Of daisy petals and rose thorns

Chapter 1


I feel like there's nothing left I feel like a skeleton so I vow to never ever fall in love again but for some strange reason I find that impossible.

She hurt me I thought joss loved me she married me for god sakes we had a daughter together and then she cheats on me I mean really how else is a guy like me supposed to act when your wife of five years cheats on your well done choosing a wife McCoy you're an idiot I think as I slam my head to my palms in woe then I see a sign doctors needed for star fleet federation only needing four years at star fleet academy so that's my ticket to a new life I already studied medicine I was an earth doctor before I quit to suffer in this woe and pain so maybe I can help others instead of crying about my bones ya know I like that since that's all she left me was my Bones yep here goes nothing

Two days later

Oh god I think I'm gonna be sick why do I have to ride a shuttle I hate those things! I sit next to a kid named Jim and we talk a while when I see this girl sitting near him she's real pretty but he acts like such a jerk man I wish I knew her name I love her long hair and her perfect chocolate legs wow maybe she helps make me forget where I am oh god I'm still gonna throw up wait did she just say her name Uhura… Uhura… wow I'm so slow that's a beautiful name she has maybe I should ask her out for a drink sometime since we're ya know going to the same college