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Chapter 6

Lightning was walking along a branch, followed by Hope, and then Jared. They had just gotten off an elevator, and found themselves on a floor with beasts in the area, and barriers.

Jared looked around, and saw all the Wolves. Silver Lobos, they were called in game. "Silver Lobos..."

"Careful. They'll try to kill you." Lightning pointed out.

Jared walked up to one, and it snarled at him. He didn't back down, but instead knelt with a hand outstretched. Lightning watched with narrowed eyes, ready to draw and fire if need be.

The hand stopped a good 9 inches away from the beast, which surprised the Lobo slightly. "You don't like it here, do you?" Jared asked.

"As if you'd understand me human." It growled.

Jared raised an eyebrow, but his eyes were still soft. "You're of the Wolf Class. I can easily understand wolves. It's why I lived in the mountains where I'm from."

"Why do you bother to talk when I could kill you?" It snarled, but Jared held out his arm. He knew Lightning had drawn Blaze Omega. "To be frank, PSICOM and the guys here are really nothing in front of me. They keep you locked up so you can be their pet. I gather you don't like that. I doubt you even have a chance of killing me unless I let you."

It snarled even more, but then one of the other three came up to him. "Human... You smell... different."

"How so?"

"You have the scent of our kind on you already, but... it's different."

Jared looked at that one, as did the first Lobo. "Different how?"

"I do not know. It is simply different."

"Hmm... Well, I've always gotten along with Wolves before. You guys classify as Wolves, so I can't say I'm surprised. Heh, maybe I have a relation to a Wolf Goddess too." Jared shook his head. "Wouldn't surprise me."

"That is not it. Apparently, the barriers here are kept in place because of us. You would have to remove us to Proceed."

"Meaning you'll kill us!" The first one was growling.

"By remove you, you mean get your life force away from the barriers, right?"

"Exactly, but to my knowledge, death is the only option."

Jared now had a smirk. "It's a good thing I'm not limited to your knowledge." This caused the snarling and growling to stop. "There is a Void that I use for Storage. I can keep you there, and your life force would effectively disappear from this area. At this point, the only other option is death, and I really don't like killing wolves. I'd be able to set you guys free, but I'll only do so for your kind. I'm not bringing any Behemoths, or anything else. Only you and your kind. That is, if you agree."

"How do you know it won't kill us anyway?" The first asked, as the third walked up.

"If you take it, you'll see another wolf that's already in there. I can go in there myself and talk to him, but he's actually quite lonely. I found him injured, and nursed him back to health. He's my friend, and currently, my traveling partner, but I can't risk him being out and about with PSICOM gunning for my head. He's still alive after 5 years. I'm not going to knowingly put him in danger. I can tell you respect your kind. I figure you would respect him because you share some Origins."

The Lobos looked at each other, then back at Jared. "We want vengeance against the ones here. You keep us in this Void of yours, and you take out anyone you see here. Save our kind. You do that, we will help you in return, when you need it. Do we have a deal?"

Jared nodded, and extended his own shadow, which sucked them in. "This is the way. I hope I live up to your standards." They howled a battle cry, which, to the locals, meant that help was there. All Silver Lobos stopped, and looked in the direction. As all 3 Silver Lobos went into his Shadow, the barrier dissipated.

Jared stood up, and looked at the others. "What did you just do?" Lightning asked.

"Gained an ally, and got rid of some possible threats." Jared replied. "Long story short, the Silver Lobos will be saved. The rest, should they attack, die. The Moment the Woodlands Observation Battalion find us, if they come into view, I'm killing them, as the deal said. Besides, if they find us, they'll try to kill us, so it's really self defense."

Lightning and Hope looked at each other, and then at Jared, then back to the road ahead. "Then let's go. The less we fight here, the less tired we'll be. We'll leave the Silver Lobos to you, Jared. Keep on that Deal. It'll help us later."

Jared nodded at the soldier, and they continued. The Silver Lobos came up to him, growling, but stopped when the smelled something. "You the help?" Jared nodded. "Where are you going to take us?"

"My Shadow Vault. The others are already there. When I get to a safe spot, I'll release you if you want. Preferably a place where the soldiers here will never find you, and you can live in peace. If you want to stay with me at that point, it's your choice."

The five Lobos looked at each other, before giving Jared the go. Once that happened, Jared extended his Shadow and brought them in. He found the Barrier was not down yet. "Alright, Libra." He used it on the Crawlers. "That'll work. Hope, you get Enfire?"


"Huh. Alright then." He ended up casting Enfire on Lightning's Blaze Omega. "Light?" He pointed at the leeches. "Weakness is fire, and I have none."

She looked at him, before going for it. Hope used Fira and got rid of a few. There were more, which was taken out by Hope and a well placed Fira, along with a Triple Flamestrike from Jared. They both looked at him. "Probably should've asked Cerberus before I spoke. I've stuck to Triple Sparkstrike, Triple Shadowstrike, and Tri Blast. Darkstrike and Shadowstrike are pretty much the same, but for some reason, Triple Shadowstrike is only usable with Cerberus, being his ability. Apparently, the fact that I never asked, nor have I tried, I never found out."

Lightning just shook her head. "My opinion of you has yet to change. Smart, powerful, and a great fighter, but a major idiot at times."

Jared just shrugged. "No argument there." Hope looked at him weirdly. "Look, let's get going, okay? I want to get through this and take out the Aster Protoflorian quickly, and get to Palumpolum. I seriously need to knock a few heads loose."

As the barrier went down, they walked through and Saw a Silver Lobo near some Crawlers. The crawlers were attacking the Silver Lobo, which was actually surprising. The Lobo's Shadow jumped up and made a shield, surprising it, before it looked at Jared. "Let us deal with them, friend." Hope fired a Fira, while Lightning used Fire. Jared just used Vital Boon on the Silver Lobo, who promptly thanked him in return. "So, you want out of here?"

"Of course."

Jared extended his Shadow and enveloped the Silver Lobo, who went in willingly. He looked at the others. "That's 8 for us." He told them. They continued, and then found themselves cut off at every angle. The pit they found themselves in was sparse with Flora, mostly Giant Mushrooms, but the rocks were pretty high. Too high for normal Soldiers to jump. Jared could still jump them, though.

"Looks like we've been spotted." Lightning stated, as a Feral Behemoth came into the area.

"The Observation Battalion are a bunch of pussies." Jared commented. "Sending beasts like this to do their dirty work. No better than Fal'cie."

Hope used Libra, and found everything out. "It's a Feral Behemoth. Lightning and Fire elements are halved. Weak to Water, but be careful of Water Attacks!"

"Barwater!" Jared put that around all the others, and himself, while Hope put Protect over the others. Jared followed up with Shell, and then Faith. While Hope put Bravery on everyone. Then, Jared put Enwater on everyone. A single strike with Blaze Omega had dealt a lot more damage than usual.

Jared held out Cerberus, Reaper being on his back, and pulled the Trigger. "Triple Aquastrike!" The Feral Behemoth roared, before Charging at Jared. Jared just put up Mediguard and Vendetta in response, Vendetta on the surface. The Behemoth continued to try and strike Jared, while Hope pelted it with Watera, and Lightning did the same with melee Strikes. This went on for 2 minutes, the Behemoth attacking Jared, and Hope sent a Cure at him only once. Then, Jared broke out, his right fist glowing red, before going into the Mouth, and out the back of the Behemoth, thus killing it, before he even landed. Jared looked at it, and sighed. "Poor thing." he looked around, and the barriers went down.

