Chapter 1 Enter Fusionfall

A green colored teenage boy and girl walked by a deserted location. Most of the land had been ravaged by vicious green goo and monsters. The year was 2013, but it felt like it was 2010 again. That was when the fusions attack began.

3 years, Two months until invasion

"Hey, Ty" said a 9 year old girl running up to a boy her age. Ty Dasher was a 9 year old boy with spiky black hair and emerald green eyes. "What is it veronica", said a very annoyed Ty. Veronica Salisbury was the 4th most popular girl at Pokey Oaks elementary school. She was also the 3rd prettiest girl in the school. The three popular girls in pokey oaks were Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup. The two prettiest girls at school were Blossom and Bubbles, Buttercup didn't like titles like that… Anyway it was very peaceful day at downtown pokey oaks and Ty and veronica were relaxing on his mom's front yard porch. "I was going to say I've been seeing this weird green star every day I look outside with my telescope", Said veronica. Ty just rolled his eyes at her. Veronica was what you called a "Survivalist". But that was just another term meaning that survivalists were just people overreacting about everything! Last month veronica had reported a small leak in the girls bathroom and had said: "The bathroom will flood!" this made the janitor spend about 5 hours in the girls bathroom fixing the pipe that was leaking. "I'm sure there's just something wrong with your telescope ", said Ty Veronica looked at him like he was an idiot." you have to make sure you take every safety precaution possible!" Ty rolled his eyes "sure I'll believe you when an invasion happens!"

3 years, 1 month until invasion

After 1 month veronica was still persistent on trying to get anyone to believe that the green star she had saw was getting closer to the earth. She tried going to tech square to convince none other than Dexter himself to believe her. But Dexter like everybody refused to believe her. He had said exactly these words:" You're as crazy as my sister DeeDee! Dexbot escort her out of here!" There was only one person who would believe her the smartest of the three Ed's, Edd or as everyone else called him, Double D. Edd had also seen the "Green Star" and believed it could cause the end of ..."All life on planet earth as we know it!" every hero, kid, teen, and even Ty knew that the idea of all life ending because of a stupid green star was…Insane! Ty felt bad for what veronica might feel when the whole end of the world wouldn't happen…..

3 years, 30 seconds until invasion

On a distant planet which was approaching rapidly to planet earth a large figure loomed in the darkness. Just then a creature approached it "begin the attack my lord…" ,said a giant green glob. The leader of the planet smiled at the monster. Wait until our enemies are weak in their defense. A countdown began on a large screen 29 seconds….28…27…26 … a stream of fighter jets streamed at the planet. A green monster with wings showed up behind the figure." My lord fuse, should we shoot them down", Said the monster. Fuse grinned at the monster.13…12…11… 10 …9…8 "shoot them down", said fuse. "And add some fusion blood into their bodies to make them my servants!" 5…4….3…2…1! The invasion had begun….

For now, this is Supersonic 46!thanks for reading!