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Chapter 2: Obviously Avoiding

Sunlight asulted her eyelids, bring her to reality. She put her arm over her eyes to block the direct light. She began to shift pulling the Futon over her body she sighed in content. When she openend her eyes, she realised she wasn't in her room. She was in Makoto's room, rapped in his futon but different than her usual entanglement.

Her dazzedly sleepy expression became a embarassed pout, she hide her face in his futon. Looking around she noticed he was in the room. She made her way to the hall way looking around she listen for the sounds of anyone. She heard nothing. 'He must have gone to school.' She nodded. 'Which means Mama is at work.'

Eh! W-work! Granny!

She tossed off the cover. And dashed to her room, stumbling more than half the way. She took a quick bath, and dressed her self with yellow blouse, white kaprees, and yellow sandles.

After about twenty minutes of jogging she made it to Granny's Shop. She stopped to catch her breathe still panting. She slid back the door, setting off the Alarm. She walked to Granny's room. "Granny, I'm here. I'm sorry that I'm late!" She bowed at the waist, apologizing the second she walked in.

Tamura watched her with a smirk set on her lips. "Erio-chan, whats your alibi?" Erio stood straight, taking her place sitting beside Grannies side. Her cheeks pink with embaressment. The elder woman's smirk didn't help. "Forgive me! I-I overslept and -!" The growl of her stomach interupted her, her face now resemble a Cherry. Tamura cackled at her. "Let me guess you rushed her after you realised?"

Erio nodded bashfully, blush and pouting she refused to meet Tamura's gaze. "Gomenasai!" She mubbled. Tamura snickered. "Well it can't be helped." She stood up and made her way to the door, looking back at Erio she called out. "Come on lil space case. We'll get you some Ramen from the Store, just don't make it a habit of skipping meals!" She scolded. "Hai, Granny!" She jumped up saluting, following suit.

Makoto sat in his desk, gazing out the window by his seat. A small breeze blew past swaying his spiky brown hair. His sea green eyes skyward, his eyes stray to the glittering of the sun reflecting the pool. Just reminding him of a certain Silvery-Bluenett head soon face. His face felt warm. He barried his nose in the crook of his arm.

'I'm a pervert.' He figured dejectedly. He was embarressed about it yes but not apalled by it at all. 'Then again what reason, should I be? Siblings take baths together, all we did was sleep in the same bed.' He reasoned, feeling better.

'You enjoyed it more than you should have!' The little voice in the back of his mind said. He deflated again, twice as depressed as before. He sighed and leaned back in his chair, scratching his cheek. 'I have to do something,' "I odviously can avoid her." He mummured, he couldn't stay away if he tryed. He smiled.

His head made a sound thump as it make contact with his desk. 'I'm an Ass! I didn't take her to work this morning! God knows what happened!' He ignored the questioning looks he got for it.

Class carried on, only two people actually concerned about the self-abusing transfer student. Maekawa sat back found it about amusing, Ryuuko was worried.


That was going to leave a bruise.

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