This chapter is especially dedicated to LoveLoveLovix, who's actually written a brilliant "Magic returns to Earth" story called Fly or Fall featuring Roxy and a collection of OC's of all types that actually aren't Sues/Stu's. Here's to seeing another update soon! Hint, hint…

Hey there! Let me tell you about myself!

Name: Sasha Carrie Robyn Topaz Anastasia Lopez-Smith

Age: 13

Birthday: June 14th

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Hair: Mid-back length, curly dirty blonde hair held back by a pink headband with a pink bow on the right side

Eyes: sparkling emerald green eyes

Body Type: Petite (People always tell me I look like a model.)

Clothes: One-shoulder pink top that shows off my stomach, white ankle-length leggings, pink open-toe high heel boots.

Personality: I may look cute, but I'm a tough rebellious chick on the inside who won't let life get her down!

Sorry about putting you through that guys. I am simply too lazy to describe myself in paragraph form and must think that you are too dumb to figure out what I look like and what I'm like in paragraph form so that is why I put up a character sheet instead of trying to start off the story like a normal person.

I live in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, called Ghettoville. Man, life here is so hard. For starters, my parents were evil, abusive people who sold drugs for a living. They might have been better when I was a baby, but as soon as I turned three, it all changed.

They started beating me, berating me and starving me. I lived off a diet of stale food and leftovers- if I was lucky enough to get any of that in a day…

I cried every day. I suffered so much!

And as soon as I hit puberty when I was nine, I caught my dad's attention in a different way. He molested me nightly while my mother watched, simply not caring. In fact, he even brought his friends over sometimes and made it into a party.

I had a friend named Keisha. She was my best friend. And I say was, as in past tense, because she died. We were walking home together from Ghettoville Middle School (where I am the best student) when there was a drive-by shooting. She was shot and died. I miss her!

I cried some more.

Then one day, I came home from school, fully expecting my parents to start their "Yell at Sasha" routine.

They didn't.

Something was wrong.

I heard footsteps and screaming coming up the stairs so I ducked into my lavishly decorated room- never mind my parents were so abusive and hardly fed me well, they actually gave me a nice room.

I slid under the bed and pulled the sheets down over the sides to hide.

Just in time as two big, burly men I didn't recognize dragged my mother into the room and began to rape her too.

When they were done, they slapped her around, demanding where the money was. I guess being the crooks they were, they tried to short somebody money in a drug deal…

They got tired of it and I got to see my mother murdered right in front of my eyes. The knife kept coming down into her chest repeatedly and they even shot her between the eyes for good measure.

When the police came, the crooks were long gone and I found out that my dad was dead as well.

Now, being a poor, tragic, abused orphan, I was sent to the local orphanage.

Life there wasn't much better.

At least until I found out I was the Last Fairy of Earth™.

I never would have seen it coming.

On the TV, these beautiful fairies had come from another world, they said, to free the imprisoned Earth Fairies. They thought that that Roxy girl was the last fairy, but they were wrong.

They said that they thought another fairy was out there and were going to find her.

I really liked magic and fairies and stuff, but I was always made fun of it at Ghettoville Middle School. School sucks.

Then one day while I was walked through a local park, I saw the sky grow dark and felt a chill descend.

What the hell? It's summer! It's not supposed to be cold!

"Hello there, fairy."

I whipped around to the voice and saw a mean looking guy with long, red hair, flapping around in the non-existent breeze, a guy with long, flappy blond hair with a black hat on top and a dark-skinned guy with brownish-black short dreadlocks pulled into one on top of his head.

Who could these people possibly be? You could never tell, audience. You could never tell!

The blond guy sent something like sound waves, which sent me bowling through the air, clutching my ears in pain.

"You think that hurts, you should try this!" The redhaired guy sent some sort of weird energy at me, which sent me crashing into a tree, where I screamed out in pain.

"This is just too easy…" Dreadlocks grinned as he touched hands with the other two weird guys and they formed some weird, purple circle thingie that began to suck me in.

We still don't know who they are, audience! Who could they be? Who do the clues indicate they are?

Then all of a sudden, these weird guys were blasted off their feet!

When I looked up, I saw seven beautiful fairies standing between me and the weird guys.

One of them, Roxy, came over to me and helped me up.

