Serenity's Choice

Summary: Princess Serenity runs away from home with her cousin Mina after Endymione cheats on her. They sneak through the time gate and wind up in the eighteen hundreds, during the French Revolution. Unable to bear the thought of young men dying for the sake of France, Serenity disguises herself as a boy and risks her life to save her knew friends. Will she change the course of history as we know. And will she find a new love?

Based on Shoujo Cosette (anime Les Miserables) and Sailor Moon. I own nothing, but the storyline.

Chapter One

Princess Serenity sat in her room, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her cousin and best friend Mina, sat next to her, trying to comfort her.

"Endymione is a jerk" She said fervently, wiping Serenity's tears.

"I thought he really loved me" Serenity whispered. "Raye is my warrior. How could she do this to me?" There was a sharp knock on the door.

"Serenity, can we please talk about this?" Endymione pleaded through the door.

"Go away, Endy!" Serenity snapped.

"No" Endymione replied. "We need to talk about this. It was a mistake. Raye was a mistake"

"Prince Endymione, if you don't leave this minute, I will kill you and Raye myself" Mina snarled. They heard a sigh and then footsteps fading down the hallway. Serenity stood up and un pinned her long silver hair. It hung in waves until it reached the floor.

"I need to get away" She said, abbing her eyes with a handkerchief.

"Where will you go?" Mina asked.

"Somewhere, where no one will think to look. I'm going to the future" Serenity said confidently. Mina gasped.

"You can't" She whispered. "It's against the law"

"I don't care" Serenity said firmly. "I have to get away. I don't want to see either of them for a long time"

"What about the war?" Mina asked. Serenity was silent for a moment.

"Beryl wants Endymione, right?" She asked. Mina nodded. "Well, she can have him"

"What if the future is really bad, because of the war?" Mina asked.

"There's only one way to find out" Serenity replied. Mina was silent for a moment.

"I'm going with you" She said finally. Serenity knew that it would be pointless to talk Mina out of it, so she merely nodded.

It was late that evening when they snuck past the guards and out of the palace. When they reached the Time gates, Pluto was not there. Serenity was suspicious, but Mina heard voices.

"She's coming back, we must hurry" She said. The two girls slipped through the gates just as Pluto and Queen Serenity rounded the corner.

"I am sorry for taking you away from the gate, Puu" Serenity said softly. "I am just worried about this upcoming war. I can't trust the Prince anymore"

"Everything will be okay, You're majesty" Pluto replied.

"My daughter is now the bearer of the crystal" the Queen replied. "I have some power left, but if I use it, I will die. The fate of our world rests on her shoulders, and I fear that she is not strong enough"

Pluto nodded. She understood the Queen's worries.

Serenity and Mina appeared in the middle of a park, thankful that it was night, so nobody could see them. Mina looked around and gasped.

"This isn't the moon" She whispered. Serenity's eyes widened. Mina pointed up at the sky and Serenity followed her gaze in disbelief as she saw the Moon.

"I don't understand" She said quietly. "We went through time, So we should still be on the moon"

"Not if it was destroyed b Beryl" Mina said, fearing the worst. Serenity was worried. What if Mina was right. What if her home had been destroyed because she left. She closed her eyes.

"Silver Crystal, give us the knowledge we seek" The crystal shone brightly and images flashed before them. bodies of men, women and children, lying on the ground dead. Endymione and Raye faced Beryl and she killed them both. Queen Serenity whispered something and Beryl and her minions vanished and the Queen fell down weakly. She spoke to her advisors and took her last breath. The images faded.

"This is my fault" Serenity whispered. She didn't know how to get back to the time gates, so she sat on a bench. The silver crystal filled her head with the knowlede that after the fall of both the Earth Kingdom and the Moon Kingdom, the Earth was split into it's own provinces and countries with seperate rulers. She had landed in Paris, France.

"Thank goodness for our powers" Mina said. "Otherwise we'd never be able to communicate. I wonder how many languages have evolved" Serenity shrugged, still depressed at seeing her mother die. Mina touched her arm.

"Now that we're here, we can't draw much attention to ourselves" She reminded the Princess. Serenity nodded.

"We'll stay in the park tonight and disguise ourselves. Tommorow, we'll find a place to live for the time being"