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He was whistling. The damn, infuriating pirate would not stop whistling!

"Hey," Emma barked, "put a stopper in it!"

"You know you want me, Swan..." he responded sensuously, gripping a bar of his prison with his one good hand. His other...appendage was missing. Emma had it locked away in her desk.

"Shut up," she growled, eyeing the holster on her side. Her gun was looking mightily friendly.

"You desire me...you may have stolen my hook...but I assure you...I have other attachments that you may find...pleasing." Hook grinned, winking. His blue eyes were unsettling. Emma rolled her eyes, trying to forget the sight of him sitting naked in her apartment. Thank God he was now in a borrowed pair of jeans and baggy t-shirt.

I'm going to burn that couch in gasoline when I get home. "Keep smiling, buddy," Emma retorted, fighting back the desire to rip her gun off her side and fire it in his direction. "Because you're not getting out anytime soon... Breaking into my apartment and stripping was not a good idea. I'm keeping you in here for life if possible." Hook laughed, remembering full well what had gone down nearly an hour ago.

"Admit it—you enjoyed seeing me stark naked, Swan."

She decided to ignore him.

"So you're ignoring me now?" Hook chuckled, flashing her one of his dazzling smiles.

Emma took a sip of her coke. Ruby had brought dinner a few minutes ago.

"While you sit there silently...think of me...my naked body...your naked body...on that couch..." Emma choked, coke going out her nose. "Imagine all the things I could do with you on your back, love."

Throwing the coke so that it hit the glass wall of her office and exploded, Emma fumbled to get her gun out. "I'm going to shoot you," she said, murderous.

"Oh please," Hook cracked back just as she hefted the gun. There was a loud, ringing gunshot, and he froze. She'd actually fired—five feet to his left. "Well...holy shit," Hook murmured, running a hand through his hair. But he wasn't deterred. "I like a woman who knows how to handle dangerous weapons. Think you could handle mine?" He indicated with his eyes his lower pelvic area.

Another shot fired.

Hook had no idea where she'd fired, but he broke out into laughter, holding his arms out to give her a clear target. "The next time you break into my apartment, I'm shooting you. Do you understand me, Hook?" Emma snarled, voice dark.

"Emma, what the hell is going on?" Ruby's voice yelled from down the hall. She'd heard the gunshots and come running into the station.

"Let's just say I'm making Hook dance," Emma bellowed back.

Ruby broke out into mad laughter from down the hall. She knew of Hook's unholy obsession with Emma. He'd been dogging her for the past few weeks. She'd been serving Emma in the diner on one occasion. It had involved Hook dumping Henry's sundae in Emma's face, him licking half of it off her, before fleeing out the back door.

Poor Henry was now scarred for life.

"You two have fun!"

"Oh we are!" Hook shouted back, sending Emma sexual messages with his movements. "Put the gun down, love?"

"How did you get into my apartment?"

Hook raised a handsome eyebrow. "I'm a pirate. You really think there's nothing I can't do? You should see me in bed." The gun, which had slowly been lowered, swung back into place. "Stop fighting it, Swan," Hook said with a sigh, finally becoming serious now that the gun was pointed at his face.

"Stop fighting what?" Emma tossed her hair back.

"I could take you away from here—teach you how to sail on my ship... Your fiery spirit would make for a fun adventure..."

"Go to hell."

Hook shrugged. "I've been there, love. The devil threw me out. Now...may I have my clothes back?"

Emma lowered the gun, placing it back in her holster.

"They're still at my apartment, where you left them."

"How about we go back and get them?" Hook gave her a crooked grin.

Ignoring him, Emma took a towel from one of her back cabinets and proceeded to wipe up the coke explosion.

"You know I won't give up, Swan."

"Give up on what?"

"Making you mine. This is far from over. Unlock the cell and let me show you what I can do." When she didn't answer, he started whistling "Yo, Ho, Ho, and a Bottle of Rum".

Emma groaned in irritation before slapping herself in the head.

It was going to be a long day.

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