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31 October 1961 – Haunted

Molly Prewett bit her lip nervously, glancing over her shoulder down the dark corridor, and grabbed Arthur Weasley's elbow. He stopped and looked down at her. "Do you really think it's haunted, Arthur?"

He frowned and held a finger to his lips. She gulped and nodded.

"Quiet, you two!" hissed Emmeline Vance. She and Tom McKinnon were leading the way to the steps of the Astronomy tower. It was midnight, well past curfew, but they had talked Molly into coming with them on what Tom called "an expedition" to find the ghost that supposedly haunted the Astronomy tower—the only ghost at Hogwarts that no student had ever met.

Molly tiptoed forward, still clinging to Arthur's elbow. She was beginning to wish that she'd stayed in the common room; it was terribly dark and creepy up here when it wasn't time for class. Arthur looked around at her, confused, and Molly quickly released him.

"Okay," said Tom, stopping by the door to the staircase. "This is it. The ghost lives right here."

"It doesn't live anywhere," Molly corrected him, and Emmeline elbowed her.

"Let's go," Arthur said eagerly.

All four of them drew their wands. Molly stood nervously behind Arthur and Emmeline, chewing her lip as Tom flung the door open with a bang.

Nothing was there.

"Let's go up," Emmeline whispered.

Moving as a unit, pressed against each other out of fear, they began to creep up the stairs to the parapet where they usually had their Astronomy lessons. Molly kept glancing over her shoulder, convinced that at any moment, something was going to swoop out of the darkness and grab them.

"It's locked," said Tom's voice from just up ahead. It seemed he had run into the door to the parapet. "Anyone know how to unlock it?"

They all looked to Molly, who—though of course she knew how to unlock a door—frowned severely. "I think we should go back to the common room," she said. "We'll be in enough trouble as it is being out this late without getting caught out of bounds."

"Come on, Molly," Emmeline said, tugging her sleeve. "It's just a bit of fun for Halloween!"

"I don't want to be here!" Molly told her, and she pushed past Emmeline and Arthur, scurrying back down the spiral staircase and out into the long, dark corridor. She ran so quickly that she was nearly at the Fat Lady in a matter of minutes, but the faster she moved, the more certain she was that she was being chased by the ghost. She could practically feel it touching the back of her neck with long, ice-cold fingers—and quite suddenly, she was lying on her back on the carpeted floor, with all the wind knocked out of her.

Professor McGonagall stood over her, one eyebrow arched. "Miss Prewett." Molly gulped. "What do you think you are doing?"

"Er—I, uh," Molly stammered, scrambling to her feet. "I was—"

"Molly, there you are!" She turned. Emmeline had appeared just behind her, and she was grimacing and holding her stomach in a most peculiar way. "Oh, you found Professor McGonagall," said Emmeline.

"Miss Vance?" asked Professor McGonagall, looking suspiciously between the two girls.

"Professor, I'm sorry we're out of bed," Emmeline said, batting her eyelashes, "But I think I might've eaten too much at the feast. I've got a dreadful stomachache, and I wondered if you would let me go to the hospital wing. Molly said she'd run and fetch you, but she didn't come back after a little while, and I got worried."

Molly's jaw hung open. Then she looked up at Professor McGonagall, unable to speak.

McGonagall was eyeing them both very closely, but at that moment, Emmeline gave a very theatrical groan, and she was forced to accept this version of events. "Very well, Miss Vance, come along. Back to bed, Miss Prewett," she ordered.

Molly stood rooted to the spot, unable to move as they disappeared around the corner. She hurried off in the opposite direction, gave the password to the Fat Lady at the end of the next corridor, and dashed into the common room. Arthur and Tom were both in armchairs around the fireplace, laughing hysterically.

"Oh, hi, Molly!" Arthur said enthusiastically. "All right? Emmeline get you out of trouble?"

"We heard McGonagall catch you when we were sneaking back in," Tom explained.

Then they both fell silent, staring at her with wide, terrified eyes. Molly was glaring between them furiously, her arms folded tightly. "Don't you ever try to get me or Emmeline to sneak out of our dormitory again!" she barked. "The two of you nearly got us both in real trouble, just because you heard some silly story about the Astronomy tower being haunted and wanted to scare us, too!"

Tom's fear evaporated instantly as he burst into laughter, but Arthur still looked petrified at this sudden explosion. Turning her nose in the air, Molly marched away up the girls' stairs without a backward glance.