One of the plants lead to a higher area, which the group used to proceed. There, they saw 10 crawlers. Jared whistled. "Shall we?"

Hope nodded, though slightly panting. Sure, Jared had taken all the hits, but he lacked a lot of needed stamina to keep up. Lightning knew she had a Medic Class, but she didn't use it much. Lightning also nodded at the question. She sent Fire, Hope sent Fira, and Jared used Enfire on Reaper, before cutting through the rest in one charge.

Hope then started panting a bit more. "I think... Light should... lead..."

She looked at him and nodded. "Alright, we'll take five." Hope sat down, and Lightning pulled out a Survival Knife, before handing it to him. "Keep it with you. Mainly to defend yourself."

Hope looked at her, and nodded. "Thanks..."

"I'll want it back." She told him.

"I'd expect as much. You got it from Serah, after all." Jared commented. As they began to rest, Lightning noticed that Hope felt a little down. She also noticed that Jared did, but wasn't doing anything. "What's eating at you?" Hope looked at her. "And don't say there's nothing, because I can see it."

"It's his Father." Jared said, earning a nod from Hope. "and the only reason I'm not doing anything is because it's more of a personal problem than something I can help with. He needs clarification. He can only get that in Palumpolum. Here, we can do nothing."

Hope sighed. "But, it's not just that." he then remembered something. "Sazh said that you saw what happened to a woman, and that I seemed devastated because of it. What happened?"

Jared looked at Hope. "You're talking about the woman that was blown off her feet after an explosion came behind her, right?"

Hope nodded in response. "Well, the woman, though I could see her, I couldn't hear her where I was at. After the explosion, everyone started to fall. Snow grabbed the woman, and she died while he still had a grip. After her life force left her, she fell, and Snow fell soon afterwards." He then looked into Hope's eyes. "That woman was your mother, I presume?" The teen nodded. "Then know that it wasn't Snow's fault that she's dead. She made her choice, and she went down fighting. She has spirit. If nothing else, I have to give her that."

"You mean "Had" right?" Lightning questioned.

"I know what I said, and my wording hasn't changed. Her soul still lingers on. I can feel it."

"Wait, if her soul is here, then where is she?"

Jared walked up to Hope, and tapped his chest. "Right here. Part of her lives on in you. Which part, I don't know, but it's there. Believe in her choice. She fought to help you survive. You want to let her down?"

"No!" He replied. "I'll never let her down! Not in a million years!"

Jared smiled. "Good. There's your motivation to get stronger. So someone else doesn't befall the same fate she did." He held out a hand. "Understand?"

Hope looked at the hand, and gripped it, before they shook. "Yes. I understand. And you're right. I have to prevent others from going down that path."

They looked at Lightning. "Alright, let's move." They found a giant tree nearby, and then climbed up it, to reach a path which they took only a short distance before they were met with a leaf from the tree, and Lightning cut it down with one swipe of Blaze Omega.

Hope then looked at her. "Where I can learn to use one of those?"

"Bit too heavy for you, unless he makes it." She thumbed at Jared, before sheathing her Gunblade.

"It would take a while, since we're on the run, but if we end up going somewhere like Pulse, then I should be able to make some time for it. Still, I wouldn't suggest you use it during all of this." Jared added. "Unless I had my full set of Psynergy back, then I could make it anywhere. Seriously, with Psynergy I can make my own personal Forge, and use it on my own. Doesn't matter where I am, or what's in the area. Sadly, I'm missing almost all of the pieces to make it. Only one I have is Whirlwind. I need the fire, which falls under Mars, I'd need to Metal, which is actually a Cross-Psynergy with Venus, Mercury and Jupiter, and then I'd need the fuel, which would be Venus. Venus is Earth, Mercury is Water and Ice, Jupiter is Wind and Lightning, Mars is Fire and other super hot elements."

They continued to walk ahead, and found more Silver Lobos which saw Jared and paused at his scent. "You freeing us?" Jared nodded. "Where to?" Jared just extended his shadow and brought them in.

By the end of the area, he got 4 more Silver Lobos, making the count 12. They jumped up some more plants, and got to higher ground. There, they found 3 crawlers, 2 Silver Lobos, and another one that Lightning and Hope didn't recognize. Lightning used Libra on this one. "Barbed Specter. Weak to fire. Watch out for Poison."

"I'm immune to most Poisons." Jared retorted, "but I'll watch it."

She nodded, and they sent out a lot more Fire spells, as Jared extended his shadow to catch the Lobos, and bring them into his Shadow Vault. "Lobo Count: 14." He said, before launching a Triple Flamestrike at the Specter.

They continued on for a bit, before they found more beasts, which they took care of. The Specter and Crawlers were easy. One Triple Flamestrike, 3 Fire, 2 Fira or a Single hit with Enfire using Blaze Omega would take them down. Then came another Feral Behemoth, which Jared just charged, drawing Reaper, who glowed. "Mortal Danger." His voice was low, and he stabbed the Behemoth right in the back, straight into the spine, causing it to stop, fall, and disintegrate starting at the point of impact. Hope and Lightning looked at him is actual shock. Lightning had never seen him do that, which was honestly surprising. "What... Was that?" Hope asked, his voice denoting the shock.

"That, my friends was Mortal Danger. A Reaper Special." Jared sheathed Reaper. "He got bored so I took his advice and just went for it."

"If you could do that before, why wait until now?"

Jared sighed, and then looked at Hope. "Because we're trying to toughen you up, Hope. If I did that to every best we came across, which I can't, then you'd gain no experience. As it stands, draining their soul means very little progress in the Crystarium." Another barrier went down. "I won't use it often, and really, it's up to him, but if they're immune to Instant Death and Doom then Mortal Danger will not work. Robots, Androids, and the like have no soul, so it won't work on them either." They started to walk on, and jumped down using the Blue tree/plant. And found another Behemoth.

They decided to deal as much damage as Possible, but when Jared used Spark Plasma, it didn't hit the Behemoth.

No, it hit the Watera, causing it to fall quickly. Jared looked at Hope, who looked at him. They both smirked at the implications. They looked at Lightning, who nodded. "That's definitely gonna come in handy." She commented, as they continued through where the barrier was.

The next area held a few more and a large fork in the road. They decided to take everything out anyway, meaning another 6 Crawlers and 4 Barbed Specters, before seeing 5 More Crawlers and a Feral Behemoth down the right side. They took out the Crawlers first, with utmost ease. They were so used to it, but after they were down, Jared used Enwater on Lightning, before using Ruinga, followed by using Dark, and then Darkstrike with Reaper. The decided to use lower level spells, aside from Jared who just flat out liked Ruinga, to gain the experience and CP needed to progress the Crystarium.

Once the Behemoth was down, they continued on and found a Feral Behemoth and 3 more Silver Lobos. Jared sent out an Electromagnetic Pulse, disrupting all Surveillance equipment in the area. "We got 25 minutes before the cameras are back online! Let's take out the Behemoth!" They got between the Behemoth and the Lobos. "Hope! Heal the Lobos!"

