Coming Home Ch. 19

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Previously: Strolling back to the table after getting the aforementioned knife, Dean couldn't help but wonder if allowing John and Mary into their hearts would leave him and Sammy shattered once again. Was he making a huge mistake in allowing Sammy to become close to these people who could eventually hurt them again in the long run? Only time would tell.

Early the next morning found the Winchesters all in the kitchen once again as they prepared to sit down to a scrumptious breakfast of blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes, orange juice, and milk. It would be their first breakfast together as a true family and Mary was relishing every second of it, from the way Sammy sat down at the table and rubbed the sleep from his eyes with his fists to the way that Dean scooted his chair closer to his younger sibling. Sure, she knew that her eldest was still wary of them, especially where his baby brother was concerned, but hopefully that would change as time went by.

Placing the pancakes on the table, Mary was surprised to see both her children's faces suddenly blanch at the sight of the sweet breakfast. "Dean, Sammy, what is it?" she inquired as she glanced over to John worriedly.

"Nothing," Dean mumbled, wrapping an arm around Sammy's shoulders and pulling his baby brother to his chest. "May we be excused?"

"Boys, please? We can't help if you don't tell us what's wrong," John intoned as he reached out to place a comforting hand on Sammy's shoulder, only to draw it back when the small child physically flinched away at the touch.

"It's just that Sammy doesn't like blueberries," Dean answered, hoping that would be enough to appease the Winchesters.

"Dean honey, that was a strong reaction the two of you just had. I know it is more than Sammy just not liking blueberries. Please tell us," Mary implored as she clasped her hands to keep from reaching out and pulling her youngest into her arms. He needed the comfort of his big brother right now.

"We, uh, Norman took us to a small diner to eat breakfast one day when we didn't have any food in the house. He, uh, he wouldn't let us order for ourselves and just got everyone blueberry pancakes cause they were the cheapest thing on the menu," Dean explained as he rubbed Sammy's back when the child sobbed into his shirt once again. "When Sammy took a bite, he didn't like it and gagged at the taste. He asked for something else and it really pissed Norman off. He had them box the pancakes up for us and we left. When we, uh, when we got home, he blistered Sammy's butt with his belt and then forced him to eat every last bit, even after Sammy threw up into his plate."

"If I ever get my hands on that sonuvabitch again, I swear I will rip him from limb to limb," John vowed as he picked up the platter of pancakes, walked over to the corner of the kitchen and tossed them in the trash. No way would they be able to eat the blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes now, probably never ever again.

"Oh baby, I'm so sorry. I wish I had known what happened," Mary voiced as she reached out and carded her fingers through Sammy's chestnut colored hair. "I swear to you Kiddo, that I will never make blueberry pancakes ever again."

"S'o-o-okay," Sammy sniffled as he glanced up at Mary, while still clinging to Dean's shirt. "You didn't know."

"Hey Sport, what do you say we raid the cupboards and see what kind of cereal we can find?" John asked with a smile as he kneeled in front of his youngest.

"I'm no-not hungry right now. Can me and De' just g-go up to our room, please?" Sammy begged as he reached up to swipe his tears away with the sleeve of his pajama shirt.

"Sure you can baby," Mary answered as she swiped away her own tears. "You two just come back down when you're ready, Okay?"

"Thanks," Dean stated sincerely, before hefting his baby brother into his arms, since the kid was still quite small for his age, and carrying him up the stairs.

Watching as her boys traversed the stairs; Mary wondered just how many more blunders she would make before fully understanding everything her boys had been through. One thing was for sure, they needed to sit down and talk soon about things so an incident like this never happened again.

Swiping the tears once again, she huffed at the sound of the phone ringing; she definitely was not in the mood to talk to anybody.

"It's okay Baby, I'll get it," John informed his wife as he reached out to pick up telephone receiver. Answering the phone, he listened for a few minutes before hanging it up and glancing at Mary with a slight look of dread.

"That was Officer Labinski. He will be over in a few hours to interview the boys about their time with the bastard who kidnapped them."


Sitting in the Winchester's living room a few hours later, Mike tried to appear as non-threatening as possible as he began to interview the boys. He hated having to do the interview so soon after what had happened at the Mall, but the detectives who spearheaded the missing person's case on the Winchester boys were pressing him to get details of the kidnapping and subsequent disappearance, or they would interview the boys themselves.

"Dean, Sam, I know you boys have had a rough couple of days and I'm sorry to have to do this right now, but I need to ask you some questions about what happened to the two of you over the past few years," Mike began, turning on a voice recorder. as he scooted forward in his seat and turned his complete attention to the young men.

