Coming Home Ch. 15

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Previously: Finishing his business quickly, Joey pulled up his pants and then opened the door of the stall so that he could go wash his hands. He had no sooner walked out of the small latrine area, when he suddenly found himself grabbed harshly by the arm.

"Got you, you little bastard," Norman sneered menacingly, rearing his hand back to apply the hardest smack he could to the kid's denim covered behind.


Moments Earlier:

Watching his boys walk away to the bathroom, John couldn't help but feel nervous about leaving them to go by themselves. The boys had barely been out of their sight since he and Mary had brought them home and…

"John, I don't like the idea of the boys going to the bathroom by themselves,"' Mary stated fretfully, as she interrupted John's thoughts. "I have a very bad feeli…"

"Me too, Honey," John voiced anxiously as he quickly made his way over to the bathroom area, the hairs on the back of his neck sticking up in agitation. He had no sooner rounded the corner and prepared to walk in the latrine area when he heard the sound of his youngest calling out in fear.


Skidding into the bathroom on nearly running feet, John literally saw red from anger when his eyes took in the sight of his youngest being held in the grip of some asshole, the man obviously preparing to abuse his baby boy's backside.

"Hold it right there you freaking sonuvabitch" John yelled furiously as he thrust his own hand out and caught the other man's hand and kept it from swinging forward at the same time as a bathroom stall door opened and Dean came rushing out, his pants undone and hanging off of his waist.

Spinning the man around with the fierce grip he had on his wrist with his left hand, John swung his right just as hard as he could and punched the man in the nose, Norman's cartilage crunching under the assault.

"You stinking moron, I dink you just boke my bose," Norman snarled as his hands rose to stem the blood now freely flowing from his nostrils.

"That's not all I'm going to do to you," John sneered, before turning his attention to Joey who was trembling badly from the shock of what had just happened. Knowing the kid had to get away from the situation as quickly as possible, he turned to his eldest and said, "Take Sammy to your mother. Now, Dean. Go!"

John had no sooner said the words, when David pulled up his pants, grabbed his shell-shocked brother's hand and started to leave the bathroom. Striding away from Norman, he turned around abruptly for just a moment and then swung his foot out and hit the man between the legs as hard as he could.

"Take that, you evil bastard," Dean cursed, his foot connecting hard with Norman's most private of body parts.

The air rushed from between Norman's lips in a high pitched squeal from the attack, the child abuser unable to form any intelligible words as he quickly collapsed to his knees, his cupped hands leaving his nose and going to cradle his abused testicles.

Feeling justified with his action, David grabbed Joey's hand once again and led him quickly out of the bathroom and as far away from Norman as he could get him.


Standing outside of the men's bathrooms, Mary nervously shifted from foot to foot as she waited on her boys to finish their business and come back to her. She couldn't stand having them out of her sight for even just a minute, not while they were inside the godforsaken Mall where her boys had been kidnapped from years earlier.

'Come on, come on," she whispered, as she felt her hands and face begin to tingle. She knew she was on the edge of having a panic attack, but she couldn't help it.

Nearly hyperventilating when she heard a commotion come from within the bathroom, she started moving forward only to be nearly tackled to the floor as her boys rounded the corner and Sammy rushed to her side.

"Mommy," Sammy cried as he wrapped his arms around her waist and sobbed.

"Sammy, Dean?" Mary questioned apprehensively as she kneeled down and pulled the crying child onto her lap.

"Nor-Norman was in there and he almost hu-hurt Joey," David informed his mother as he too began to slightly tremble from shock or rage, he didn't know which.

"OH MY GOD," Mary gasped as she began to rock her child back and forth in an effort to comfort her youngest, while reaching out to palm Dean's face with one hand in a bid to comfort him also. Knowing that she had to pull herself together quickly or risk Sammy sliding further into shock, she did the one thing she always used to do when her boys were upset or sick and needed comforting so long ago.

"Hey Jude, don't make it bad. Take a sad song, and make it better," She began to sing as a crowd gathered around them.

Sitting in Mary's arms as she softly crooned to him, Joey had a very slight flash of a memory of being held by a woman with blonde hair as she sung to him.

"M-Mommy?" Sammy wailed as he leaned into Mary's comforting embrace.