Before Hope could, Lightning was already using Cure on them all. "Light, when did you?"

"Later. I'll heal them. You two take that thing."

"Hope, use Watera. Same combo as before. Spark Plasma!"

"Watera!" The damage caused was massive, and a few more hits with Dark, and then Watera, the Behemoth went down. Jared turned to the Lobos, which Lightning had just finished healing. They looked at her, and then Jared. "You saved us... Why?" One of them asked.

"Because I'm here to get you guys out of here." Jared replied.


Jared looked at them, before his shadow extended. "With this." He caught them all in his Shadow, and brought them into the vault. "Lobo count: 17." The other two nodded, and they continued. They went up another plant, and found an elevator, which took them up.

As they went up, Jared's eyes unfocused, as he went into the Crystarium and progressed in Ravager. He learned Fire, and Darkra during this round. Lightning's eyes did the same, and she progressed along Medic, learning Raise.

Once they got off the Elevator, they found 4 more Silver Lobos, with 3 Military Troops keeping an eye on them. Jared used Libra on them. "Two Corps Watchmen, and one corps Marksman. Light, you got Blizzard yet?"

"No." She replied.

"I do. Blizzara as well." Hope added.

"Light, you charge in after I use Enfrost and Haste. Hope, you use Blizzara to get their attention. They're all weak to Ice." Jared told them.

"Right." Lightning got Enfrost, Hope used Blizzara, and Jared shot one of them with Triple Froststrike, that one was downed instantly.

They walked up to the Silver Lobos, who saw what they did. And they looked at Jared. "Friend?"


"Take us with you!" they replied. Jared figured that these were actually pups compared to the others, and extended his shadow to bring them into it. "Lobo Count: 21." They continued and found more Corps Watchmen and another Marksman. Same as before, but it was a lot easier than last time.


Because Jared instinctively used Glacier from the Mercury Branch of Psynergy. He closed his eyes, and felt it out. "Mercury is back... Mars and Venus are still cut off. Meaning, I still have no Earth, and one Fire."

They looked at him and nodded. However, before they could get moving, a large floating motorcycle came in, and struck. Hope used Libra, and gave its stats. "High powered Water attacks, nothing else worth noting." He told them.

Jared had decided to take this one to the defense. "Hey! Rusty Wheel! Can't touch this!" the floating motorcycle turned to Jared and started launching barrage after barrage, each of which did very little damage through his Steel/Mediguard. Combo. Lightning and Hope dealt as much Damage as they could, before the Velocycle turned to them. However at that moment, Jared was suddenly on the thing's back, and messed with the wiring, causing the two to stop, and the thing to hit the path.

They both looked at the Deactivated Velocycle. Jared examined it, made sure it stayed inactive, and then put it in the Shadow Vault. "I'm gonna modify that later. Could use another one, though."

They both looked at him like he was crazy, but then looked at each other and shrugged, before they continued.

They found two more Marksmen and another Milvus Velocycle. They took out the Corps Marksmen with 2 Blizzara, and a Triple Froststrike, before Jared appeared on the Velocycle, deactivated it, froze the circuitry, and put it in his Shadow Vault with the other one. "If we find another, I'm taking it too. Here on out, I'm taking the Velocycles with me. I've got infinite Storage, and perhaps I can make an actual Motorcycle with them. One that is customizable for later use."

"Fine. Just make sure that you keep them out of their eyes."

Jared narrowed his eyes at something further down the path. "The idiots..." Lightning and Hope looked at where he was looking, but then went that way, not seeing what it was. Jared was right there with them, not bothering to use his insane speed.

What they found had Hope in shock. All around them, lay the corps from the W.O.B. Jared looked at them, and shook his head. "They're already dead." he looked out. "Not good."

"Let me guess, you're picking something else up, aren't you?" Light questioned, earning a nod. "How bad?"

"The strongest thing I've felt here. How it escaped my senses until now, I don't know."

"Any guess as to what it is?"

"Only one." Lightning's eyes widened.

"Wait, you think it's the..."

"I hope I'm wrong, but that's what I think." He told her.

"What are you two talking about?" Hope asked, but he didn't get an answer.

Jared just ran in the direction of the high power, Lightning followed. Hope just watched, before following suit. They found Jared looking at a giant quadruped plant. As Lightning and Hope got there, he actually made a comment which neither of them understood. "You know, this could be an Oversized Purple colored Bulbasaur."

"A what?" Lightning asked.

"Wait. You know of Pokemon?" Hope asked, earning a raised eyebrow from Jared.

"We'll talk on that later." Jared said, earning a nod from Hope. Jared used Libra. "I did that for the Datalog. Aster Protoflorian. All elements halved, immune to Death and Dispel." His eyes then widened. "The Exoproofing! That's what does it!"

"Balls to the the walls, boys!" Lightning shouted, sending out Ruin, while Jared returned with Darkra, dealing more damage than usual. Hope, however, added Brave, and Faith, followed by Haste on Lightning, knowing that Jared could dodge everything without it. Then came Protect and Shell.

Lightning kept striking and then jumping back, and using Ruin. It took a good 10 minutes of this that the Giant Blue Bulbasaur spun its bulb, but not as a line. It suddenly had a light Blue aura. Jared then felt what this aura was. "That's the Exoproofing!" His eyes widened. "Absorb Ice, Weak Fire! All other elements halved! Pound it!"

Jared used fire with his right hand, and Triple Flamestrike with Cerberus in his left. Hope used Fira often, with fire sometimes, but then it changed the element, and the color changed, to a dark purple. Jared called it out. "Absorb Lightning, Weak to water! Punch it!"

He then stuck to Ruin, Ruinga and used Dark and Darkra as well, before adding Defensive buffs such as Protect and Shell, since Hope's wore off quickly. He soon noticed that Lightning and Hope were slowing down, so before Hope could recast Haste, he used Hastega, increasing all of their speed. Jared was little more than a blur when he moved now, but he was severely holding back.

The Giant plant went to punch him, and it went through, as if he wasn't even there. It used Exoproofing again, and now the aura was a Red orange. "Absorb fire, weak Ice!"

This prompted Hope to use Blizzara, and Jared to use Triple Froststrike, but then, Reaper wanted some action, which he obliged. He dodged a punch from the beast, and then got above it, Reaper over his head and glowing. "Shadow Cannon!" He swung it down, and a Large Purple beam came out, and pushing it into the ground. Before it could get up, still having the Fire proofing, he used Glacier on the beast, effectively killing it, and landed. The aura disappeared, and life left its body.

Jared, Hope and Lightning looked at it. Hope was panting. "That... was tough." Hope said, through his labored breath.

"No surprise." Jared admitted. "That thing is widely considered the Hardest Boss in the game back home. Come on, let's move. We can rest, after we get out of here."

Lightning nodded, as did Hope.

And they continued until it was nearly sunset, and they were at a beach, which Hope spoke at. "There it is... Palumpolum."

"Your home..." Lightning commented, earning a nod.

"Your father is there." Jared said, earning looks from the two. "And so is the truth."

"Even if your eyesight is good, how could you see him from this distance?" Hope questioned.

