Serenity's Choice

Chapter Eight

Mina returned with the news that the revolution was over and that they had won. The King would listen to his people and do his best to help them. She told them what had occured.

Mina walked into the throne room, holding her head regally. The King was seated on his throne, looking mildly nervous.

"Why have you called me here?" Mina asked cooly.

"I have heard what you did at the barricade" The King replied. "It was also reported that you were shot"

"As you can see, I am perfectly fine" Mina snapped, "No thanks to your soldiers" She raised a hand and the Kings Guards stood straighter, ready to intervene. She chuckled and dropped her hand. "Don't bother" She told the guards. "If I had wanted it, you'd be dead right now" They gulped. She turned back to the King. "I ask again, Why have you called me here?"

"I want to know who you are, and why you care so much about my people" The King said.

"Because you don't" Mina replied evenly. "I am Princess Serenity Celeste Diana Selene Moon" She said. "I am, or at least was, a Princess of the Moon Kingdom"

"There isn't such a kingdom" One of the guards bravely said.

"Of course there isn't" Mina snapped. "It was destroyed centuries ago, because I left. I had the power to prevent the attack on my people, but I chose to leave. I abandoned my kingdom, just like you are abandoning this one" The King tried to protest, but she held up a hand. "You may not have left as I did, but you don't do a thing to help the starving poor people. You are a King, you should act like it. On the moon, my mother, Queen Selenity, did what she could for the poor people. She created jobs, shelters, donated food and clothing and sometimes money. She hated to see her people suffering, just because they were poor and she was rich"

The King was silent for a moment.

"I agree with you" He said suddenly, "I will help the people. But there is one more thing, You said that your kingom was destroyed centuries ago, how is it that you are still alive?"

"I am from the past" Mina replied. "I came to the future and landed here instead of on the Moon. It was then that I discovered that by coming here, I had doomed my own kingdom. I shall go now. I doubt our paths will cross again"

"Amazing, I can't believe you did it" Combeferre said gratefully. Pluto made good on her promise, and by midnight, Mina and Serenity had become complete mortal beings. They would grow old and die and then be reborn. The King also made good on his promise, and France became a thriving country. Jobs for everyone were opening up, and two shelters for the homeless were built. A school for poor children was also built so that kids like Gavroche, Pressoire and Jurges could learn.

Marius announced that he and Cosette were getting married, and since Cosette didn't really know any girls besides Mina and Serenity, she asked them to be her bridesmaids. To everyone's Cosette's father left before the wedding. Serenity had a feeling that Marius and Gavroche knew more than they were letting on, but she didn't say anything. Courfreyac was the best man at the wedding.

Serenity and Enjolras were dancing when they saw a confrontation between Marius and an older man.

"Who's he?" Serenity asked.

"That's Eponine's father" Enjolras told her. "He's a real sleezeball" To thier surprise, Inspector Javert arrived and arrested Thenardier.

"I thought Monsieur Fechelevant killed him" Gavroche said, popping up next to Serenity.

"Apparently not" Serenity replied. They watched as Marius and Cosette left the reception. It was then that Enjolras asked Serenity to accompany him in the garden.

"Will you marry me?" He asked. Serenity smiled and nodded and they kissed.

Serenity finally got her happily ever after.