging at something she was reading on the computer, evil versions of the Winx, a Flora that looked more like a ragdoll, a robotic Tecna among other images, accompanied by the faint soundtrack of various, annoying songs.

With another swipe of the Story Staffs, a wave of energy burst forward from Daphne and Roxy, sending the Sue Club and Liana hurtling towards the portal, screaming, crying and wearing all the way in until the portal finally closed and the music faded out.

"Well," Daphne de-transformed. "That's finally over..." She wiped her brow.

"Thank goodness." Roxy breathed, somewhat tired from all the excitement of the day.

She turned to face the Winx Club and Specialists.

"You guys okay?" She asked them.

"We will be, after lots and lots of therapy..." Musa held Riven closer than she normally would.

Just then there were some more screams outside as the ground shook violently.

Flora jumped into Helia's arms. "More Mary-Sues?"

"Please don't let there be more Mary-Sues!" Tecna exclaimed, gripping Timmy's hand firmly.

"I'll be glad if I never even hear the names Mary or Sue ever again!" Stella exclaimed, Brandon's arms around her.

Thoren glanced out the window. "Nah, just the Trix and Selina up to something else again..."

"Better go get 'em, girls!" Nex said.

"Well, you heard Nex! Let's go teach those Trix what's what!" Aisha declared.


The Winx Club transformed and flew out of the room and onto the Alfea grounds to face off against the Trix and the latest monster that Selina had summoned from the Legendarium.

"Looks like everything's back to normal, huh?"

Thoren, Daphne, Nex and Roxy nearly jumped out of their skins as Selina teleported in.

"Selina, you really need to stop doing that..." Roxy glared at the blonde witch.

"No way. It's far too much fun. Anyway, I see you used your Fanfictionix powers well against the likes of the Sue Club and defeated them." Selina opened the Legendarium and glanced at the page that held the Fanfictionix Fairies. "You would have done the Fanfictionix Fairies proud." She shut the book and put it away.

"Don't think that this changes anything between us though." Selina said.

"I wouldn't expect it to." Daphne said.

"Good. Now that we understand each other... Isn't it your cue to help the Winx Club beat my latest summoning or something? And while you do that, I'm headed back to Cloud Tower. I prefer to watch these things from a distance. Less chance of getting caught in the crossfire." Selina teleported out again.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready for some action!" Nex summoned his weapon and darted outside into the chaos.

"Roxy, you can help get the other students to safety! Thoren and I will go help the Winx Club and Specialists against the Trix!" Daphne exclaimed, transforming into her Sirenix form.

"On it!" Roxy bolted out of the room.

Thoren and Daphne looked at one another for a few seconds.

"Well, this was an exciting few couple of hours, wasn't it?" he asked.

"That it was, Thoren. That it was... Now let's go. We have another fight to win." Daphne flew off, Thoren close behind her as they went to fight in the latest battle against the Trix.

Somewhere, in a realm that looked like somewhere in outer space, with various space rocks floating around, were the Sue Club and Liana, floating around aimlessly.

"So this is what The Pit looks like..." Lynn mused. "I HATE IT!" She burst out suddenly in anger.

"This is all your fault, Liana!" Alysyn snared. "It was your stupid scheme that got us in here! You told us that the Complete Adoration That Will Make Everyone Our Mind Slaves And Let Us Take Over The Canon Universe Potion aka Love And Adore Me Potion would work and it didn't!"

"That name was far too long, anyway. Who was the idiot that came up with hat long name anyway?" Sasha sneered.

Kizarina and Cara were holding onto one another and crying shamelessly.

"I was really enjoying myself too! I was popular and everyone loved me! I was powerful! I was even more beautiful than I am now!" Mystik-Fyre's hair was sticking out wildly in all sorts of directions.

Liana was sulking to herself and trying to tune out the grumbling and quarrelling of the others around her.

"And I was so sure this scheme would work too..." she thought.

Just then, Valtor flew by, in his demonic form.

"Cheer up, ladies, it's not so bad here. I've been imprisoned in a locked, abandoned dimension before and it wasn't so bad there after all!"

"Uh-huh... If it wasn't so bad there, then why did you escape and try to get vengeance against those who locked you into Omega, huh?" Alysyn sneered.

"It's the principle of the thing. Now shut up and enjoy it. You're going to be here for a long, long time anyway..."

Valtor flew off and their group watched him silently as he went.

Liana let out a scream of frustration.

And with that, the saga that is Magic Winx! Fanfictionix! comes to an end 2 years, 7 months and 18 days after the first chapter was published.

I hope you all enjoyed the ride. Cheers!

-Akela V.