"I can't." Jared admitted. "But I can feel a combination of your mother's Spiritual Energy and yours as well, though both in small traces, but they emanated from the same point as a Third. If you ask me, that's your father." He looked around, and then felt something. His eyes widened, and then extended his shadow, bring up a house made of Obsidian, and Dark Purple Crystals. It was a small 1 story building, about 40 feet wide, and 50 feet long. There was one door, 4 windows, and a small porch.

Hope and Lightning blinked a few times, and looked at Jared. "When you said you had a house in your Shadow Vault, you weren't kidding." Lightning commented.

"Have I ever truly lied to you without coming clean when you were allowed to know?" Jared asked.

Lightning didn't even respond to that, and opened the door, which had an Obsidian door knob, and went inside, seeing the Silver Lobos inside, along with a 3 foot tall Grey Wolf. She knew it wasn't one of his Eidolons. She had seen them all before. The wolves all looked at Jared. "Where are we?" One of the Lobos asked.

"You're effectively in my spare house. I just brought it out. You're not out of the woods yet, but we're not in the Gapra Whitewood. Besides, it's almost night, and we kind of need to stay somewhere. I'm sure Hope is probably having some back problems due to the weird positions he's slept in. This is the first place where I've found Geothermal Energy flowing the ground. Never thought I'd find any on Cocoon." he then walked into the small kitchen, and brought out quite a bit of Food for the wolves, and made a Shadow that started to cook.

While the Clone cooked, Jared was busy feeding the Wolves, and they were a lot happier with this food than what those idiots in the Corps were feeding them. Not only was it tasty, they felt themselves getting stronger just by eating it. "They didn't feed you much, did they?" Jared asked.

"No, just raw meat. It sucked compared to this!" One of them said, as Jared brought out more bowls and put some more food in them. The wolves that weren't chowing down went to the other bowls. "21 Silver Lobos. Might train you guys myself later on. Help me out when I need it, you know? Or maybe help some of my friends if they need it. Chris, you okay?" He asked, looking at the Grey Wolf, who he sensed was a little downtrodden.

"Yeah, I'm fine." The wolf replied.

Jared sighed, and walked over to the Wolf, and pulled him onto Jared's lap. "Chris, you should know by now you can't lie to me. What's on your mind?"

"It's nothing, Jared."

"You know, you're not convincing me that there's nothing wrong." Jared repeated. "Just tell me what's wrong, and I'll see what I can do to fix it."

Jared heard the sigh. "These guys don't even respect you."

"They just don't know me that well, Chris." Jared said, looking at the Lobos. "You've known me for 5 years. Paku's known me for over 35 years. Give them time to figure out what I'm truly like. Only then will they respect me. I may be insane, but I'm not stupid. Respect is earned, not given. I did what I thought was right in rescuing these guys like I did you." All of the Lobos, Hope and Lightning heard this, and were paying attention to him now.

"I do the same thing with Gods. They don't respect me, I won't respect them. At the same time, these guys won't respect me unless I give them a reason to. I mean, I could snap and they'd all be dead, but what would that accomplish? Their kin, Chris. I've always considered myself a Grey Wolf. I'm a gun smith, Black smith, Dragon Knight, Royal Knight, Rune soldier, Universal Adept, Hero, Guardian, White Shadow, but out of all my titles, I still prefer the father of Mark and Eris Barona above all of the rest. To me, my family, my very pack, is more important than glory, power, or the world. If it means my pack is safe, then by all means I'll save the world. If I have to destroy a government to keep them safe, then I will. My pack means everything to me, Chris. When all else fails, my pack gets me back on track. You're part of the pack, too."

The Silver Lobos heard this, and were wondering if they were in it as well. "If these Lobos want to join the pack, that's fine by me. But it's their choice. They are their own pack. I'm an outsider that tried to help them, and am still in the process of doing so. If they want into my pack, then I'm not going to refuse them. Birds of a Feather flock together, and all that. But really, I consider myself a Grey Wolf, like you are. They're wolves as well. It's why I wanted to save them. I couldn't bear to see them in captivity the way they were. It was demoralizing, and if there weren't any others there, I'd blow the damn place sky high... You know, I might do that anyway." He ended up musing.

"Jared, you're crazy."

"No, I'm insane. There's a difference."

Hope and Lightning may not be able to understand the Wolves, but they both knew that it said he was crazy. "But being Insane is not all bad. Sure, there are low points, but the flip side of the coin is, you get ideas that most would never think of, and things never get dull. I told you what I did to Melbu. That was the result of an Insane plan."

"So, you're gonna blow it to Kalamazoo?" Chris asked.

"Ehh... I might just blow it Mayfil. Besides, I'm really hoping I can get to Gran Pulse soon. Seriously, I miss Paku. And I know he'd blow the Gapra Whitewood to bits if he heard what I was thinking about that place. Still... between the two of us, he's the nicer choice."

"I know that."

Jared smiled. "Feeling better?"

"Yeah... thanks."

Jared started rubbing Chris's stomach, and the little wolf fell asleep in Jared's lap, as he smiled. "Good night, Chris." Chris was put in his bed, which was ironically similar to a doggie bed. He had no cages, and the Lobos were happy for that, but it was unknown where they'd sleep.

"Just pick a spot, you guys." Jared told the wolves. "But I suggest you not go into his bed, or that one." He pointed at Chris and then the other bed. "Light gets that bed," He pointed at the Human bed. "Hope gets the couch," He pointed where Hope was already sitting. "And I've got the chair." He pointed to the reclining Black leather chair. "Anywhere else, aside from the Kitchen, beyond that door," He pointed to a single door. "And outside," he pointed at the Black obsidian Door. "is fair game for you guys. Just no fighting over a spot. Okay?"

They all replied with a "Yes." The Shadow finished dinner, Hope, Lightning and Jared ate heartily, but didn't overstuff themselves.

Jared sat down in the chair, and fell asleep quickly. Most of the Silver Lobos slept near said Chair in a bunch, While Lightning was in the bed, and Hope was laying down on the two-seater Couch.

-The next morning-

Jared opened his eyes to see most of the Silver Lobos around him, still sleeping, one sleeping in the bed next to an Unconscious Lightning, which she had her arm around. Another was next to Hope, though on the floor. Jared sweatdropped, and looked at the time, which always showed Local time. 'Good thing I made a clock that gives time no matter what Dimension I'm in. Seriously, This place would have the right time in Endiness, Weyard, even here. I may have programmed it to hack into the sun and calculate the timeframe used, and put it in terms of local time, but still, that thing was a real piece of work. Hmm... Considering that I can't take this just anywhere, I'd need a smaller clock. Maybe a watch?' His thoughts were cut off as he noticed Lightning stirring. Hope was still dead to the world, apparently.

She blinked a few times and saw the Silver Lobo. Before she screamed, Jared spoke. "Looks like she likes you." He whispered enough for her to hear. She managed to look at Jared without waking the Lobo in the bed. "I woke up and she was there. Same with that one." He pointed at Hope, and the one near him.

The Lobo next to Lightning gave off a barely audible yawn as it looked at Lightning. What happened next surprised her. "Thank you." She heard what it said clear as day, and her eyes widened. "Y-You're welcome..." The surprise was getting to her, apparently.

"You understood her?" Jared asked.

