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Damon POV

Karma's a bitch. I guess I deserve this after all the terrible things I've done to people, to Elena.

At this moment my brother has locked me in the cellar so I don't try and take off my ring again. I told Stefan to keep this from Elena. I don't need her feeling sorry for me.

Oh god I can actually feel myself weakening. Fucking pathetic. I hear footsteps and look through the bars to find Stefan.

"Come to harass me again brother?" I say while attempting to smirk.

"No I came to let you out, only if you promise not to take off your ring."

I take time to think about his offer. Fuck it. It's not like I'm gonna live through this anyway.

"Okay. I promise." I just want to go lay down in my bed. That's not a bad place to die.

Stefan unlocks the cellar door and opens it. He walks over to me, sporting a serious face that I've only seen back in 1864.

"Thank you for not letting me rot in here Stefan. Very kind of you." I say, pulling myself up to stand.

"You are not going to die Damon. I'm going to find you a cure. I'm headed to Bonnie's house to see what she found out."

"Whatever you say, brother." I say before speeding to my room.

I know he means well but I doubt he'll find a cure. I'm going to die soon, I've sadly accepted it. I climb into my oh-so comfortable bed and slowly drift to sleep, my mind on one person; Elena Gilbert.

Elena POV

The school day is finally over. As I'm walking towards my car I see Stefan.

"Hey, is everything ok?" I say as I pull him in for a hug. He wasn't at school today, said he had things to do but wouldn't tell me what it was.

"Yeah everything's fine." He responds not looking at me. "I'm just on my way to see Bonnie; I need to ask her something."

"Oh ok. Well I'll just catch up with you later then" I know he's hiding something but I won't push him.

"Yeah sure you will. Bye." He says before leaving. I couldn't help but notice the sad look on his face.

I hop in my car and drive home thinking about what it is exactly that Stefan is keeping from me.

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