Miku's Vegetable Juice Infomercial (Listen to Po Pi Po while reading this. It's lots of fun!)

Male announcer: Has this ever happened to you?

*shows person in grocery store aisle*

Person: There are so many to choose from! What should I get!? This is so frustrating! *person rips out hair*

Male announcer: Well, now, there's the perfect vegetable juice for YOU!

Person: There is?

Male announcer: Well of course there is! And it's called Po Pi Po! Made by Miku Hatsune!

Person: Po Pi Po? That doesn't seem any better than the other juices!

Male announcer: Here are a couple reasons why Po Pi Po is better than the others:

1. It only costs 2 dollars!

2. It'll agree with you.

3. It's light bodied! (What does that even mean?!)

4. It's bursting with life!

5. And it has this great theme song!

*plays Po Pi Po by Miku Hatsune*

Person: What the heck?

*shows Kaito flying across the screen with the vegetable juice in his pants*

Male announcer: Okay, that's enough of that! So look for Po Pi Po where vegetable juices are sold! I recommend the green juice! Here are some feedback from happy customers buying Po Pi Po!

*Len and Rin pop up*

Len: So...yeah. Po Pi Po is making Rin even happier than she always is!



*cuts to Luka*

Luka: So I can say anything and I'll be on T.V.?

*cuts to Gakupo*

Gakupo: I love you Luka!

*cuts to Meiko*

Meiko: Yeah. Beer is good. *screaming at her in the background* OHHH. This isn't a beer commercial?

*shows picture of Miku hugging Po Pi Po.*

Warning: Drinking Po Pi Po may cause mood swings.

So, I figured this would be a fun thing to write, and I sort of did it play-style. Someone should do a cosplay video of this! :)