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It had been a week of mood swings and ultimatums from Donna for Harvey to get his head back in the game. He was still pissed at Mike, but worry and love still overwhelmed him at times. What if Mike wasn't okay? What if he was taken again? But then Jessica would shake him out of those thoughts with cases and client meetings. But of late she started acting a little weird.

There were phone calls between she and Donna that he was not allowed to know about and closed-door meetings with a few suspect looking businessmen.

It had been another week before strange things started happening. Harvey would walk into his office every morning to find a new type of flower on his desk. He accused Donna, but she just gave him a look before stating the reasons that it wouldn't be her.

One of those reasons was that he got on her nerves every night when then went home back to her place and she'd prefer strangling over giving him flowers.

Soon coffee and lunch would mysteriously pop up out of nowhere. He thought that someone was messing with him, but who would do it by making delicious sandwiches pop up on his desk everyday?

When he finally found out who it was, it was another week later. He watched as a young, dark skinned woman slipped into his office while Donna was away from her desk and left coffee and a sandwich on his desk. He had just gotten back from a client meeting and was very intrigued, so he approached his office and stood at the door while she placed the things on his desk.

"Who are you, and why are you feeding me?" He smirked as she jumped and whipped around to face him.

"Oh, Mr. Specter. I wasn't expecting you back so soon. I really had my timing down to a t." She straightened and reached up to fix the neckline of her blouse.

"You didn't answer my questions." He walked up to her. "Who and why?"

She smiled and held out her hand. "Andrea Wise. Second year associate. As for why: that's confidential.

He blinked and stared her down. She pursed her lips and lowered her hand.

"Sorry, the man I work under says that a lot when he doesn't want to tell me what he's thinking. If you'll excuse me, I have a five million dollar case to help close." She moved around him and passed a confused looking Donna.

"Who was that?" she asked.

Harvey frowned. "Some second year. She's... Working on a five million dollar case. Why does a second year have a-"

"Five million dollar case? I'll get on that." Donna left and Harvey stood there for a minute before picking up the coffee and taking a sip.



It had been a week and a half before Harvey remembered to ask Donna on a progress report about that second year. He called her on the intercom, but she was ignoring him. He narrowed his eyes and stood from his desk to go see what was so important.

"This is good work, but there are some loopholes in this contract. Pages three and fifteen. Fix them quickly then bring them to my office. Oh, and Wise, I need..."

Harvey was stunned into silence as he heard that familiar voice. He turned and saw associate Andrea Wise walking up the hallway with no other than Mike Ross. Harvey trembled a little as he took him in.

He looked better since the last time he saw him in that hospital bed. The bed that he had disappeared from.

"... Get me a new phone please. This one keeps acting up. I can't believe I'm about to lose all my shit because this damn thing decided to go on the fritz."

Andrea rolled her eyes. "First of all, I'm not your assistant. Second of all, you should've backed up your shit. Geez, for someone so smart, you're incompetent sometimes." She took the file away from him then winced when a hand came up and slapped her in the back of the head. "Ow, damn Rossy! We're lawyers, not military."

Mike rolled his eyes. "You do as I say until I get an assistant. I don't want to hear anymore shit. Now get going. I wanted those loopholes fixed five minutes ago." He watched as she scurried off, shaking his head. Harvey made his move.

"What the fuck?" Okay, not much of a move, but at least he got something out of his mouth.

Mike blinked and he looked over to where Donna was staring disapprovingly and Harvey was shaking with anger. He blushed and took a step back.

Harvey immediately took a step forward. Then another. Donna grabbed his arm, but he jerked it away and got up in Mike's face.

Mike sighed and stood his ground. "Good morning, Harvey. Sorry for my delay, but-"

"Delay? You could have answered your damn phone one of the million times I called. You could have called me back. You could have written an email. You could have... Got me coffee." He new the look on his face was miserable because of the softening of Mike's eyes.

Mike smiled a little and his blue eyes looked into Harvey's, which made the man's resolve melt right then and there.

"You're right. I could have got you coffee, but my associate is a little nerve racking when it comes to her trying to impress me. As for the other things, I would have if I could have. Listen; let's go in your office to talk. I just got off a plane two hours ago and am a little tired." He placed a hand on Harvey's shoulder and led him into his office.

Harvey didn't miss how Donna wasn't surprised by any of this. He sat on his couch and watched as Mike sat down carefully next to him. He rubbed his thigh for a second and pulled on his cuffs to hide his wrists.

"Why did you leave, Mike? Again? I'm so angry with you. I was so worried and heartbroken. Tell me why." He grabbed Mike's hand.

