At the beginning of the day Lacey woke up from a wonderful dream of the time a a child with Sia. "I wonder what today's going to be like with the gang." she said. Lacey woke up earlier then usual. Well, might as well get up and get dressed and enjoy breakfast. She thought to herself. She got up and started getting ready. She looked at the choker and smiled. The gift from all those years ago had a shimmer to it this morning. She grabbed the choker and finally put it on. TIme to start another day. She thought as she walked down the stairs and to the kitchen.

She looked through the refrigerator, looking for a good breakfast. Her mother was still sleeping, she worked on breakfast every morning. "I'll let her sleep in today she deserves it. Lacey grabbed the eggs and bacon out of the refrigerator. She fixed herself a good breakfast and her mother one for when she woke up.

The sun hadn't risen yet. The sky was so dark that it seemed unimaginable that the sky ever had any life at all. I wonder she thought to herself as she was putting her mother's breakfast on a plate and set it on the plate. Lacey wrote a note that read, "Morning mom, here's some breakfast. I'm heading out to see the sunrise. I'll be back in a few minutes, Love Lacey." With that she headed out the door and headed to a nearby field to see the sunrise.

The field still had the morning dew on the blades of grass. The blades of grass were a light brown color because of the season. The field had few trees which allowed someone in the field to see all the way across. Lacey kept her eyes on the horizon and waited to see what would happen. She waited and waited. Finally, she could see a glimpse of light peak over the horizon. With this light the clouds had a very pretty orange-red tent to it. The sun rose steadily across the morning sky. Wow so beautiful she thought as she watched. Finally the sun came completely out of the horizon. The light was warm and soothing. Lacey stood in the field letting the light of the sun hit her skin. "Wow that was amazing." She said while walking back to the house.

She walked thorough her front door to see her mother sitting at the table enjoying the breakfast that she had left. "Morning mom, how'd you sleep?" Lacey said. "Good, thank you for the breakfast that was a wonderful surprise." her mother replied. "Well, sorry I can't stick around and talk longer but I need to head to school before I'm late.," said Lacey. Her mother glanced at the clock and smiled. " Time flies, Alright then have a good day and I'll see you at the end of the day," her mother replied.

Lacey grabbed her bag and headed out the door with a smile on her face. She walked down the street humming a tune that she learned when she was little. As she walked further and further toward the school her mood changed to an even happier one if that was even possible. She finally made it to the grounds of the school and was excited to start the day.

She walked into her classroom to the usual morning chatter. As usual she saw her friends standing in the corner of the room talking about the days plans and catching up on what had happened the previous night. Lacey walked over and said hi to everyone. "What are the plans for today?" she said. "We haven't decided quit yet we'll think of something before the day is over," replied Sia. "Alright, well actually, I came to tell you that I'm not going to be able go with all of you today," said Lacey. The group looked shocked and was curious as to the reason that she could not join them. Lacey was still required to join a club. She was going to check out the cooking club because she always wanted to know how to cook. This way she could help her mother around the house.

The door to the classroom flung open. As usual it was Ms. Na coming in to start the day. "Alright class butts in seats," she said, as she did every morning. The lesson was over the literature of the samurai era. This seemed to be the theme of the lessons for the week.

Finally the class was over and it was time to head off to any other activities. "Well guys, I'll see you later," said Lacey as she was heading out the door. "See you later Lacey, hey stop by my house on your way back to your place," replied Sia. "We'll be waiting on you, now go have some fun and enjoy yourself," said Rina. "Will do," Lacey replied as she walked out the door towards the cooking club. Lacey went walking down the hall till she saw a room with the label "Cooking Club" written above it. Well, this is it time to see what this is like she thought to herself as she opened the door.

She opened the door slowly and found that a girl that seemed to be the same age if not a year older standing by a sink preparing ingredients for what appeared to be a dessert. "Um excuse me," said girl turned in her direction and smiled. "Oh hi there," she said in a sweet tone of voice. "I'm here because I have an interest in the cooking club," she replied. "What do you know how to cook?" the other girl asked curiously. "Oh excuse me, where are my manners? My name is Asa Shigure, I'm the head of the cooking club." Lacey smiled and said "It's nice to meet you, my name is Lacey, I would like to join the cooking club because I've always wanted to learn how to cook." Asa looked back at her and smiled. "I'd be honored to have you as part of the club." Lacey was relieved to find that the head of the cooking club was so nice. "Well, I'm almost done with todays recipe so how bout you come back tomorrow and we'll start something simple together," she said. "Alright sounds good," Lacey replied. With that Lacey left the room and headed for Sia's house.

Lacey began walking towards the house. She had a nice walk enjoying the sunset. She began walking down a flight of stairs just before the street where Sia lived. Lacey's mind began to wander and out of the far corners of her mind a distant memory emerged. She remembered that she was a little girl no older then the age of seven. She was enjoying a beautiful day. She also someone standing over her with a smile on his face. This figure was her father. That night her father had to go to the human world on a business trip of some kind. She remembered that he left with a kiss and a promise. "I'll play with you all day when I get back," he said. As he did every time he left. A few days passed and she was playing in the yard of her home. She was told to come into the house by her mother. "Sweetie, your father died in an accident yesterday" Lacey remembers the sentence vividly. Suddenly Lacey came back to herself and began crying heavily. Before she could even make it to tell Sia she ran all the way home.

The front door swung open and her mother said, " Welcome home sweet," her mother couldn't even finish her sentence before she was interrupted by the sound of a bedroom door slamming.