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Prologue: The Seed of Alucard

It was the time of night, and Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing was in labor and giving birth to her first child. The thing about this child was that this child wasn't just some normal human, this child was considered an abomination to some people, and that reason is because the child's father was also her slave who obeyed her every command and that man or should I say monster was Alucard, the legendary vampire whose power couldn't be matched. The child that they've created was no regular human, it was a mix of humanity and monstrosity, the child was a dhamphir, a half-human and half-vampire who was given immense power and strength, abilities that are just like his father's, maybe even more powerful even.

The child's name was Albus Rinaldo Hellsing, and he was the Prince of Vampires. Integra didn't care if other people thought that her son was an abomination or something that shouldn't exist in the world, it was something that she created, something that she brought into the world and like an mother, she cared about her child.

Alucard, who is the father of the child shows emotions that a person would never see if anyone has hung around him for a long time. Alucard truly cared for his own son, and it was because the creature was created from his own DNA and he created the child with the person that he cares about and loves the most who is his master.

Most of the people in the Hellsing Organization didn't really think that this was a huge problem even though some were shocked, but there was one who thought that the child would prove to be another excellent weapon to use against their enemies. But Integra was livid when she heard someone even say that about her child.

Seras Mcdowell, the human turned vampire member of the organization thought that Albus was absolutely adorable, she thought of herself as an older sister to the young Dhampir and kept constant watch over him while Integra was too busy in her work.

When the young boy reached the age of 6, he was taken hostage by a group of vampires that held him hostage and wanted Integra to meet up with them alone if she wanted to see her child safe. Even though she didn't follow the rules of the threat given to her and found the kidnappers' hideout with Alucard and Seras with her, they found Albus surrounded by the destroyed bodies of the vampires that kidnapped him as well as a mysterious sword that was held in his right hand. The blade had a strange demonic feeling coming from the weapon, the weapon's name was Fiery Wrath, a demonic blade that the child could summon, and it seemed that the boy unlocked his true abilities.

As Albus grew up, he learned more about his other abilities as well as being trained in hand to hand combat as well as using firearms and how to handle a sword as well. He was even able to turn a ghost who was causing problems for mortals into his familiar.

As a caring mother, Integra felt concerned about her child and felt that Albus should at least have the chance to be able to go to a school like any other person, but felt that regular schools wouldn't be the right place for the young Dhamphir to fit in.

When Albus reached the age of fifteen, his mother told him about a school for monsters, people like him, this school was called Yokai Academy and the school was made to teach the young monsters on how to adapt with human society.

Albus thought it was a great idea and wanted to have the chance to finally be able to go to school. He was sent an academy uniform, his mother also wanted to make sure that he was safe and gave him his own set of firearms which were a set of handguns, named Genesis and Nemesis. Seras was bawling tears due to the fact that her "little brother" was no longer going to be around. Albus gave her a hug and promised that he would always send a letter to his "older sister" about how he was doing.

Albus and Alucard also had their own parent to child conversation, Alucard told him that since he was a Dhamphir, they wouldn't give him respect or even consider him a second look at. But Alucard told him to always remember who he was. He was a Hellsing, and most of all, he was the Son of Alucard, The Prince of Vampires and that is something he wouldn't want anyone to forget.

The bus finally arrived for Albus, and that meant a new adventure would begin for the young Hellsing, who knows what is going to happen during his time at Yokai Academy, that would be anyone's guess.

-To Be Continued In The Next Chapter-