"Are you okay?" She asked me.

I nodded, even though I was feeling downright confused. Where did all these magical people come from? And why were they here for me?

"You're not getting the Last Fairy of Earth™, Ogron!" Bloom exclaimed.

Bloom. She's my favourite! Imagine, I'll actually get to meet her! Squee!

Wait, Ogron? Didn't they say they sent them to some weird prison realm?

"Come on! We have to get you out of here!" Roxy flew off with me while the Wizards were distracted.

While I was up in the air with her, the pieces started to fit into place.

Those… were the Wizards of the Black Circle- at least what was left of them! They were after me! I was the fairy the Winx Club said they were after!

Me! A fairy! I couldn't believe it!

"All my life, I wanted to be a fairy and now, it's happening. I can't believe it!" I squeed.

Roxy laughed. "I didn't. In fact, I was downright terrified when I found out I was a fairy. In fact, I was in a similar situation to you when the Winx had to come rescue me…"

A few minutes later, we landed on the front step of the orphanage, where some of the others there looked at us in awe.

"What's your name by the way?" Roxy asked.

"Sasha Carrie Robyn Topaz Anastasia Lopez-Smith."

"Wow, that's a mouthful! Mind if I just call you Sasha?"

"Go on ahead! It's what everyone calls me!"

"Well, Sasha, why don't you go get your stuff now? You're the new Last Fairy of Earth™. You don't have to stay here. You can come live in Tir Nan Og!" She exclaimed.

I broke out into a smile. "Really?"

"Yes, really!" She said, smiling.

"Woo! I'll show you where my dorm is!" I raced inside the house, barely giving time to Roxy to retract her wings so they wouldn't hit the door.

She half-flew, half-dragged behind me as I ran up to the dorm and the door opened to reveal my startled dorm mates.

"SUCK IT, BITCHES!" I made the victory sign in the air as I packed up my few, but expensive possessions.

We left the orphanage and the administrators had no problem whatsoever with the fact that I was a fairy and a strange young woman who had wings was taking me away. In fact, they encouraged it.

Soon enough, she made some silver disc appear in her hand and threw it into the air where a silvery portal formed above us.

"Let's go!" She grabbed my hand and flew up through the portal and we found ourselves in the beautiful Tir Nan Og.

I soon met the lovely Queen Nebula who told me what being a fairy involved and that she'd run some tests on me to see what kinds of powers I had.

She had some other fairy scan me with a weird thing that looked like a television remote, except those don't sweep you with a bright, white light…

"Well, congratulations, Sasha! You are the Fairy of Light!" Queen Nebula smiled at me.

I beamed. Literally as well as figuratively.

Sometime later, I was in training with some of the Warrior Fairies.

I had finally gotten my own wings. My long-sleeved dress was knee length and pale yellow with a dark gold bow around my waist which tied in the back. A gold ruffle held my hair up in a ponytail and gold strappy flat sandals adorned my feet. My wings were shaped like Tinkerbell's.

"Blinding Light!" I exclaimed.

The light blinded everyone in the room until it faded out.

"Wow, Sasha! You're so powerful!" Someone exclaimed.

"Thanks!" I smiled.

After that, it was a year since I found about my powers and it came time to send the Wizards of the Black Circle back to where they came from. I was allowed to come along, never mind I was only a basic level fairy and Roxy at least had her Charmix…

As they all converged our strongest spells, I did too.

"COSMIC BLAST!" I cried.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" The Wizards cried as they were finally defeated once and for all.

Earth was safe from them once again- thanks to me.

Now I could go to Alfea in peace, never mind the fact that I was only fourteen…

Here we go. The new Earth fairy shtick. Now FoF is the only one I've seen with Earth fairies who have no sort of Magix ancestry or links being found after magic begins to return to Earth- that isn't a wish-fulfilling, self-insert Suetopia. If you see any good ones, be sure to let me know. Gems of Winx could always use some more additions!

And as for the rape and other things mentioned in this chapter, we all know how tragic these OC's tend to be (which will be covered fully in a future chapter!), but I'm not making fun of that. I'm making fun of the fact that if anyone went through all that IRL, they'd probably be headed to the nuthouse by now- but this Sue doesn't. Just to clear the air folks.