"I did a little something last night, because I felt like I should be with her." The Lobo replied. Lightning looked at the Lobo. "Check your hand." She nudged Lightning's left hand, which still had the glove on. She took off the glove and found a Silver Wolf mark on the back of her hand. She looked at the Silver Lobo, and her eyes were asking a question she couldn't seem to voice.

"I kind of marked you. We're partners for life, now. I'm sticking with you. Also, if someone tries to control me through Mind control, you can give me an order, and it'll break the control they have. I'll also live as long as you do."

"What if I become a Ci'eth? I'm a L'cie."

"Then I'll still stick next to you. You turn to crystal, I'll end up being added to the Crystal. Either way, I'll be with you until the end. If you die a Ci'eth, I'll die. If you get released from Crystal, so will I. But if you turn Ci'eth, I won't turn, but I'll still stick by you."

Jared raised an eyebrow. "Did you just make her an Anima?"

"What's an Anima?"

"A Human that has a Life Pact with an Animal. Aside from the whole L'cie description, what you said would seem to do the same thing as what I know."

"Hmm... I think so. You'd have to ask the others. I'm still young, and it was actually more on instinct than anything else. Once done, though, it can't be taken back."

"Yeah, Anima." Jared replied.

"What's an Anima?"

Jared took out his Datalog, and sent some information to Lightning's. "Never thought it would happen here, but I had the information on Anima. Most of it is rumors, and hearsay, and nothing is proven. You'll have to tell fact from crap. Still, I got a lot of CP from the Oversized Bulbasaur."

"About that. What the hell is a Bulbasaur?"

"I should probably wait until Hope wakes up before that explanation. But... Okay, you saw the Aster Protoflorian." She nodded. "Picture that, but no more than 3 feet tall, more green than blue, and no way of setting up Auras like that guy. You've got a Bulbasaur."



Hope groaned and got up. Sleeping on an actual bed was more relaxing than normal, seeing as he was sleeping in odd positions beforehand. Jared, however, was used to sleeping in worse positions, so he was fine. "Morning Hope."

Hope slowly turned his head to Jared. "Morning." he yawned, and stretched, before noticing the Silver Lobo at his feet, who was still asleep. "Hope, go into that room," Jared pointed at a room aside from one of the Off limits areas. "and see if you can find another mark on you. Light, show him yours." She held up her hand, showing off the Silver Wolf mark. "If you find something like that, then you're in the same boat as Light. And Light..." He looked at her. "You should name your partner."

Jared sunk into his shadow and then came out of it on the outside of the Lobo Pack. Jared motioned for Lightning to follow him into one of the forbidden rooms, and he showed her inside, before closing the door.

When she got in there, her breath got caught in her throat. Around her on the walls of the 20X40X20 room, which shouldn't even fit into the building, was weapons of all kinds and designs. She saw a few different Armors, of different shapes and sizes. Most of them were a Deep crimson, similar to his usual one, but in different shapes. One was just a chest plate with Golden Shoulder straps. Another was similar to that one, but also had two Shoulder Pauldrons, a few more flaps at the waist, going on the sides, in front, and behind. It was made as if it would protect a man's balls, his ass, and the hips.

Then there was a Full-Platemail Armor in a Silver Color. No secondary, either.

The next set of armor actually confused her, as she saw no way to put it on. It was about Jared's height, silver in color, and looked a lot more humanoid, as if it were meant to fit the shape of the person using it. She saw a single hole in the chest, and two more on the palms.

Jared noticed her gaze. "That's an "Ironman" Suit. To be honest, it was based off of Ironman where I come from. Ironman was really just a man that got hit with the shrapnel of a powerful cluster Missile called a Jericho Missile. I'll tell you about the missile later. Anyway, the shrapnel was lowly moving towards his heart, but he got a Power Core with a Magnet that kept the Shrapnel from entering his heart, thus killing him. The Power core was in his chest. The Core kept him alive, and he used the suit with the power of said Core. However, at first, there was a major Drawback. You see, the core was powered by something called Palladium. It may have powered the Core that kept him alive, but it was also killing him, until he found out what his father was planning. A New element was rediscovered by Ironman, and was used to power the Core. With the new element, he was no longer in any danger of dying from the Shrapnel, or the toxic properties of Palladium, which was purged with the application of the new core." He sighed.

"This suit is not finished, though. I've only got the basic points in, and general shape of the armor itself. It's far from useable. I've still got upwards of 20 weapons to install, along with a Storage for it. Then there's a way to power it, targeting Systems, AI, and then some. I've actually been trying to improve on the last model, which I gave to a friend, who gave it to Mark. Mark has been making good use of my Warmachine. It uses a combination of Magic and Technology. It's a lot better than the PSICOM Armors that we've seen. Seriously, PSICOM can barely take a few Ruinga, and I've seen Larger and more powerful blasts hit the Warmachine Armor. Warmachine was unfazed by a blast 22 times as powerful as Ruinga." He smirked a bit. "And I intend on making this one better."

She nearly gaped. "How?"

Jared looked at her. "Honestly, I've no idea. Warmachine was powerful, I'll admit that, but it was made in a place where the best Long-range weapon was a Bow and Arrow. Until I got there, there was nothing even similar to guns, as Cannons were still hard to come by. Maybe 3 or 4 of them in existence there. It's my best creation to date." He looked around. "Everything in here, I've made personally, with a Forge, some Raw materials, a hammer and an anvil."

This time, she did gape at him, before walking up to a sword. It was a good 7 feet long, had a single edge, and looked to be a finely made blade, with two extensions on the sides and a larger hilt than need be. It was a good foot wide, and the handle stretched a good 16 inches before the pommel, which was a Crimson Wolf Head with Sapphires for eyes. Finely cut Sapphires, at that.

He walked up next to her. "Splitting Moon." This earned her attention, which was now more out of curiosity than anything else. In Jared's mind, she looked like a kid in the candy store. "Splitting Moon is actually 5 blades that combine into one large blade. What's you see now, is the Full Combination. You see, there are two hollow blades, which connect at on end, which is right here." He pointed to a place that was at the hilt by the blade edge. "One attaches to the left, the other attaches to the right. Back here," he pointed to the Blunt end at the hilt. "There are two folding blades. When disengaged, the handle pops out like a Spring, and kept out so it can be grabbed. The Spring will keep it out, unless the Wielder forces it back. Then there's the base. It actually has two forms, split open, and closed." he went to a different sword, and pulled it off its rack. "This one is another copy of the base." It split, and she saw the double blades that went from a Broadsword to two blades with a gap inbetween. "Same size and everything."

He put it back on the rack, and walked back over to Splitting Moon. "However, Splitting Moon isn't finished, either. And I don't plan to unless someone manages to break Reaper in half, and that'll take a while. Reaper can't be repaired. He knows it, and so do I. When he breaks, he's agreed to be reforged and added on to Splitting Moon, so his soul and abilities transfer into each piece."

"So, you have a back up in case he does break."

Jared nodded at her response, and sighed. "He doesn't like it, but he sees the point. Without knowing the actual method to forge him, which I don't know, it would be impossible to fix him. If I do it wrong, let's just say it would completely remove the Sentience from Reaper, and that would not be good, as I would lose the Shadow Cannon. There are only two known weapons able to use Shadow Cannon, and I couldn't find the other when I was in Weyard. Besides, the Umbra Knuckles are not my style, but I did look for them."