Mike sighed and sat back. "I didn't have a choice, Harvey. The CIA demanded I be debriefed as soon as possible. I was in the hospital under watch and mandatory therapy until a couple days ago. The only reason I was able to get in touch with Jessica about this job is because Tia pulled some strings for me. And I am truly grateful. I had to promise Jessica five very high profile clients before I could convince her to reconsider my contract. I even convinced her to raise what she was initially going to offer me because I'm not living off two incomes anymore. Working for the CIA wasn't too much pay, but put together with what I was making at my old firm, it was worth it. Andrea demanded I bring her with me and I told her I would if she left early and buttered you up a bit for me."

Harvey was trying to keep hold of his anger, but it was very hard.

"You work for Pearson Hardman? Only? No more CIA?" He squeezed Mike's hand. "Are you okay?" There were more questions, but he could take it three at a time.

"Yes, I work for Pearson Hardman. No, there's no more CIA. And no, I'm not okay. Mandatory therapy was just a bunch of lies. Tell them what they want to hear so you don't stay imprisoned for too long. And lies don't make you feel better, Harvey. I've killed a lot of people, but I've never snapped before. Not like what I did to Randy." He closed his eyes and Harvey started stroking his arm. "I don't think they would have let you see, but..." He shook his head. "No. I don't want to talk about this anymore. Please tell me you're okay, though. I didn't mean to hurt you."

Harvey couldn't stop himself from softening. "I thought you had left me again. I thought I was never going to see your face again. I got that text from you saying you're sorry and I called your phone and kept getting voicemail. It was just like last time when you left."

Mike leaned into him. "I was never given access to a phone, Harvey. Someone else must have texted you that. I was sorry, though." He stared at Harvey's hands.

"I almost got on a plane and came to Virginia, but Donna told me that I probably wouldn't have found you."

Mike rubbed his eyes. "Yeah. Probably not. Listen, I need to get up before I either relapse or fall asleep. I have an important client meeting in a couple of hours and interviews for assistants after that." He was talking, but he wasn't moving. "And then I have to go house hunting and get more furniture for my office..."

Harvey laughed. "How about this, I give you the list of places Donna has compiled because she wants me out of hers, then we can go see the ones you like later?"

Mike looked up at him. "You still haven't found a new place?"

"How about I pick the place for you and get all the paperwork done and you both can live together happily ever after?" Donna's voice came through the intercom.

Mike laughed and finally got up. "Tell you what. If you can convince Harvey that that'll be a great idea then you're all good to go. I'll see you both later." He brushed his fingers over Harvey's cheek before walking out the office, Andrea running back to meet him, handing over files.

Harvey wasn't too surprised when Donna came into his office with a folder that had "REASONS YOU'RE MOVING OUT AND LIVING WITH MIKE" written across the front. She handed it to him and started with her presentation.

He rolled his eyes, but was genuinely smiling for the first time in weeks.


Mike was in his office, just getting back from his client meeting when there was a knock on the door. He and Andrea glanced up from unpacking boxes. Apparently he hasn't had to go furniture shopping either. Donna had done that for him.

"I'm surprised. Didn't expect to see you here when I came to investigate what was going on. Pretty nice office for a junior partner just starting out." Kyle Durant sauntered in the room and looked over the two. His eyes lingered a little too long on Andrea.

She opened her mouth to correct him, but Mike cut her off.

"Yes, I would say Jessica was being very generous if she gave this office to a junior partner." He went back to opening the box that held his desk.

"If?" Kyle asked, stepping forward.

"Yes, 'if'. Michael, do you have that check for me?" Kyle whipped around to see Jessica Pearson standing in the office door where he had been seconds ago. Andrea scrambled over to the conference table, the only thing set up in the room, and gabbed an envelope and a couple of files to give to Jessica.

"Check, and the five clients we promised." Andrea smiled brightly and handed it all over. Jessica smiled back at her.

"All five? Mr. Ross has only been here for a day." She looked to Mike.

"Well, the first three were fairly easy. Two were taken care of over the phone. Andrea handled the third and all of the paperwork. Then I saw a client when u got off the plane and another a couple of hours ago. All the paperwork is done and the firm is in twenty million for right now." Mike looked over instructions on how to put his desk together. "I've got a couple more clients I'm going to talk to as the week goes on." He started pulling things out of the boxes and Andrea moved to unwrap his couch and chairs.

Jessica was smiling and Kyle was a little dumbstruck.

"Very nice work, Michael. I think I did good in hiring our newest senior partner, don't you think, Kyle?" Jessica turned to the other man in the room. Kyle's face turned red.