"Wh-What do you need to know?" Dean asked, pulling Sam into his lap as the youngster began to tremble slightly from fright.

"First of all, I know Sam was probably too young since he was just a toddler at the time, but do you remember anything about the day you were kidnapped? More specifically, was it the same man we arrested at the Mall who kidnapped you and have you been with him all this time?" Mike queried softly, trying to put the youngest Winchester more at ease.

"I don't remember a whole lot about the first year or two, but I do remember small patches of being at the Mall with some blonde lady. I guess it was Mom," Dean answered as his mind wondered back to that time. "I remember we were going to the carousel and then this lady, who later became our Mom, was hollering about something, I don't remember what. Next thing I knew, this man came up behind us and snatched Sammy and me into his arms and started taking us away. I thought maybe he was a policeman because he had a uniform on so I didn't holler for mom or anything because I thought he was taking us to a safe place."

"Was it Norman who did this to you Dean?" Mike asked gently.

"Ye-Yeah," the blonde haired pre-teen stuttered as he involuntarily shivered at the memory. If only he had known…

"Can you tell me what happened afterwards?" the lean young officer inquired, interrupting Dean's thoughts.

"I remember him driving us away in a van. I think we must have drove all night because I remember falling asleep when it was dark, and then waking up in the morning time and we were still driving," Dean said as he wrapped his arms more securely around Sam.

"What happened next?"

"When we finally stopped, I told Norman that we wanted to go back to our Mom and he slapped me real hard across the face and I could feel my lips bleeding," Dean answered, looking over at Mary when he heard her gasp aloud. "When I stopped crying, he told me that he and the woman who took us were our parents now and we better get used to the idea or we would be punished every day."

"And did he punish you at times?" Mike questioned, wincing slightly when the question garnered a sob from the younger boy.

"All the time, especially after our Mo… after his wife left him," Dean replied as he tucked Sammy's head under his chin and began to rock to and fro.

"And how did he punish you Dean? I'm sorry to have to ask, but we need to know if we are going to put Norman away for the rest of his life," the officer explained when he saw John take a protective stance.

"He, uh, he would beat us with a belt, a switch, a lamp cord, or whatever he could get his hands on at the time. He would backhand us a lot when we talked back to him or bash our heads against the wall and spit on us. Sometimes he punched and kicked us, and sometimes he would lock us in the closet, things like that," Dean voiced. "He found some reason to hit or whip us almost every week."

"Did he…Did he ever force you to, uh…" Mike stammered, trying to question the eldest child about whether or not they had ever been sexually abused.

"No, he never did that," Dean answered quickly with understanding, not wanting to hear the question spoken aloud with Sammy in the room. "He got off on watching porn flicks all the time."

"Thank God for that," John voiced, thankful beyond belief that that one torture had never been inflicted on his boys.

"Can you tell me how you ended up back here in Lawrence?" Mike questioned, needing to know how the boys miraculously returned their old hometown.

"One night when it was storming, Norman got really drunk. He started cussing us and blaming us for when his wife left him. He said if it wasn't for us, that he would have still been happy and that we were going to pay. He said he was going to beat the crap out of us with his fists and then kill us. I knew we had to leave then or he really would do what he threatened. So when he came at us, I picked up a lamp on the side table and threw it at him, hitting him in the head" Dean explained. "When he fell, I took Sammy by the hand and we ran and never looked back. A couple of weeks or so after that, we were found hiding in an abandoned house by Social Services people and put in a home. We were bounced from place to place until we ended up with Miss Amelia a few months ago."

"Okay, I think I have enough for now," Mike stated, knowing that the interview session had taken a lot out of Dean. "I may have some questions for you later and I would like to hear Sam's input on things."

"Sammy was too young to remember much. Do you have to question him?" Mary asked, her hazel eyes saddened by the thought of Sammy having to go through what Dean just went through at such a young age.

"I'll talk things through with the detectives. Maybe we have enough from Dean's statements, but I can't promise anything," Mike replied as he stood up. Turning to Dean, he said, "I'm sorry for having put you through all of that, but I think you given us enough to make sure that Norman never takes a free breath again."

"Will he have to testify when Norman goes to trial?" John asked, hoping that Dean, but especially Sammy, wouldn't be forced to look at the man's sneering face ever again.

"I honestly don't know, that will be up to the judge. But I'll do my best to make sure if he does have to testify, that it is in the privacy of the judge's chambers," Officer Labinski stated as reached out to shake John's hand. "Thank you for your time."

Escorting the officer out the door, John could only hope that this would be more smooth sailing from here on out. His family couldn't take much more trauma.

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