Coming Home Ch. 21

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Previously: "O..O…Okay," Dean agreed, tears flowing down his face as he finally let go and threw himself into his Father's open arms while Sammy crawled into their mother's lap and clung onto her tightly. Maybe, just maybe, they could finally be happy again.

Hugging his pre-teen tightly, John couldn't help but smile as the tears started to roll down his face. For the first time, he felt like they could truly be a family again. They boys were finally learning to trust them and believe in the fact that he and Mary would always be there for them.

"Shh, I've got you Kiddo. Everything is going to be alright, just you wait and see," John soothed as he rubbed a hand up and down his son's trembling back. As he rubbed, he could feel the tension releasing and was eternally thankful to be able to ease his son's pain.

"Can you ma-make the nightmares go away. I don't want to dream about that monster anymore?" Dean pleaded as he allowed his father to hold him close. He was so tired of carrying the burden and trying to be the strong one for Sammy. He was still just a kid himself.

"I wish I could Ace, but I can't control your dreams. I can promise you this though, if you talk about them and get them out in the open, maybe they'll come less often and won't have such a strong hold on your subconscious," John answered, praying to God that he was right. "So what do ya say Sport, you want to talk about it?"

"Not right now," Dean answered as he glanced over at Sammy who sat in his mother's lap watching him curiously from the behind the chestnut colored bangs that were falling into his eyes. "But, maybe later?"

"That's fine, whatever is best for you," John stated, knowing that now was definitely not the time to push his oldest, especially since Dean had finally made his first move in seeking help and comfort from them. No way was he going to chance pushing the boy back into his protective shell.

"Now that you boys are awake, how about we go get some pizza?" Mary questioned, knowing that her boys had to be hungry. They hadn't eaten after the incident with the blueberry pancakes at breakfast and then weren't up to eating any sandwiches for lunch after they had been interviewed by Officer Labinski.

"Can we go to Chuck. E. Cheese?" Sammy questioned, nervously before chewing on his thumb. He had seen a commercial on television about the place and he really wanted to go there since they'd never been before.

"Sure we can," John answered quickly, reaching over to ruffle his youngest child's hair. "Sounds like fun to me. While we're there we can all play some games, that is, if you boys feel up to it?"

"Yeah, I think we'd like that," Dean answered with a sniffle as he wiped the tears away. At least there, they could forget for a little while and not have to worry about facing Norman when it came time for the trial.


Sitting on a bench outside as he watched the other prisoners milling about, Norman fumed as he stared at the barbwire fence that kept him within the prison's walls. He couldn't wait to go in front of the judge and prove those lying little bastards wrong. And once he was free, he would make sure those two ingrate boys paid for putting him in such a disgusting place. Hell, he couldn't even have a beer here and enjoy a simple football game.

Pushing himself to his feet, he noticed a small group of prisons watching him and he gave them his best sneer to make sure they didn't approach. He wasn't about to talk to trash like them, nothing but druggies and thieves, the lot of them.

Sucking in a stuttered breath as the prisoners ignored his glare and started walking towards him; Norman suddenly felt a touch of fear upon scanning the yard to find that the two guards who had been assigned to watch them were involved in a small fight between two men on the other side of the yard.

Holding his ground, he clenched his fists and waited until the small group, led by a man called Snake, stood directly in front of him. "What the hell do you want?" he spat out as he looked at them with unadulterated hate in his eyes.

"Word has it that you're a lowlife child abuser and we think it's time somebody taught you what it feels like to be abused" Snake answered as he flexed his biceps.

"Don't you even think about touching me you stinking pigs, Norman snarled as he backed up, nearly panicking when he felt the wall of the jail against his back. The bastards had backed him into a corner. "You try anything and I'll yell."

"No, I don't think you will," Snake voiced with a barely perceptible nod of the head.

In a split second, Norman found himself gagged with a pair of dirty underwear and held by two prisoners named Rat and Roach (and weren't they named appropriately from the looks of them) as Snake cracked the knuckles on his huge right hand.

"Time to show you what it feels like to have someone bigger than you beat the shit out of you," Snake sneered as he threw his first punch, his big meaty hand impacting with Norman's stomach. He took glee in watching as the child abuser doubled over in pain, gagging on the dirty underwear still stuffed in his mouth. Not giving Norman any time for reprieve, he threw a vicious uppercut that met with Norman's face, blackening his eye immediately and laying the fat slob out on his backside.