He walked back to the door, and looked at her. "Come on. I'll make breakfast." They left the room, and Jared pointed at the door he had Hope go through, seeing him on the couch petting the Silver Lobo, who already explained what he did. Jared didn't notice the Shadow cooking breakfast before, nor did he remember creating it. 'Probably was still around from last night.'

"Hey. I had the Mark, and I took a Shower. Thanks for that. I really needed it." Hope said. "Anyway, Kadeem filled me in on what the mark was for."

"He knew?" Jared asked.

"Yeah, He knew what he was doing from the get go. He filled me in when I got out of the Shower. I've gotta say I'm impressed with the new abilities."

Jared nodded, and looked at Light, silently telling her to take a Shower. He had seen her enough times that he knew her sizes, shape, and preferred style, so he reached into his own shadow, and pulled out another Uniform, which he had made, and cleaned her Pauldron. He actually snapped and her dirty clothes appeared in his arms, as he put it into a container, which then vanished into the wall.

The Shadow finished breakfast, and started to serve the Silver Lobos, while hope took some and fed his Partner. Jared fed Lightning's partner, as she showered. When she came out, mostly dry and in her uniform, she looked at Jared. "Where's my actual Uniform?"

"Washing. That has the same measurements, style, lighter in weight, and much more sturdy. It's made of Woven threads of Mythril, which I found in Weyard. It's on the same level as Reaper, and he can take several hundred Bullets in a 10 second timeframe. That uniform is effectively bulletproof. It's slightly more sturdy than my own armor, since I didn't make this armor. This one is severely enhanced steel, while that is Mythril. This Armor may come close, but Mythril is far more sturdy with less weight than steel."

The three humans then started to eat themselves, while the Shadow dispelled. Once Jared finished eating, he went to take a Shower, and went into the other room, which he led Lightning into.

When he came out, he was in Forest Green Spandex with the second armor she found. The Crimson one with Pauldrons on the shoulders, hips, front and back of the waist. It held the symbol of the Crimson Dragon. Reaper was slid through a slit on the right shoulder Pauldron. There was also a black band over his left thigh with a golden Belt Buckle that read "Death" in Black letters. Attached to that band was a Holster that held Reaper. They noticed a small pouch was at his waist, on both sides.

Lightning raised an eyebrow at the new attire. "Is that Spandex?"

"Close. It functions like spandex, but, like your current outfit, it's made of Woven Threads of Mythril. I've been trying to find a way to combine Titanium and Mythril into a new metal alloy, though. He looked at the Silver Lobos. "You guys will have to stay in here. Light, Hope, your partners will have to as well. PSICOM can't kill me, and the only way to lose this house is if it's in my Shadow Vault and I die."

"Kadeem, could you stay here for now? When we're safer, I'll ask him to let you out. Besides, I have to see my own father for something, and I doubt he'd take kindly to you if he saw you."

"And I have to make sure he doesn't get himself killed." Lightning told her partner. "Seriune, please. Wait for us to call you back, okay?" Their partners nodded sadly. Lightning gave a sad look. "I'll be sure to get you out of here the first chance I can get."

"Same here, Kadeem. I'll be back. Don't worry about me. Besides, Light and I have to make sure he doesn't do something stupid." Hope was glancing at Jared, who noticed.

"Hey! I may be Insane, but I'm not stupid!" Hope and Lightning gave him deadpanned looks. Chris just looked at him. "What are you looking at?"

"Nothing. I thought I saw something that wasn't there."

He raised his eyebrow. "Such as?"

"Your Sanity." Everyone present heard this, even Lightning and Hope. Those that did laughed, chuckled, or in Jared's case, blinked.

"Uh, how could it even be here when I lost it back in the Prime Realm, where I was born?"

"You know what? I think that's something best left untouched." Lightning said. "We should get moving, and get to Palumpolum. The sooner we see Hope's father, the better."

Hope nodded in agreement. "The streets will be less packed in the mornings. Not many residents are morning people, and it's a Saturday. No school, shops open at 8:30, and few people are going for anything until 9:00."

"That's if PSICOM isn't there." Jared pointed out.

"If they are, then we'll have to get past them." Lightning pointed out. Jared went back into his "Armory" and came back out 6 minutes later with a strange Boomerang. It was black and gray,and seemed to have Spines down the end. It essentially looked like a Boomerang from hell. "Hope, this is Nue. Quite literally, a Boomerang from Hell."

Hope looked at it, but instead of fear, he felt a calming presence. Jared held it out to him. "I made it from pieces of the structure in Mayfil. Never thought I'd use it, but for now, I think you can."

"How are you so sure he can?" Lightning asked.

Hope had it in his hand. "It feels... different. It's almost as if..." His eyes widened. "You want me to use you, don't you?" He felt the reply. "Then I'll do just that." He felt the Happiness from it. Hope looked at Jared. "Let's move. The sooner we see my father, the sooner we can move on."

Jared nodded, and the three walked out. "Kadeem, Seriune. We'll see each other again. Count on it." Hope said, with far more determination in his voice than before. Jared noted this, and figured that it was either Nue, or the fact it was something he was driving himself to help: his Partner.

When they left the Building, the sun was rising, and Jared brought the house back into the Shadow Vault. "Easy Packing, Travel Light." Jared smiled when he said that.

"I'll say. It helps when you're on the road a lot, doesn't it?" Lightning asked.

Jared nodded. "Sure does."

They started towards Palumpolum, and saw PSICOM everywhere. Air, ground, everywhere.

Hope, Lightning and Jared were hidden behind a few boxes. Jared spoke quietly. "Looks like Stealth is going to be the main point here."

"Looks like it." Lightning agreed. "Got any plans to get around this?"

"Just one." Jared said.

"I figured you'd have five." Hope pointed out.

"There's less troops, and more Automatons." Jared closed his eyes. "Hope, take Light and get her to your father's house. Hope, what's the Address?"

"It's in Felix Heights, 35-A. It's near the top floor. Why?"

"Because you're going to lead Lightning through the city to get there."

"What about you?"

Jared sent them a determined smirk. "I'm gonna give them hell from the Shadows." He looked out. "I refer to my title as the White Shadow. I can keep them busy long enough to..." he turned his head the direction they came. "Snow..."

"Where is he?" Lightning asked.

"He's pretty far, but he's in the air. At the current speed, it'll take 3 hours to get here."

"Last for 3 hours for him to get here?"

"Fang is with him. I'm still going on my own." Jared said. "As I was saying, I can keep them busy long enough for you two to get into a much less crowded place. I'll meet you guys at Hope's place. And don't worry about me." He started to sink into a shadow. "You should worry about those I target." Then he completely vanished.

Lightning and Hope looked at each other, and the back. "Alright, there's an entrance to the sewers not far from here. Adults don't know where it is. Only kids like me know. Ran into a few orphans down there too. For the most part, they were abandoned. They might help us, and PSICOM won't be asking kids for help."

"Neither will the GC." Lightning stated. "Looks like they're here too."

"We'll use the tunnel systems. They'll keep us hidden. I don't think we'll have to worry about Jared."


