Coming Home Ch. 11

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Previously: Watching as their boys walked up the stairs; John and Mary couldn't help but be nervous about what the boys were thinking and what those thoughts would lead to. They couldn't stand the thought of ever losing them again.

Upon hearing the upstairs bedroom door close, signifying that their boys were out of earshot, Mary collapsed into her husband's arms and let the tears flow once again.

"Oh John, that wasn't how I planned for things to go at all," Mary lamented as she gladly let her husband support her in walking across the room to sit on the sofa.

"Shh, it'll be okay Mare, just you wait and see," John consoled as he leaned back on the couch and tugged his wife more firmly into his embrace.

"I don't see how. Dean probably thinks we are stark raving crazy and Sammy…my poor baby doesn't even believe we're his parents. How will I ever get him to forgive me for letting him be abused all those years?"

"Hold it right there Mary, you did no such thing as 'letting' him be abused all those years. There was nothing you could do to control what happened once they were taken from us. That guilt is not yours to carry," John intoned.

"But it is. If I hadn't…."

"Let's not rehash all that pain and blame again Mary. That won't get us anywhere. We need to focus on the here and now; getting those boys through the trauma they suffered and becoming a family once again," John enunciated, knowing they wouldn't survive going down that road again. It just held too much pain for all of them.

"I know you're right Honey, but how do we start? I mean, what can we do to get the boys to start believing in us?" Mary asked as she used her left hand to swipe away the tears from her cheeks.

"Well, the first thing I think it to get De…David to believe us. If we can gain his trust, then little Joey will be sure to follow. We're going to have to call them by those names until they're more comfortable with Dean and Sammy," John answered, after thinking about things for just a moment.

"David questioned why we didn't have any pictures out of the two of them; do you think maybe that would be a good start?" Mary asked, trying to find some glimmer of hope in the situation.

"I think it wouldn't hurt to try. With a little luck, maybe David will be old enough to recognize himself, or at least his baby brother in some of the photos. I know it's probably a slim chance, but a slim chance is better than no chance at all," John replied.

"Okay, I'll go get them out of my hopechest. We can go through them together and maybe decide which ones will be best to show the boys?" Mary asked, somewhat unsure of herself as she pushed to her feet.

"Sounds like a plan," John agreed from his spot on the couch as he glanced towards the stairway, wondering what was going through the minds of his two boys at the very same moment.


Entering their room, David carried his younger sibling over to the bed and placed him on it and then sat down beside the too quiet child. "So kiddo, tell me what's going through your mind."

"I'm just sad," Joey stated as he leaned against his brother's chest and tears misted his somber blue-green eyes.

"Is it because Mary said she recognized me, but not you?" David asked knowingly as he began to card his fingers through his distressed sibling's hair.

"Uh huh," Joey sobbed as he turned his face into his brother's shirt. He didn't want to act like a baby, but if Mary was his Mommy, then she should have known him too.

"I'm sorry that hurt you little Dude," David informed his brother as he held him tight and began to rub his back. "But I think I can explain it to you why she didn't know you so that maybe it won't hurt so badly. Do you wanna hear why?"

"I guess so, yeah." Joey voiced before hesitantly looking up at his big brother and chewing on his bottom lip.

"If we are really the Winchester's kids, then Mary didn't recognize you because of how much you changed. They said we were taken five years ago, right?" David waited for his brother to nod his agreement, before continuing on. "Well, five years ago, you were only two. You were barely walking then and your hair was much shorter and more blonde than the brown color it is now," David stated as he continued to rub his brother's back in a comforting motion. "Not only that, but you were also kind of a pudgy little baby. And now you're lean and mean, just like your big brother. That's probably why Mary and John didn't recognize you"

"Do you really think so De?" Joey asked hopefully as he once again looked up at his big brother.

"I sure do…Sammy," David replied as he gave the kid as confident of a grin as he could muster. He figured he would use the coveted nickname more, especially if it ended up being his brother's real name.

"De, what if we ain't their children like they think? Will they st-still want us?" Joey stammered, still unsure if he and his brother could really be loved and truly wanted by somebody.

"I think so. I mean, John said that even if we weren't their kids, that nothing would change, they would still want us," the preteen answered as he reached out to ruffle the hair of his younger sibling. Of course, he couldn't help but wonder how true those words were. Adults lied.

"Okay," Joey whispered with a sigh as he lean his head against his big brother's chest once again.

