Coming Home Ch. 8

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Previously: His thoughts once again returning to the two young boys down the hallway as he climbed into the bed beside his wife, John could only hope that Dean was right, and that his youngest was being well taken care of since he and Mary couldn't be there for little Sammy in his obvious time of distress.

Standing at the stove early the next morning as she cooked pancakes and bacon while dressed in her white sleeping gown, Mary kept glancing over at the stairwell as she wondered when the boys would be coming down. She had heard them up and moving around earlier when she had sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee and decided to make sure she had a proper breakfast waiting for them once they arrived downstairs.

Turning over the sizzling bacon in the skillet, Mary chewed on her bottom lip as she thought about the incident during the night when Sammy…No, Joey, she had to think of him as Joey for now… had woken them all up screaming in terror. Her little boy had been so scared and it had nearly killed her to be sent away without pulling him into her arms and comforting him the way she desperately wanted to. Of course, she understood why she wasn't wanted, the boys had only been at their house for less than twenty-four hours, but still, it had hurt more than she thought anything could…well, except for the day the boys had been kidnapped and taken away from her and John.

Shuddering at the unwanted memory, she wiped away the tears that the memory brought and made a vow to herself that nothing would ever separate her and her boys again. Hearing the sound of footsteps that were too heavy to be her boys, she pasted on a smile as her husband walked into the kitchen.

"Good morning, Sweetheart," she voiced with affection as she found herself wrapped in the muscular and loving arms of her husband from behind. John would never know how grateful she was for that hug as it helped to take her mind off of last night and focus her thoughts on today, a day she was sure would be much better.

"Morning Darlin'" John replied in return as his nose took in the wonderful aroma wafting up from the blueberry pancakes that were cooking in the skillet. Reaching over to lift a pancake from the stack already sitting on the counter, he suddenly found his hand popped by a wooden spatula.

"Leave those alone. You'll eat the same time as the boys," Mary informed her surprised husband as she lifted out the last of the pancakes and placed them on the platter beside the mound of bacon. Carrying the platter over to the table, she was pleased to hear the sound of the boys finally making their way down the stairs also.

Waiting for the boys to arrive at the breakfast nook, Mary sighed in relief upon seeing them and noticing that both boys seemed to be relatively well rested, which suggested to her that David had succeeding in comforting Joey enough last night that both boys were able to get a decent night of sleep.

Knowing that she was probably making the boys uncomfortable with the way she was staring at them, Mary said, "I sure hope you boys are hungry. I made enough blueberry pancakes to feed an Army."

"That's good, because De' eats enough for an Army," Joey voiced bashfully as he peeked up at Mary through the long chestnut colored bangs that hid his blue-green eyes.

"I do not," David refuted, ruffling his brother's hair as he nudged Joey over towards the table where he knew they were expected to sit down and eat. He and Joey had talked upstairs about trying to make things seem as normal as possible in the hope that Mary and John wouldn't question them about Joey's nightmare. They just wanted to pretend it never happened and start over. The less they thought about Norman and his abusive ways, the better it would be for them.

"So, you two boys doing alright this morning?" John queried with concern as he grasped a jug of milk from the refrigerator to pour a glassful for everybody.

"Yes Sir," Dean answered hesitantly, glancing at Joey to see him slump down in his chair just a little. It looked like their hope was for naught; the Winchesters were going to make them talk about the incident whether they wanted to or not.

"S'Good," John replied, taking in the somewhat tense posture of the boys and deciding to drop things for now. "That means you should be able to help me scarf down all of these delicious pancakes that Mary made.

"Yes Sir," Dean stated more convincingly this time as he stabbed a few of the pancakes and placed them on his sibling's plate before getting some to put on his own. Damn but he was glad they weren't expected to talk over breakfast since he knew damn well it would have ruined his and Joey's appetite and they were both hungry.


"So Mary, what are the plans for today?" John asked his beautiful wife as he helped her clean up the breakfast dishes while David and Joey went back to their rooms to get dressed. He knew that Mary wanted the four of them to spend the day bonding as a family, but he also knew he needed to swing by the hospital and drop off the strands of hair he had gleaned from the boys combs as well as a few bristles from their toothbrushes to have them tested to see if the DNA was a match for him and Mary.

