Ch. 5

(Back on Earth)

"You know Josh, this intern is doing a very nice job, the only thing is I don't like her" said Jeff

"I know, she's too nice" said DG

"We have to get rid of her" said Jeff

"I know but how, the school expects us to take her in for her community service" said DG

Penny walked up to them holding a sheet of paper

"Can you guys sign my community service sheet?" asked Penny

DG and Jeff looked at each other for a moment and began to laugh

"Jeff, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" asked DG

"Yeah you're not going to sign her service sheet are you" said Jeff

"No seriously, you have to sign this or I don't get credit" said Penny

"Why sure I'll sign this and Penny, I think you'll be working for me for a long time" said DG

"Well thanks sir" said Penny

"Say Penny, what size jumpsuit do you wear?" asked DG

"I think a medium, why?" asked Penny

"Oh, no reason" said Jeff

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