"Senior partner?! But-"

"I have a couple of packages for a Mr. Ross." Mike looked over to where the delivery guy was looking around the office. "Whoa. Pretty big office, Man." Jessica took his clipboard and sighed for the packages and Mike came to take them. They were all from his clients and friends from Virginia.

"Thank you," he mumbled as he put them on the conference table.

The delivery guy nodded and left. Jessica watched as Mike got back to work.

"You're not going to open them?" She was a little interested. Kyle huffed and stormed out of the room.

"Maybe later when I've got all this work done. I've still got interviews and to put my office together. Thank you for stopping by to see me though." He gave Jessica a bright smile.

She shook her head. "Your name will be on your door by tomorrow." She turned and left. Andrea sighed and sat back on the nice, comfy couch.

"I want to be her."

Mike laughed. "Let's start small and help me with this before I do something wrong."

She got up, rolling her eyes. "Yes. You would fuck up something." She helped him put his desk together then they moved onto his bookshelf.

Donna came into the room. "Come on, Puppy. We have interviews to get through." Mike looked up and smiled at her.

"You're going with me? Have you already picked my house then?" He stood and pulled on his jacket.

"Yes, I have. Cozy little high-rise down the street. You're going to love it. And while we're away, your associate is going to help Harvey find furniture," she looked to Andrea. "Because he is hopeless. And some of the associates have agreed to put your office together to get in your good graces. Mostly because you've put Kyle in a sour mood with being senior partner and all." Andrea went off to help Harvey and Mike offered Donna his elbow.

"I don't think there is anyone I would rather go to the interview with anyway." He smiled at her and she hooked arms with him.

"Oh, I know."


Mike had gotten back to the office with Donna early. He had found his assistant. A younger woman with an attitude and ego that reminded him of Donna. She hadn't skipped a beat with the woman either. They were practically best friends by the end of the interview.

Mike knew he was in trouble when the woman wanted to be at work as soon as possible just so she could start running his life. Donna found herself in love. He'd stopped and gotten her late lunch so that she wouldn't get any ideas.

He stepped into his office and was a little amazed by how everything looked. He would have to know the names of these associates. They definitely were in his good graces. He placed some paperwork on his desk and went to go see them. He stopped by Andrea's desk first.

"How was furniture shopping, Wise?" She leaned against her cubicle wall.

She jumped and looked up at him. "Oh. Donna was right. Mr. Specter is hopeless when it comes to decorating a house. It's a really nice place though. Your keys and all the paperwork you need are on your desk. And your office is very well put together. Henry, Layla, and Jon did good work." The three associates lifted their heads at being mentioned and he smiled at them.

"Good work. I definitely couldn't have done it better myself." He turned back to Andrea. "Hey, where's Harvey's associate? Hail?"

Andrea rolled his eyes. "In the file room. Kyle caught him trying to help to put your office together and banished him away."

Mike tsked. "Well, that's just not going to work. He was helping me and he's Harvey's associate."

Andrea blushed. "Well, Kyle had Mr. Litt to back him up and we're kind of all stuck with too much work." She held up a very big stack of files. Mike rolled his eyes and took the stack.

"Anyone else have files Mr. Litt and Mr. Durant forced onto them?" Henry, Layla and Jon held up obscene stacks too and Jackson Hail, who was just returning from the file room looked like he was going to fall over with the box he was carrying. Mike shook his head. "Being them to my office." He walked away and Andrea grabbed up her own work to take into Mike's office so she could work on his insanely comfortable couch.

She kicked her heels off and sat on the couch with her feet under her butt. The other associates filed in and Mike took some of the files off of each of them as they grabbed seats.

"Now, don't ever expect this again and don't think of me as the 'cool partner Mike'. This is a one-time thing and that's only because I used to be all of you, only worse. I was Harvey's associate in the diabolical world of Louis. I'll do these files while you all do those and help Mr. Hail with that box. Understood?"

They all nodded and got to work. Mike sat at his desk and started reading through briefs. Someone's stomach howled after a minute and he picked up his phone to order Chinese. They were all very grateful associates

"Why did you leave? Three years ago?" Jon asked, lifting his head away from his lo mein to talk.

Mike pursed his lips. "I started a band. We were pretty good. Went on a world tour and everything." He forked some of his shrimp and broccoli. Andrea smiled a little.

"I call bullshit," Henry spoke up. Mike laughed.

"Good call." He pursed his lips. "Can I trust you all to keep a secret?" Andrea gave him a look and the others looked at each other before nodding at him. "Okay, but if you ever repeat this I retain the right to kill you." Their eyes widened. "Three years ago, I was recruited by the government to work for the company." He ate more of his food.

"The company? As in the CIA? Are you forreal?" Jackson took his turn to talk. Mike frowned at him.

