Serenity's Choice

Chapter Six

Serenity slowly opened her eyes to see a tearful Mina looking down at her. She smiled weakly.

"Did ya miss me?" She croaked. Mina hugged her tightly and she winced in pain.

"Sorry" Mina said, letting go. "I was so worried about you"

"Gavroche?" Serenity asked. Mina sighed.

"The barricade was searched and there is no sign of his body. No one knows where he is or if he's even alive" Mina said. Serenity's eyes filled with tears.

"It's my fault" She whispered. Mina shook her head.

"It's not your fault, Serena" Serenity turned to see Enjolras, who had just walked in. "Gavroche chose to leave the shelter of the barricade" Serenity shook her head.

"If I had powered up earlier i could have saved him" She insisted. "It's my fault my home was destroyed and its my fault that Gavroche got shot and might be dead" Enjolras looked to Mina for clarification and Mina gestured for them to leave.

"Get some rest" She told Serenity. She led Enjolras to the sitting room.

"I can't tell you everything, but I will tell you what I can" Mina said. "You must not tell anyone, not even Marius" Enjolras nodded. "Serenity is a Princess. She comes from an unknown but powerful kingdom. She is also from the past, which is why no one knows about this kingdom"

"The past?" Enjolras asked in disbelief. Mina nodded.

"The power Serenity posesses is passed down through the females of her line. For sixteen years the power of the silver crystal, a royal heirloom has been infusing itself with her and withdrawing its power from the Queen" Enjolras thought he saw where this was going.

"The Queen became powerless, didn't she?" He asked.

"In a way" Mina replied. "She had a drop of the silver crystal left. It wasn't much, but it was enough to defeat the forces of evil, but it cost her life"

"Serena said it was her fault" Enjolras said. "Why wasn't she there to help?"

"Because, she was here" Mina replied. "She was about to get married, and the Prince cheated on her with her best friend and fellow warrior. We left and came to the future. We landed in Paris and wondered why we didn't land in her kingdom since we only traveled through time. We discovered, with the crystal's help, that the kingdom no longer exists. It was wiped out by an evil woman and her minions and Queen Serenity used the last of her power to seal them away, but it took her life. That is why Serenity is so upset"

"But, can't you just return to the time you left?" Enjolras asked. Not that he wanted them to, but if Serenity could save her people, Mina shook her head.

"That's not how it works" She said sadly. "It is forbidden to travel through time. Serenity and I broke the law, we have no way of going back, and even if we did, once an event happens, we are not allowed to change it. Serenity was able to save the Barricade because it hadn't happened yet" Enjolras shook his head.

"Who are you in all of this?" He asked. Mina smiled.

"I am actually Serenity's cousin" She replied. "I am number one in command to an elite all female warrior group called Senshi. I am the, was the leader. We work solely for Princess Serenity" They were silent for a moment. "How is Marius?"

"He's reuniting with his love, Cosette" Enjolras said. "Grantaire and Provaire are talking to the Government with our demands"

"Will they be all right?" Mina asked.

"Oh sure. We made sure not to mention that Serenity was wounded. They know she was shot but the display afterwards made her appear immortal. We are trying to keep it that way. If they discover she is wounded, they may not listen to us" Enjolras explained. Mina nodded thoughfully. Suddenly Marius burst in panting and out of breath.

"Gavroche is alive" He gasped out. Mina went to get a glass of water and Enjolras helped Marius to a chair.

"Where is he?" Enjolras asked, after Marius took a big gulp of water.

"He's at Cosette's house" Marius explained. "Apparently, They knew each other a long time ago, before they were seperated. His dog knows her too and brought Gavroche to her"

"Are you saying that a dog saved his life?" Enjolras asked. Marius nodded.

"Cosette told me that the doctor said he would have died in a few minutes had she not found him" He said. Enjolras smiled.

"I am so happy" He said, "I was worried when I saw him collapse"

"We have to tell Serenity" Marius said quickly. "She flew into that rage because he got shot"

"I'll tell her" Mina said. "Marius, can you take Pressoire and Jurges to Cosette's. I know they will want to see Gavroche. I didn't tell them he was shot, and they keep asking when he's coming back" Marius nodded. "They're playing in the courtyard with Lisette" Once Marius was gone, Mina handed Enjolras a cup of tea and made her way to Serenity's bedroom. The princess was looking out her window.

"When can I get out of bed?" She asked.

"Soon" Mina replied, "But right now, I have good news" Serenity turned to look at her cousin. "Gavroche is alive" Serenity's eyes widened.

"Where is he?" She asked.

"He's at Cosette's house. Marius is on his way there now..." Before she could say another word, Sernity jumped out of bed. Ignoring the pain, and the fact that she was still wearing a bloodstained torn dress, she rushed out of the room and past Enjolras. She ran down the street.

"Marius!" She called. Marius and the two boys turned to look at her. "Take me to Gavroche" Sensing that Serenity was not going to back down, Marius sighed and nodded. He led her to a house. The door was opened by an older woman, who ushered them in. She took one look at Serenity and gasped.

"My goodness dear, are you alright?" She asked.

"I'm fine" Serenity said firmly. "I came to see Gavroche"

"Gavroche is in that room" Another voice said. They turned to see Cosette, who was pointing to a door. Serenity rushed past her and flung open the door. Gavroche looked up, startled at the disturbance. His eyes widened when he saw Serenity.

"You're alive" Serenity whispered. Marius came up behind her as her knees buckled and she collapsed.

"What's wrong?" Gavroche asked worriedly. Cosette and Toussaint took Serenity to another room and Marius sat down next to Gavroche. Pressoire and Jurges sat on the floor.

"She was shot" He explained.

"I thought you said we won" Gavroche pointed out.

"We did" Marius said, "But we won because of her"

"I don't understand" Gavroche said.

"Gavroche, when you were shot, Serenity flipped out and threatened the soldiers. She destroyed the cannon and one of them shot her. She acted as though it was nothing and told them to leave. After they left, she collapsed" Marius explained.

"She did that because of me?" Gavroche asked, astonished. Marius nodded. "But why? I only met her yesterday"

"That is something you will have to ask her when she is feeling better" Marius replied. Gavroche decided that he would.