Meanwhile, Jared was appearing in random shadows of the city. A Dark here, Blue bolt there, silenced shots everywhere. PSICOM was dropping like flies. He kept from using kill shots on the GC. He liked them, but always knocked them out in one hit. It was a good 3 hours before any messages came up, and he had taken out well over 120 PSICOM troops.

He was now watching over a stadium-like courtyard, where Lightning and Hope came up. They were surrounded. "Not good. They've really found us."

Jared was about to act, until


There was an explosion that grabbed everyone's attention. Jared then knew who it was. 'Snow... a hero always shows up in the niche of time, and kicks ass.' he thought. He decided to watch what snow was going to do, which was exactly what he did in game. He summoned Shiva, covered the place in Ice, which then either knocked out or killed the soldiers there.

Then, like the clueless idiot he was, he jumped over a railing, and started riding the Shiva Bike, which Fang dropped onto with another gun.

At that, Jared grinned. He then threw a few Ruinga into the area, and took out even more troops, which drew Lightning's and Hope's attention. "He's here too?" Hope asked, somewhat surprised.

On one of the flying platforms, there was 2 PSICOM troops, and Colonel Rosch from PSICOM. He just glared at Snow, who was riding around on the Ice with his bike, while Fang shot down people. Then there were spells flying from everywhere. 'I thought we had them surrounded, but it was just a Diversion!' He thought.

One of the soldiers next to him was shot down, but then the other one went right afterwards, before he heard another shot.

Said shot was from a Smirking Jared with a Dragunov Sniper Rifle from Call of Duty, who now had a Javelin on his right shoulder. "Time to take out a few aerial bastards." he said, locking on to some of the Flying Warships, before firing.

Lightning and Hope used the distraction, which they both knew was caused by a double front: Snow and the woman, and Jared from the shadows.

Every now and then, Jared sent a spell into a nearby Shadow, while he was about a mile away.

The clincher was when Lightning saw a Javelin missile hit one of the flying automaton. She saw it, but nobody else did, and it took out the Havoc Skytank in one shot. She smirked as she heard the shouts from Rosch.

"Find the L'cie! Take them out! It doesn't matter who's with them! Kill them all!" Rosch shouted into the microphone.

What he didn't know, is that a lot of people were watching him.


Amodar had gotten a Telepathic message from Jared a few hours ago. Apparently, the L'cie threat was going public soon. He had hacked a Channel, and rerouted the footage to be played elsewhere. Since NORA had come back to Bodhum with Purge Survivors, well over 50 of them, he gathered them all up, and turned on several Televisions to said Channel. The Civilians and NORA had seen what was going on fro the moment Lightning and Hope were spotted. They had already gotten word that everything they saw was the truth, and what really happened as if they were there.

They saw that there was a lot of L'cie, and heard Rosch's command. That put some anger in them. "The Guardian Corps would never approve of these methods. PSICOM protects the Sanctum. Guardian Corps protects the people. We would never harm an Innocent and call them needed sacrifices. That's just Reckless Collateral Damage, and PSICOM doesn't care!" Amodar pounded his fist on a table.

"Hey, Lieutenant. How did you even know this station was hacked?" A big man with orange hair, Gadot, asked.

"One of the L'cie told me. He has been working for me unofficially, as a civilian. But I see what he's doing." Amodar said, as he realized it.

"Wait, you're in league with a L'cie?" One of the Civilians questioned.

"One of my subordinates is a L'cie. He's watching over her at my request. L'cie or not doesn't matter. He and I share the same views. I respect him for that, and told me this was coming 13 days before it did. I'll be the first to admit I didn't believe him, but when it happened, I stopped doubting him. As such, I asked him for one favor for warning me of what was coming. Protect my subordinate from anyone who might harm her. She's a L'cie now, as well." He looked at the screen. "He told me there was a total of 7 L'cie out there, but two of them should be in Nautilus right now."

"Then why does it look like there's at least 50 L'cie there? Spells from all over, and all..." Gadot questioned.

"The work of one L'cie. Jared Shadowwind." Everyone knew that name. In the days before the Purge, he had gained quite the reputation as a powerful ally and the worst person to make your enemy. "He's also the one I asked to watch over my subordinate."

"You know how he's doing it?" A girl, Lebreau, asked.

"No, but I do know it's him."

Now the screens showed Rosch with several GC members.

"This city is our jurisdiction! We're the ones that protect it. We should get a say in how it's done!" One of the GC soldiers stated.

Rosch ignored the soldier. "Attention all Units. Ignore all fire zone restrictions. Fire at will."

The shock in the GC soldiers present was evident. One of them spoke up. "Even if Civilians get caught in the crossfire? They haven't completely evacuated yet!"

"It is necessary."

"You wanna start a war on the streets?!"

"You don't know what it's like out there!"

Rosch drew his sword and pointed it at them. "You don't understand why we're here."

Just then, Jared showed up, sitting on the vehicle, and spoke. "You know, Rosch, People are watching this." This earned all of their attention, and the GC pointed their guns at him, as Rosch turned the blade on him.

"Who are you? And what do you mean?"

"In order, Jared Shadowwind, and I've hacked a few satellites to broadcast everything in this city, and send it through a single channel, which I also hacked. They also heard what you just said. And for those that probably don't understand the ramifications of the statement here's the jist of it: L'cie are to be killed. Anyone near a L'cie is to be killed. Man, woman, child, babies, it doesn't matter who they are. If they get in the way, it's their fault, and everyone here is to be killed. The troops right there don't like that, as the Collateral is unacceptable."

"It is necessary for the people's safety."

Jared chuckled. "You think all Pulse L'cie are bad, huh? What about someone who protected the Civilians before the Purge? Former GC Sergeant Lightning Farron is a Pulse L'cie. Does that mean she switched sides? Abandoned her home? Her family? What about Snow Villiers? He ran an organization alongside the GC in Bodhum. They protected Innocent people from Monsters. They put their lives on the line for their home, and the people in it. Do you think they'd change sides if it meant they had to kill everyone they held dear? Lightning could've joined PSICOM when she entered the Army. Why did she choose the GC?"

"That is..."

"Not my concern? Sorry, pal, you got nothing on me here. Lightning joined the GC and not PSICOM, because of her Sister. The only family she had left. She quit the GC for her family. She's the type to put herself in the line of fire if it meant protect that which is precious to her. You think she would abandon her home to the wolves? You think she would kill everyone that she protected? It's not the Civilians that are blind. It's the Sanctum. Sanctum wants to save its own hide. They fed all the Bullshit about Pulse to the civilians. And for what? An attack that will never happen due to the current state of Pulse? Pulse is uninhabited by anything even resembling human life. All that's left are Fal'cie, wildlife, and broken down machines. No L'cie, no Humans, nothing of the like. Not since Ragnarok killed everyone all those years ago."

"And how do you know this?"

"Because before I came to Cocoon, I was sent to Pulse by the Maker. My home is not even in this dimension. What makes you think I'd lie when I saw the proof myself?"

"He's lying." One of the GC members stated. "He has to be!"

"I think he's telling the truth." Another member spoke.

"If he was telling the truth, he wouldn't have told us." The first one retorted.

"Unless of course you'd never believe the truth, even if he told you." Jared replied. "but the situation still stands, because we're being broadcast live to anyone watching it."

Everyone saw and heard this. Amodar just blinked. "He told me the same thing..."

