Burning Fire

A Hunger Games Fanfiction
Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins
'What should have happened and what should have been put into more depth.'


My name is Katniss Everdeen, I've survived two games and won a rebellion, I was once the face of the insurgence, the Mockingjay. There is only one thought what never seems to come together: my love for Peeta. My daily life hasn't changed much since I returned to 12. All I do these days is sit on the couch and stare at the fire that Sae builds up for me each evening. Haymitch comes around now and then but whenever he does, he's just as drunk as usual, which creates for not pleasant company.

One evening when both of us were seated in front of the fire, warming our hands around freshly boiled tea that Sae had so gratefully done for us, he brought up a particularly familiar name. Peeta.

"He misses you, you know?" He says after drawing a long sip from his tea. I didn't respond to him, just kept my eyes on the blazing red flames that licked up the fireplace and ate greedily at the logs. "Katniss…" he began, for once using my real name instead of 'sweetheart.' "You need to start getting out again, eating… sitting here isn't going to change anything."

"And what? You know how I feel? You know what's going through my head right now?" It seemed like my voice had been found and now I sat there with my cup abandoned on the coffee table and tears welling up in my eyes.

He sighed and took in my appearance. My clothes hadn't been washed in weeks and to think about it, neither had I. I had barely eaten in the past few months, only a couple of bites here and there to give Sae some peace.

"No, I don't know, Katniss because you never let anyone in!" he yelled back, louder than my volume. Haymitch stood up abruptly and turned to leave when the door burst open and a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes stood there, wide eyed.

"What is going on in here?" Peeta questioned, glancing worriedly at me briefly. "You can hear you guys from the other side of the Victor Village."

I stood up and pulled a blanket securely around my shoulders. "I'm going to bed."

A hand clamped down on my shoulder as I turned to walk away. "Sweetheart, you should let Peeta in for a few minutes. After all, it is pretty chilly out there."

I shrugged out of the embrace and continued walking, taking one step at a time. "Fine, make yourself at home, Peeta." I added, before disappearing into the safety of my bedroom.

Downstairs voices continued, the voice of Peeta and then a door slamming and several pairs of boots on the patio, disappeared into the night.

I stood up from the bed and peered out the window, watching as the boy with the bread continued to his own house, stopping only once to peer up into the window that looked into her bedroom, before disappearing into the warmness of his house. I imagined the smell of his freshly baked bread and the texture of the still warm substance melting in my mouth as the kitchen light was switched on. The memory was broken when the other door in the Victor Village was closed and Haymitch made his way into his own home once again.

The house was eerie and quiet as usual as I danced down the steps to retrieve a glass of water. Momentarily I was blinded as the light flickered on and lit up the benches, cupboards, stoves and cooking equipment in the kitchen. I trailed my fingers along the bench tops, as I stepped towards the sink. My eyes saw unseeingly at the floor as I was lost in my own whirlwind of thoughts.

Peeta's face, his lean yet muscular body, his lovely blue eyes, his sandy blonde hair, his easy but convincing smile and his honesty that always told me he was telling the truth. I know somewhere in me I love him, I really do. I know that now, but I don't know if it can ever go back to the way it was; back to the time where Peeta and I loved each other and would fight off the nightmares together.

My hands brushed over a texture that was unlike the smooth yet rough surface off the bench. This texture was smooth and pure. It slipped across the bench at the slight bump off my fingers.

I glanced at the material that my fingers had just discovered and picked up, feeling the paper slip between my fingers. It fell back onto the bench, before I retrieved it once more.

My eyes trailed across the white side, where in neat, cursive, controlled writing was written, Katniss. Just from that single word, I knew who those letters would be written from.

Skimming over the words, I read it out loud to myself.


It hurts me to see how what has happened in the past, has come between us. I'm so, very sorry that it has. I wish we could change the past or because that's impossible, I wish we could change the way things are now.

I love you, Katniss, I always have. Even through the hijacking, my feelings have never changed for you. If anything, they've grown stronger.

If you ever want me in the future, you know where to find me.

Yours always,