Coming Home Ch. 23

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Author's Note: I chose to do a short epilogue chapter with this one because there were so many questions as to who the evanescent form in the shadows could be and whether or not there would be a sequel.. I had planned to leave it up to the readers as to who the entity was, but this is what my mind came up with.

Previously: As they continued to watch their boys intently, both John and Mary failed to notice the evanescent form that wandered among the deep dark shadows of the trees lining their property.

"Dean, Sammy, it's time to come in now," Mary called out to her children as darkness finally fell in the town of Lawrence, Kansas.

"Aww Mom, can't we stay for just a little while longer," Sammy pleaded as he Dean twisted the tire swing on which they were sitting.

"I'm afraid not son," John replied as he stood up from the porch swing and held his hand out to his beautiful wife. "The mosquitoes might carry the two of you away."

"That's just silly Daddy, we're too big," Sammy giggled, as his big brother stopped the swing and helped Sammy to climb off.

"Oh yeah, I forgot," John voiced with a small laugh of his own. "But it is time for two boys to get their baths and get ready for bed."

"But Daddy…"

"No buts Squirt, you heard what Dad said. It's time to go in," Dean informed his baby brother as he wrapped an arm around Sammy's shoulder and led him to the front porch of the two story house.

"But I'm not sleepy De. I wanna play some more," Sammy grumbled as he allowed Dean to lead him up the steps and inside the house.

"How about I make you a deal Sweetie? After you boys get your baths, we can all play a game of whatever you like," Mary offered to appease her pouting child.

"Can we play Twister? I like it when Daddy gets all tied up like a pretzel," Sammy voiced with a wide grin. John had introduced the boys to the game of Twister the previous night and had made moves that were sure to make his boys laugh.

"You do huh? Well maybe I'll just make sure to tie you up like a pretzel," John threatened playfully as he hoisted Sammy up over his shoulder. "And then when I'm through with you, I'll tie your brother up like a pretzel too."

"Nuh uh. Nobody can beat my De' when it comes to playing games. He's the bestest ever," Sammy refuted as he struggled to get out of his father's hold since John was now tickling him.

"That's right, you tell him, munchkin," Dean agreed as he reached out for a high five from his baby brother who was still slung over John's shoulder despite his attempts to get away. It felt so good to know that even though they had finally found their parents and things were going right in their world for a change, that Sammy still viewed him as his hero.

Watching the men in her life, Mary couldn't help but smile knowing that she was indeed the luckiest woman in the world.

~~Approximately 90 minutes later~~

"Sweet dreams boys," Mary voiced lovingly as she tucked the blanket around her sons after and bent down to kiss each one goodnight. "Angels are watching over you."

Exiting the room, Mary turned off the light and made her way down the small hallway, unaware of the ethereal being that was now hovering in the corner of her son's room.

"Your mother is right little ones. You have been through much in your young lives, but I promise the rest of your lives will be filled with only love and happiness. I swear this to you in my Father's name," Gabriel vowed as he settled in to watch his young charges through the night until morning light.

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