"PSICOM is a bunch of idiots. They claim to be strong, but when the truly strong show up, they drop like flies. I mean, come on! Do you really think you could take on someone that blew up a God of Destruction in another world, before he became a L'cie without a Focus?"

He showed off his brand, which was completely open, and everyone watching gasped.

"My brand was open the moment I was branded. It means I have no Focus. No Focus means no Ci'eth Clock. No Focus means no turning to crystal. My job is to stop the destruction of this world. The ones pulling the strings are Sanctum Fal'cie. Barthandelus, if you're watching this, you're on my hit list. The other one on said list: Orphan. Your plan would not only destroy Cocoon, but everyone on it. You want the Maker to start things over? Well, she sent me instead. Good luck taking on a Dimensional Guardian. You'll need it, motherfuckers." He then dissolved into the air, but before the head left he spoke again. "I'm not called the White Shadow for no reason."

Amodar just stared, as did the Civilians. "he just called out two Fal'cie, didn't he?" Gadot asked.

"Yup, he did." Yuj, a blonde haired teen, replied. "Is he insane?"

"No... he's got the power. He's got the help. He can do it." Amodar stated.

"With what the Sanctum did, I think we should get them back." A civilian suggested.

"But how? We've got no support!"

"By supporting the L'cie." Gadot answered, crossing his arms. "Look, if the L'cie are helping him, then that means that they're going to help the world by taking out those that threaten it. If we support them, we're showing them that we can handle it. That we agree that the Sanctum has lost it's luster. That they're really only looking out for themselves. Anyone else is expendable." he looked at Amodar. "The Guardian Corps seems to agree with Jared's plan, from what I know of them."

"We do. No sacrifice is necessary. Anyone who says otherwise, we don't get along with. It's why PSICOM and the Corps don't get along. We follow the same man, but we have different ways of achieving the same order." He replied.

Gadot pumped a fist. "Snow's our leader. He's doing this to save the world, then we'll help him any way we can. NORA will support the L'cie, as our Leader is one."

The Civilians saw that they trusted their leader, and got up, each one claiming support of NORA. Gadot was smirking at Amodar now. "We got their support. Think you can let him know?"

Before the Reply, they all heard Jared's voice on the screen as it showed PSICOM shooting into Civilian lines now.

"Lieutenant, I know you're watching this, and can hear me. Make sure the civilians wherever you're at live. If they want to fight, train them to fight. Bodhum should be abandoned, but you'd be able to find that out better than I can. If you find NORA, or NORA finds you, let them help. They'll want to back Snow, as he is a leader that has gained their respect. He helped them in their time of need, they'll want to return the favor. That is, if I have their mindsets right. Good luck, and if they help, make sure they do it right. Alright, everyone listen up." Jared now had his hand on his ear, and it showed. "Meet at the Rendezvous point. Lightning, Hope, you both know where it is. I'll be roaming. PSICOM is NOT going to get the civvies on my watch. If that means I have to kill them, then so be it. The Civilians have no part in what we're doing, so I'm gonna take out PSICOM who doesn't care if they get in the way or not."

Lightning's voice came over the screens. "What about you?"

"Don't worry about me. Worry about those I target. You saw what I'm capable of, Light. I've got Mars back, as well. Still Missing Venus, Dragoon and Wingly. I'm now at about 60% of my full strength. Venus comes back next, I'll reach 85%. Wingly comes next it'll be 65%. Dragoon comes back, it'll be 70%."

"Roger that." They heard a male voice.

"Hey, bub! You don't think you'll letting them know too much, do ya?" This was a gruff female voice.

"Fang, you're talking to someone that took on a God of Destruction and won. What do you think?"

"He's right. He got us this far. He helped us. Stopped Hope from going after Snow's life for his mother. After everything, he's got the most information out of all of us. As L'cie, we have a Focus. That focus is our guide. What we do with it is up to us!" They heard Lightning.

"Right you are Light. Fang, Light, Hope, Snow, head to the Rendezvous point. I'll meet you there, and help the Civvies on the way. No way in hell am I gonna let the bastards take an unnecessary life just because they can't get their target. Shadow out."

The people in the bar just looked at the screen, and then at Amodar. All of them asked NORA for the help. Amodar and NORA nodded. "We'll help you out. You want in, step up. We're heading to the Corps HQ. There's an armory there. It'll have the weapons you'll need." Amodar said, earning a nod from everyone present, and they left the bar heading to the HQ. Amodar then sent a silent message to Jared. 'Jared, you better be right.'

Over in Palumpolum, Jared smirked. 'You're damn right I am.'


Chapter complete!

Alright, some things you may want to know. Jared is effectively broadcasting everything that happens through a channel he managed to Hack into. It's being played in every city aside from Palumpolum. It was also shown in Nautilus, so Sazh and Vanille saw it.

Jared is also slowly getting his abilities back for a reason. His locked Abilities include:

Wingly Spells of the Wind and Lightning Elements

Dragoon Form and subsequent spells

Venus Branch of Psynergy and Cross-Psynergy that uses it

Together that makes up 40% of his abilities. And for the record:


Dimensional Guardians are SUPPOSED to be severely OP. Even I have to admit that. There are ways for them to lose their abilities, but since they can draw energy from any source, they simply have to learn how to control it. One of the reasons they live so long, is because they never reach their full potential, because they don't have a maximum limit to their skills!

They can adapt any DNA to their own, even non-human DNA. Blood Transfusion with a Species that they don't have in their blood will add the benefits to the Guardian, and sometimes the weaknesses as well. If a Benefit of one thing they have added to themselves, is a Weakness to something they just added, the Benefit is severely weakened, but the Weakness is gone.

Say, a Guardian adds a Water Elemental to their DNA, and then Vampire Blood from Rosario + Vampire. The Vampire blood will make it so he has a weakness to Water, but the Water Elemental would cancel out that Weakness, while weakening the affinity to Water, bringing it down to about 20% of the its original strength. It would take at least a century of training the Water Element to get it back up to where it was, but the weakness of being hurt by Water will be nullified.

It also depends on the Abilities the Guardian has. If the Weakness added outweighs the Benefits already there, the Weakness will take hold, and the benefit is gone.

For those of you who have read my stories, Demigod Sayian Vampire and Uzumaki Heritage, I will say this now: Shuuden Sol is a Dimensional Guardian in Theory. He is NOT an actual Guardian, because he does not have the DNA Adaptation ability. ALL DIMENSIONAL GUARDIANS HAVE THIS ABILITY!

It activates in random ways. Some ways, a Blood Transfusion would be all it takes. Sex, putting new flesh in, anything that has DNA in it can be added.

Some of you would also put this as an Attention chaser. This ability can copy Bloodlines in the Naruto world, but only if the donor IS NOT ENTIRELY HUMAN! If an Uchiha that has their Sharingan active is fully human, not counting the Sharingan or Chakra to use, NOTHING WILL BE ADDED TO A GUARDIAN WHO TAKES THEIR DNA!

However, if an Uchiha has an affair with, say a Werewolf, said abilities will pass over into the child, and then the abilities can be added, but THE ABILITIES WILL ONLY BE ADDED IF THE GUARDIAN DOES NOT HAVE WEREWOLF DNA IN THEM ALREADY!


That's why one was called into Endiness in Book 1.