"Mommy's here Baby, Mommy's here," Mary replied as she wrapped her arm tightly around the little one in her arms. Her heart soaring at the fact that Sammy had finally called her Mommy. Her moment of elation however was interrupted by the sound of a male voice nearby.

"Ma'am, is there something wrong?" a burly security guard inquired as he made his way through the throng of people surrounding the woman and her sobbing child and approached them cautiously so as not to frighten them.

"You're damn right there's something wrong," David answered as his fists clenched with the need to hit someone. "That damn pervert Norman just tried to hurt my brother in the bathroom and I'm going to go back in there and kill him."

"Whoa there. You need to calm down son; your brother needs you out here," the guard voiced calmly, though he was seething inside at the thought of some pervert hurting a little kid on his watch. "You help take care of him and I'll handle the man in the bathroom,"

"But," David complained, before Mary reached out and grasped him gently by the wrist.

"Baby, we…Sammy needs you here," Mary softly voiced, smiling as her eldest dropped to his knees and began to card his fingers through his sobbing brother's hair. She couldn't handle either of her children being away from her right now.

Ushering the crowd back some to give them some privacy, James, the security guard checked on the small family to make sure they would be okay before making his way to the restroom to make sure the bastard inside could never hurt anyone, especially a child, once again.


Smirking as the degenerate man writhed on the floor in front of him; John silently cheered his eldest son as he watched him walk out the door. The man deserved everything he was presently getting and more for what he had done to his boys. Snatching the man up by his shirt, John pushed him roughly into the wall, Norman's head bouncing off of it with a thud.

"You think that hurts, just wait until I get finished with you," John promised as he released one hand and punched Norman just as hard as he could in the stomach. "I'm going to tear you to pieces."

"Please, I…I din't do anything," Norman wheezed, as blood poured from his nose and down over his lips, hoping for a few moments respite against the onslaught. He needed to catch his breath so he could launch his own assault against the man attacking him now.

"Bullshit," John snarled as he wrapped a muscular hand around Norman's throat and pushed him against the wall once again. "You took five years from me and my family that we can never get back again and for that, you are going to pay big time."

"You ought to be glad I took the little worthless bas..." Norman started to say before he felt his oxygen supply being cut off as John began to choke the life out of him.

"Don't you ever call my sons worthless bastards ever again," John growled, pure hatred evident in his voice, as he drew his right fist back and punched Norman in the face one again, the imbecile's right eye immediately swelling and beginning to color with the force of the impact. "And if you ever lay another hand one either of them again, I WILL KILL YOU!" John promised, unknowingly repeating the same threat that David had made.

The oath had no sooner been spoken, when the sound of footsteps could be heard walking into the bathroom.

"I'll handle things from here sir," James stated in a calm voice as he slowly approached the enraged man who held the unsub, or unidentified subject, in a firm choke hold. He couldn't blame the man for what he was doing, especially after having heard everything that transpired between the two, but he couldn't let the man kill the culprit either. "You need to let him go."

"No, I'm not finished with this scum yet," John grumbled, his body nearly trembling with rage.

"Look Mister, I understand how you feel, but that little boy out there needs his Daddy," James intoned in an effort to diffuse the situation. "I promise you, I will make sure this man is held until the police arrive."

Reining in his temper, John knew he had to calm himself down before he did something he would really regret. His family needed him and he couldn't be there for him if he was stuck behind bars in a jail cell because of his actions. Taking a few deep breaths, he turned to the security guard and saw the determination in the man's eyes. "Make sure that you do, because I won't be held accountable if that man ever comes near my children ever again."

Breathing deeply once again, John pulled himself together and left the enclosed area. He desperately needed to make sure his boys were safe. Walking out into the food court area, his heart nearly broke at seeing Sammy sobbing in his mother's arms.

"Shh, Tiger. Everything's alright now" John voiced as he kneeled down beside his small family, pulled them into a group hug and softly caressed Sammy's cheek with his knuckles. "That man will never touch you again."

"Ho-Honey, can we just get out of here, please?" Mary beseeched as she looked up at her husband imploringly. She couldn't stand being in the Mall one moment longer, not after everything that had just happened.

"Yeah, just as soon as I give a statement to the police," John answered, as he noticed the men in blue approaching from the distance. If the police needed to talk to his children also, it could be done in the safety of their own home.

Standing up, he traipsed over to meet the men halfway and talked with them for quite a few minutes before returning to his family.

"Come on; let's get the hell out of here."

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