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"We have a special vistitor, mr. Thornton, to talk to you about the history of the small town of kettering"
mr mannings said

"thank you mr mannings" replied mr thornton, as he walked to the front of the class, "morning students"

"Elena, his hot" bonnie whispered to elena

"i know right"


"bonnie whats wrong"

"nothing" bonnie replied to quickly for elena to believe her

"the history of the town square is the most interesting" mr thornton was saying to the class that was no longer listening

"just got a headache with all this history exam revision" bonnie replied while staring at mr. thornton

"bonnie, would you like to answer this one" mr mannings interrupted

"what sir"

"what was the original name of our town in the 1500s?" mr thornton repeated

"i dunno sir"

"well maybe if you pay attention you will know, how about you miss. gilbert, can you answer the question"

"the small town of kettering was original called forest hills" elena replied, "sir"


"we will carry this on tomorrow" mr mannings shouted as we all ran to the door.

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