"Well, I thought maybe we could take the boys down to the Prairie Park Nature Center," Mary answered her husband as she thoroughly washed the skillet she has used to make the pancakes. The park had lots of wonderful animals for the boys to see and also a picnic area where they could enjoy some sandwiches and drinks for lunch. And since the park was right there in their hometown of Lawrence, the boys wouldn't be forced to endure and long and awkward car ride with the two of them.

"Sounds like fun," John agreed as he took the offered skillet and dried it with a dishrag before putting it away. "But before we leave, I'm going to take the hair strands and the bristles I took from the boys toothbrushes over to Danny at the hospital lab so he can get the DNA testing started."

"Why don't you go and do that now while the boys are getting changed. I'll make an excuse for you if they ask where you're going," Mary informed her husband as she leaned over to give him a small peck on the cheek. The sooner they got the testing started, the quicker they would find out for sure if they boys were really theirs, something of which she had no doubt about.

"Yes Ma'am" John stated as he raised his hand to his head and then thrust it outwards in a mock salute to his wife. He too wanted the testing done as soon as possible.

"You're incorrigible," Mary stated with a grin as she twisted the slightly wet dishtowel in her hand, and then snapped it out with a quick thrust of her wrist at her husband's derriere.

"Ouch, that smarted," John voiced as he rubbed his behind with his hand before quickly leaving the room. Another one of those and he'd have a welt on his firm butt.

Shaking her head with amusement at her husband's hurried exit, Mary turned back to finish the dishes, very much looking forward to the day ahead.


Sitting in the back of the Impala as they made their way down the road to the nature center that Mary had mentioned, David ran his hand over the leather seat that he and 'Sammy' were sitting on. He had admired the car from afar each time he saw it, and wondered if maybe he could have a black beauty like it sometime. Glancing up towards the front, he caught John watching him and it made him a little self-conscious until the man winked at him through the rearview mirror.

"She's a beauty isn't she?" John inquired over the rock music playing softly from the radio as he watched Dean (because it just had to be his eldest son) survey the interior of the car.

"Yeah, she is." David answered with a smile, starting to feel just a bit more comfortable. He and Sammy had been tense at first being in such cramped quarters, but John and Mary had done their best to make the ride seem less threatening.

"She's in need of her annual tune-up when we get back. Would you like to help me with that?" John asked, happy himself to see Dean is a good mood.

"Can Joey help?" David asked as his baby brother snuggled up to him in the back of the car.

"Sure, I wouldn't want it any other way than my favorite two boys beside me," John answered quickly as he made the left turn into the parking area of the Prairie Park Nature Center. Driving around the parking lot, he quickly found an open space and then parked the car

Exiting the car, Mary looked at the boys and asked, "Is there anything specific you boys would like to see first?"

"What do they have? We ain't never been to a place like this before," Joey voiced meekly as he peaked up at Mary through his long chestnut colored bangs.

Kneeling down in front of her little one and stroking his cheek lightly, Mary replied, "Well honey, they have lots of things like owls, snakes, iguanas, turtles, and all kinds of birds. They also have a lake behind the Nature Center Building and they also have a playground."

"Can we see the owl's first," Joey asked hesitantly before sucking in his bottom lip. He didn't want to say the wrong thing.

"Sure we can, Bud," John answered, as he reached over and rustled the young child's hair. And maybe after that we can see the snakes and then give you boys a chance to play on the playground. How does that sound?"

"Awesome," voiced David and he grabbed his sibling's hand and started leading him towards the nature building. He couldn't wait to see the snakes.

Hurrying towards the building, Joey failed to notice the large root sticking out from one of the trees near the path and took a harsh tumble on the ground, David unable to stop the youngster's fall.

"Oh my god, Sammy! Are you okay?" Mary gasped as she noted the bloody palms and tear filled eyes of her youngest.

"Wh-what did you just call him?" David inquired as he grabbed Joey and pulled him back away from the concerned couple who shouldn't have known what he called Joey in secret. Had these people been spying on them? Did they have some alternative reason for wanting them around?

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