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Chapter 1: Night Night!

"Hn~!" She drew back from the lence of her telescope. And with a few strokes of her pencil, she was done. Her scetch of her planaitary 'discovery' complete for the month.

"Ah! I drew it better than before!" The pride could be heard in the inhumanly brilliant girl. She closed her book. She placed her telescope in the house, smiling brightly. Erio Tōwa, clenched onto her astronomy sketchbook close to her chest. A bright smile on her face, she dashed to Makoto's room. "Itoko?" She asked peeking her head in his doorway.

He was layed up on his bed, curled around the few Esper studies books pilled on his futon. On his arm remained a faint scar from the festival...

Placing her book on his desk, she sat beside him on his bed. Leaning over him she pushed a finger into his cheek. "Poke Poke." He groaned and turned over a bit. He muddered something under his breath. She smiled a bit. "Oyasumi." She whispered about to leave when she felt the weight of his head on her lap, and his arms around her waist. "Eh? E-he!" He face going dark pink. As his snuggled his head to her belly.

"I-itoko, you have to let go! Itoko!" She pleaded in a low slightly startled voice. He shifted but didn't stur. She calmed a bit, realizing he was unware of his actions. He pulled her closer till she was lying on his bed with him.

Her face wwas centimeters from his. Her deep blue eyes studied every curve of his face, much like they had when she first 'saw' him. His breath caressing her face. She moved her face closer to his, ducking her head rested against his chest. 'Doki Doki, Doki Doki, thub-dub, thub-dub.' She listened to his heart beat. 'He's so warm.' She hummed being lulled to sleep by the warm embraced. Blush still live on her cheeks, she clenched his shirt as she was drawn closer.

"Oyasumi Makoto Niwa-kun." She whispered in the dark of the room.

Makoto groaned as a flash disturbed his peaceful sleep, he felt so comfortable, so warm and cozy, he didnt care to wake up for the day. But if that flashing didn't stop-! "Fufufu~!" He hearded, he hadn't a fully a conscious thought as to why the voice made him so uneasy. "Puh~! I cant believe he's cheating! Boo! Mako-chi hidoi!" A came a girlish whine.

Wait! What the-!

His eyes shot open, like lighting. And at his door frame with an camera in hand was his 'Dear' aunt, Meme Tōwa. "Aahh!" He yelped jumping back banging his head against his head board. "Itai!" He reached for his head when he realized his arms were blocked. Looking down he notice his 'bedmate'.

Erio's head was on his chest, their legs tangled together, his arms around her waist. Her arms around his neck, he noticed her mouth was open as she breathed her head snug under his chin. "Uh huh um-!" He couldn't say anything intellegable, her knee brushed up against his inner thigh. His face lite up like a flare.

Meme grew a creepy grin. "Oh~! Fufufu! Does this mean she's the heroin of your harem now?" He looked up at his tease of an Aunt. Eyes wide and face on fire. She snaped her fingers, and pouted childishly. "Che. Well at least I lost to my Kawaii Eri-chan! But don't think I've given up Ma-kun!" She scurried from his room with an insane chackle.

As Meme left, Makoto focused on Erio. Her hair glited with the light for the sun from his window. Her pale skin which was tanning ever so slightly day by day was stunning. Her plush pink lips moving with every breath she took... His heart raced fasted than he ever remembered it, what was her suppost to do?!

After all hormones are apart of Adolecnce... Right?

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