"Get up, you worthless piece of shit," Snake snarled as he clenched his fists once more. He wasn't nearly done yet. Yet, he might be a criminal himself, but there was no lower piece of scum than child abusers when it came to prisoners and he was going to make sure the bastard knew it.

Norman barely had time to spit the piece of filthy cloth from his mouth before he found himself hauled to his feet again.

"Pl-Please, you ca-can't do th-this," Norman hissed as he struggled to pull air into his lungs. "I di-din't do anything to y-you."

"No. You didn't. Instead, you hurt two defensive little kids from what I gathered through the grapevine," Snake growled as he drew back his fist and punched the sniveling monster in the mouth.

"Th-They de-deserved wh-what they g-got," Norman voiced shakily as he swiped the blood away from his split lip.

"No kid deserves to be hit by an adult," Snake swore viciously as he lost his temper and began to pummel Norman with his fist and feet in a blind rage as memories of his own childhood stole through his mind. If only he had known love instead of beatings, maybe he would have had a better life.

Norman never had the time to scream out for help as he felt his ribcage give way to the continuous hits that Snake lay down on him.

By the time the guards noticed the commotion and arrived to help, Norman was beaten to a bloody and almost unrecognizable pulp.


Holding his breath as he watched the skeeball go up the ramp, John couldn't help but nod with contentment as he watched the ball enter the 20 point slot, though outwardly he pretended to pout.

"Dang it," he voiced, even though he had aimed carelessly to make sure that he didn't overshoot the points that Sammy had already won in the game. "I almost had you there Kiddo, but you win again."

"Yay, I really did it. I won again," Sammy chortled happily as he ran over to where his big brother was playing a Space Invaders game and jumped into his big brother's arms when Dean turned his full attention to him. "Did you see me beat daddy, De? Did ya?"

"I sure did Bro, way to go," Dean answered with a big smile as he ruffled his brother's chocolaty brown locks. "You showed Dad who the champ is, didn't ya?" Of course, Dean knew that John had let Sammy win both games that they had played after Sammy had tired of playing on the slides and such in the kidzone area.

"I sure did," Sammy answered, as Dean lowered him down to the floor once again. He was so pleased with all of the praise that was being heaped upon him by the most important person in his life.

"I'm so proud of you Sammy," Mary cooed as she walked over from the table where she had been sitting to heap praise on her little one also. "But play time is over for now, the pizza has arrived."

"Aww, can't we play just one more game? I know I can beat Daddy again," Sammy pouted as he turned pleading blue-green eyes towards his mother.

"I'm afraid not this time, Sport," John answered as he swung Sammy up into his arms. "We don't want the pizza to get cold do we?"

"No way," Sammy answered with a giggle as John poked him in the ribs lightly with his finger. "Cause that would be just nasty,"

"I don't know, I kind of like cold pizza," Dean voiced as he rushed past his parents and Sammy to get to the table. He was starving.

"Now that's a kid after my own heart," John stated as he carried Sammy over to the table and sat him in the chair beside his big brother. He loved cold pizza for breakfast. "Okay boys, dig in."

Reaching out to grab a slice of the pepperoni pizza, while Dean grabbed a slice from the meat lover's plate; Sammy couldn't help but smile, thinking that this was definitely the best day of his life.

Watching her sons as they dug into the pizza, Mary was extremely thankful that were able to spend such a fun afternoon together.


Returning home later that evening after a thoroughly fun filled afternoon, John was surprised to see Officer Mike Labinski sitting in his squad car in their driveway and it gave him immediate chills.

"John?" Mary voiced worriedly as she turned around and looked at her boys who were now sleeping in the backseat after an exhausting day.

"I don't know Honey, but I'll find out," John informed his wife as he parked the car and quickly climbed out as Mike exited his car also.

"What can I do for you Officer Labinski?" John asked as he met the man halfway and shook the outstretched hand

"John, I just thought you would like to know that the boys will not have to testify against Norman in court. He died in the prison infirmary this afternoon after being severely beaten by a group of prisoners," Mike answered.

"May God forgive me for saying it, but the bastard got what he deserved," John voiced in relief, knowing that the bastard would never be able to hurt his boys again.

"Do you want me to tell the boys, or…?" Mike trailed off, unsure of how John wanted to handle the situation.

"No, I'll do it. Thanks for letting us know," John answered, knowing that he and Mary would break the news to the boys tomorrow. No way was he ruining a perfect evening by mentioning that monster's name. He felt sure that after all the fun they had had, his boys would be able to sleep nightmare free for once.

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