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"Mr. Frodo, come back!" I call to you

But you just keep on going

I know you heard me call your name

So why do you keep on rowing?


You won't get away that easily

You must have known it's true

You can keep on rowing

But I'll come out to you


"Go back, Sam!" you call

"You know you can't swim!"

You must know I'll try anyway

Though the situation is grim


Hard as I try to get to you

I go under in the end

But hope dies hard in this stubborn heart

So a hand to you I extend


It doesn't help my situation

No matter how I twist

But I know that you'll come through for me

And you grab onto my wrist


When you pull me into the boat

I'm soaking from head to toe

But it's definitely all worth it

Because I know you could never let me go


I tell you I've made a promise

A promise I mean not to break

You look at me. "Oh, Sam!" you say

And your voice begins to shake


You take my wet body in your arms

And hold me very tight

Never in my entire life

Has an embrace ever felt so right


So together we set out

And though our future is unknown

You can hold firm to the fact that you

Will never be alone

----------------------------- -----------------------------