"I don't think he's bullshitting us, man." Henry whispered.

"You know, the only reason I have this job is because my dad worked for the CIA also and was really good friends with Mike. Mike was working at a firm in Virginia, a really good one, and he took a chance on me for my dad. I owe him a lot." Andrea smiled at Mike.

"You don't owe me anything, Wise. Your dad was a great agent and you are a wonderful associate." Mike finished off his food. She blushed.

"So... Why don't you work there anymore?" Layla spoke up from her seat in one of Mike's chairs.

"A couple weeks ago, some shit went down and I took an early retirement. Enough questions. Get back to work. And know this, I like you lackeys. Repeat any of this to anyone and I will be dancing on your graves." He turned back to his files after they all gave their 'yes sirs'.

It took a few more hours and a lot of the work being taken by Mike, but they got it all done. He smiled as they thanked him and left. Andrea gave his head a kiss goodnight before taking the rest of the night off to meet with her sisters who lived in New York.

Mike finally got to open his packages from earlier. One was a speaker and an iPod from one of the partners back in Virginia. He smiled and put it on his shelf, playing a random song. It was some jazz piece. He liked it.

Another package was bigger and had a beautiful art work that had four different panels. He spent a minute finding a place and hanging it up.

The next gift was a gold plated Newton's Cradle. He sat that on the corner of his desk. The next couple of the gifts were all the same; expensive office decor that Mike would have to write thank you notes for. He was putting his last gift on his wall length shelf when there was a knock at the door. He turned quickly to see who it was.

"Oh! Harvey." He smiled and calmed down.

"I didn't mean to startle you. I just got from a meeting. I hear you caused quite a stir with Kyle and Louis already. Even saved my associate? A lot of work for your first day." He stepped in and had a seat at Mike's desk.

Mike smiled. "That's only the half of it. Besides, your associate looked like he was going to fall over from lugging that box of files around." He approached Harvey as the music changed to another jazz piece. He leaned against his desk. "You know I am sorry, Harvey. About disappearing. I guess I kind of needed that pointless mandatory therapy in a way. I felt so numb on the inside and I still kind of do. I realized a lot of things. One, I was a terrible CIA agent. Two, I'm not as good as reading people as I thought. Three, I am undeniably in love with you and I would kill for you, Harvey. I did. I ripped Randy apart with my bare hands when u thought he had killed you. I know it sounds dramatic and sappy, but I died on the inside at that moment. I'm just now coming back to life." He reached out and touched Harvey's cheek.

Harvey closed his eyes. "I feel the same way, Mike. When you left, I died. It took me all day today to remember that I could still breathe." He turned his head to kiss Mike's palm. Mike laughed.

"Damn, this is some sappy, poetic shit we're waxing."

Harvey smiled and pulled Mike into his lap. "And I'll only wax it with you." He kissed Mike softly. But then he remembered that they were in a office with glass walls and it was only nearing the end of the day.

Mike got off his lap then went over to lie on his new couch.

"Donna sure knows how to pick furniture. I can foresee myself falling asleep on this." He even felt himself fading then.

"I bet it is comfy, but how about we go see the place she picked out for us. She even hired designers to arrange the furniture your associate picked out for us." Harvey got up and came over to tug Mike up off the couch.

Mike grumbled. "Fine, but I have to get all my shit out of Wise's apartment." He forced his eyes open as he gathered up his stuff and turned off his music.

Harvey smiled. "Don't worry. All of that is done. Ray is waiting for us downstairs." Mike rolled his eyes and locked up his office. Kyle came up the hall, sneering at him.

"You doing the associate's work for them, Golden Boy? What do we pay them for, then?"

Mike looked up to the heavens, praying for patients. "I wasn't doing it for them. I was making sure it was done properly because there was no way they wouldn't make some kind of mistake with the uncalled for amount of work that you put on a few instead of spreading it out evenly because you're angry that I got hired as a senior partner while you got passed over." Harvey hand placed a hand in his forearm as he saw that Mike looked like he was going to rip the other guy's head off. Mike sighed. "Just get out of my face, Kyle. I'm too tired to deal with your shit." He walked off with Harvey.

When they got downstairs and walked over to the waiting town car, Harvey stopped him.

"You can't lose your cool, Mike. Don't let Kyle get to you. I've let Louis get under my skin one too many times, and it's not good. I'm not losing you again because you rip the guy's head off." Harvey stepped into his space.

Mike sighed and brought a hand up to straighten Harvey's tie. "I know. Thank you." He gave him a quick kiss before getting into the car, making Harvey grumble as he had to go around like he used to make Mike do. But as soon as he got it, he was smiling.

He took Mike's hand. Who said people don't get happy endings?

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