The day had just broken and the sun was just visible over the horizon. A fresh new day was starting for Lacey. She had just woken up and was getting ready for her first day at a new school. I wonder what this place will be like, she thought to herself. "Lacey dear, it's time for breakfast," her mother called. "Coming mom, I just have to finish up something," she replied. Finally, she walked down the stairs with her long green hair flowing behind her, like a grassy plain on a windy day. She enjoyed the morning sun more then she ever did.

"Oh, look at the time," her mother exclaimed. "Time for you to head out for school sweetie," her mother said as she shoved Lacey out the door. The walk to school was a long and lonely one. Walking by herself wasn't something she was a stranger to, she did it all the time in middle school. Walking a little further she felt something hit against her neck, it was the yin yang necklace given to her long ago; she looked at it with a smile. As she took one last look at it, her mood suddenly picked up. She was happy to be in a new town and to be going to a new school. Looking forward with a smile, her eyes had a shimmer to them because of the morning sun. It was as if she found a new determination; She could finally see the school in sight and her new life was about to start.

She walked into the office and was directed to her classroom. It was a senior class, class 4, and the teacher's name was Mrs. Na. She seemed to be a nice enough teacher, but also seemed to be the kind of person that wouldn't take nonsense. "Alright class, we have a new student, give her your attention and respect," Mrs. Na said. "Um, hello my name is Lacey and I come from the world of the gods." The world of the gods and the world of the demons has been opened, and some choose to live among humans and interact with them. "I hope we all can be friends," said Lacey. "Alright class, if you have any questions ask them now," said Mrs Na. Lacey glanced across the room to answer any questions. Looking over all the students in the class, she noticed someone that looked oddly familiar. No, it couldn't be, she thought to herself. "Alright Lacey, take your seat," said Mrs. Na. She did as she was instructed and sat down in the only available seat behind a girl with short orange hair with a red bow. Wow, she's pretty, Lacey thought to herself.

After class was over, a few people came to her. "Hi there, my name is Kaede, and this is Rina and Sia. Kaede was the individual with orange hair that Lacey sat behind. Rina had long blue hair that was tucked behind her long ears. Cya had long red hair. "Hi there, it's a pleasure to meet all of you," Lacey said.

After school, Lacey decided to go home and rest after her first day. She said goodbye to everyone and headed on her way. On her way home, she thought about everything that had happened. Could that of really been her? she thought to herself as she walked in her house. "How was your first day," her mother asked. "Good, kind of restless but, at least it was interesting," Lacey replied. "Interesting, how," her mother asked. "I thought I saw someone I recognized today in my class," she replied. "That is interesting," said her mother. Now that it was night time,it was relaxing to feel the cool twilight breeze after a long day. "Alright, time for bed Lacey, or you won't get up tomorrow!" her mother yelled from down stairs,"Alright, good night, and see you in the morning," shouted Lacey back. She laid there in her bed wondering what the next day would bring. She soon drifted off into a deep sleep, smiling "Tomorrow will be the start of a wonderful friendship" she said with her last breath before falling asleep.