"Okay? Does that mean you are comfortable with us staying here until we find out? Because if you're not, we can go back to the group home" David informed his little brother. "I won't mind."

"I don't wanna go back yet, I wanna stay here," Joey informed his brother after a moment's thought. At least at the Winchester's house, he didn't have to worry about being picked on by the other kids and his big brother getting a time out because of it for defending him.

"Then we'll stay, but if you change your mind…" David let his sentence trail off as they heard a knock upon the door. "Yeah?'


Gathering the pictures that they wanted to share with the boys in their hands, John and Mary quickly made their way up the stairs to the boys' room, each one nervous about what the next few moments would hold in store for them. Taking a deep breath to calm their nerves, the two adults looked at each other for support, and then John reached out and knocked upon the door.

"Yeah?" they could hear their eldest call out to them from behind the wooden barrier, anxiety evident in his voice.

"David? Joey? Is it alright if we come in?' John inquired, not wanting to lose the boys trust by just barging right in. Waiting for just a minute or two, he and Mary both breathed a sigh of relief as permission was granted for them to enter. Opening the door slowly so as not to alarm the boys, John was glad he had done so as he took in the protective way in which David immediately placed himself in front of his younger brother.

Steeling his resolve, John grasped Mary by the hand and led her into the room. "Boys, we have something we would like to share with you, if that is okay" John informed his sons as he and Mary sat down in the chairs on the opposite side of the room, making sure not to encroach on the boys territory with the defensive vibes that Dean was giving off.

"What is it?" David asked curiously, unable to help himself as he stared at the two adults across the room.

"Well, when you asked me earlier why we didn't have any picture up of the two of you. It got me to thinking. So I got some of our old pictures out of the hopechest and thought you boys might like to see them," Mary answered optimistically as she smiled at her sons.

Wanting more than anything to see them, David decided to leave the decision up to his brother and turned to him with a questioning look, "What do you think Kiddo? Would you like to see them?"

"I gu-guess so," Joey answered, his own curiosity peaked at what they might see.

"Okay, I guess we'll take a look at them then," David said to 'his parents' as he pulled his brother into his lap. He was hoping Joey would agree, but would have abided by his sibling's wishes if the kid had said no.

"Good," John stated in reply as he and Mary sat down on the floor and beckoned the boys over to them.

Handing one of the pictures over to Dean, Mary said, "this is one that was taken of you and Sammy just a few weeks after your baby brother was born," Mary explained as she watched both her boys gaze at the picture that showed Dean sitting on the hood of the Impala with Sammy cradled in a blanket in his arms.

Looking intently at the picture, David thought the little freckle faced boy in it could be him, but he couldn't be totally sure since he never really seen any pictures of him and Joey as little boys. Norman had burned them all shortly after their so called mom had left him.

"And this one is of the four of us just before John and I took you to your first tee-ball game," Mary told her eldest as she handed over a picture with Sammy cradled in her arms and Dean standing proudly in front of his father in his team t-shirt.

"I don't remember playing ball," David informed the Winchesters as he looked intently at the picture.

"You only got to play a couple of games before you were taken from us," John stated somberly. He had hoped the photo would spark a small memory in his son's mind.

"Do you have a special picture of me playing something?" Joey innocently asked as he gazed at his supposed parents. He wanted to know they shared special times together too.

"Here's one of all of us when we took you boys trick-or-treating," Mary stated as she handed over the picture, only for Joey/Sammy to quickly throw it on the floor, before turning around and hugging on tightly to his brother.

"Sa…Joey? What's wrong Sweetheart, why are you so upset?" Mary asked in alarm as she reached out her hand to rub Sammy's back only to draw it back when Dean glared at her.

"Joey hates clowns," David answered for his brother as he looked at the picture of his baby sibling dressed in a clown costume with disgust.

"I'm…I'm sorry, I didn't know," Mary voiced with sadness as scooped up the picture from the floor and tucked it into her pocket so it was hidden from sight.

"Well, now you do," David informed his 'mother' curtly as carded his fingers through Joey's wavy chestnut colored hair to soothe him.

"Knowing now was not the time to keep reminiscing with the pictures; John cleared his throat loudly and said, "We'll leave the two of you alone now so that Joey can get some rest."

"Thanks," David murmured as he scooted back against the headboard where he could rest more comfortably, his brother safely tucked in his embrace.

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