Serenity's Choice

Chapter Seven

When Serenity opened her eyes, the first thing she noticed was Mina, glaring at her.

"Don't ever scare me like that again, Serenity Celeste Diana Selene Moon" She snapped. Serenity winced at the use of her full name.

"That's a long name" A voice behind Mina commented.

"Gavroche" Serenity said smiling. The boy in question stepped forward, his arm in a sling. He had only been shot in the shoulder, so he was fine. "I am so glad that you are alright" Gavroche grinned.

"Nothing can keep me down" He said cheekily. Serenity sat up slowly and leaned against the headboard of the bed.

"How is the government taking it?" She asked. Enjolras and Marius stepped forward.

"Grantaire and Provaire just came back. The King wants to meet with you" Enjolras said. Serenity wrinkled her nose and sighed.

"I hate politics" She grumbled. Mina laughed.

"You're only saying that because Queen Serenity left you in charge of coming to a political agreement with Nemesis" She said. Serenity rolled her eyes.

"Mother had me handle it and the whole time, Prince Diamond was trying to convince me that a marriage would be the best way to allign the kingdoms" She said. "So who exactly is the King and why does he want to see me?"

"I think he wants to see your power for himself before deciding whether or not to help the people" Marius explained.

"Did you tell him I'm wounded?" She asked. Marius and Enjolras glanced at each other.

"No" Enjolras said quietly. "We were hoping he'd believe you were immortal" Serenity sighed.

"I can't use my power until I fully heal" She said. She looked at Mina, who sighed.

"I'm on it" She said. She pulled out the disguise pen. "Moon Power, change into Princess Serenity" Everyone watched as Mina transformed into an identical version of Princess Serenity. She looked exactly like the one in bed, right down to the silver hair.

"Wow" Gavroche said. Mina smiled.

"I guess I'd better go" She said.

"Provaire will take you there" Marius said. Mina nodded and left the room.

"Gavroche..." Serenity began, "I sense that something is troubling you"

"Well, I...Why did you do it?" He asked. Serenity raised an eyebrow. "Why did you go crazy after I got shot? I didn't think anyone cared about me like that besides Cosette" Serenity smiled.

"Gavroche, has Mina told you who I am?" She asked.

"She said you're a princess from a fallen kingdom" Gavroche replied. Serenity nodded.

"When I was twelve, our kingdom was under attack. I was ordered to protect my brother. His name was Sammy and he was only five years old. I was supposed to barricade the room and call the soldiers if anyone broke in. I got what I thought was a message from my mother, telling me to meet her in the throne room and that Sammy would be safe for a few minutes. I unbarricaded the door and rushed down the hall. Then I heard it my brother's cry of panic. I ran back, but it was too late. They had killed him. The message hadn't been from my mother, but the evil prince who wanted to kill the heir. In his kingdom, the heir is always a male. He didn't realize that I was the heir until Mother had him arrested. I've blamed myself for his death and I blamed myself for not taking action sooner. I had the power to prevent the entire revolution, but I thought maybe I wouldn't need to use my power. I was wrong, and it nearly cost you your life" She looked down, tears glittering in her eyes.

"It wasn't your fault" Gavroche said. "I went over the barricade of my own free will" Serenity smiled weakly.

"I know" She said.

"Do you think Mina will be able to convince them that she's you?" Marius asked.

"Sure. She does it all the time" Serenity said smiling. "They dont know all my powers and Mina is powerful in her own right. They'll never know the difference" Marius nodded.

"What will you do when she returns?" Enjolras asked.

"I don't know. I can't go home" Serenity mused.

"That's right. You can't" Gavroche yelped as a woman materialized next to him. She had long green hair and was wearing a scandalise looking outfit, that caused the guys in the room to look anywhere but at her legs. The woman was holding a long staff and had a stern expression.

"Sailor Pluto" Serenity said sheepishly. Pluto pointed a finger at her.

"Serenity, you have committed a dangerous taboo by coming here" She said.

"I know" Serenity said.

"As you know, the past was destroyed by Beryl and her minions" Pluto said. "As such, and for committing taboo, you are to remain here for the rest of this life. You and Mina will forfeit all magic that you posess, and you will regain those powers when you are reborn in the next life"

"I understand" Serenity replied. "What about the rest of my senshi and the generals" She asked.

"They were reborn here, but with out thier powers. All of you will be powerless and they will never regain thier memories until the next life"

"Pluto, When will we lose our powers?" She asked.

"At midnight" Pluto replied. She vanished and Serenity sighed.

"At least I get to stay" She said. Enjolras smiled and Serenity blinked. She now knew what Pluto was talking about.

A/N: For those who are curious, here are the reborn senshi

Eponine: Mars

Enjolras: Zoisite

Cosette: Mercury

Marius: Nephrite

Combeferre: Kunzite

Grantaire: Jadiete

Lisette: Jupiter