Before reading please note that I am updating the chapters one at a time. The story will be complete soon.


Chapter 1 "A new start"

Hello. My name is Steven Robertson. This is the start of my new life here in New York City. I kind of keep to my self sometimes, but that could change at any moment. I work at this hotel on one of the streets in New York. Its called "The tower" its a pretty nice hotel not only that I get paid a great amount for being the manager. Every morning to work I stop by the local Starbucks to get a cup of black coffee, and it's really good. Today is when the CEO of the hotel comes to see how everybody is doing their job. I'm a little nervous about this considering I just got the job about a month ago, but anyways I dressed in my best suit so I could try, and make an impression. I walk into the tower front doors greeted by the door man Harry. He is one of the co workers I talk to almost every morning as I said the CEO is stopping by today I'm taking a guess that everybody would be trying to make an impression today. After walking into the doors the smell of flowers. I then continue walking to my office were I do the paper work of the guest check in, and out along with making sure the customers here are happy. We are getting busy do to the fact its almost Christmas. I have my laptop and I pull it out of my bag sit it on my desk, and turn it on. I just love that Apple sound when it turns on. Anyways while waiting for that to turn on I walk to the front desk to see if I have any other papers to do. They woman at the front desk I have gotten to know her. I have to say she is a really nice person. She always in a positive mood, and she can carry on a conversation even though there isn't anything to talk about. "Hey Rachel hows your morning so far?" She turns around to look at me. I study her facial features like she is the most beautiful girl in the world. Next thing I know she is snapping her finger at me saying "Steven Steven you there". "oh yea sorry". She giggles a little. "Anyways my morning is going great! So hows yours?" I think up a response quick. "ugh pretty good." Ok well great, and also you don't have any papers for today, but I think there is a few papers on your desk. She tells me. "Ok well I guess I will talk to you later". I wave to her then turn around to walk back to my desk. I sit down in my chair, and pull up Yahoo!. I like Google more, but Yahoo! has all the news. I scroll through the slides on the webpage. The second scroll my eye immediately jump on to read the title for this one article. "Virus spreading faster then any before". I click the link, and read the article. I don't read the whole thing only the bold parts of it to save time. "Virus spreading faster then any virus before"..."4 people "killed" from the virus". I stop reading there and notice the killed in parenthesis. That just kind of freaks me out. I continue reading. "so far the known side effects are pain through out the body, can get dizzy, skin turning white, also the heart can beat erratically". I note to myself those are the so far known side effects. I click the back button to be on the home page, and exit Safari. I open the application installed on my computer to do all of my work for the tower on. I click on todays date look at my day. The first thing is obviously "CEO IS COMING TO VISIT TODAY!" I scroll down, and see I need to go down to the Employee floor. My reason is to make sure the the new shipment of sheets are washed as soon as possible to change the sheets on the beds.

Next thing I know I get an alert on my phone at my day is complete, and I can go home. On the way to my office I notice the CEO did not visit to day as he was suppose to. I stop thinking about it and focus that I want to get home make me some dinner, and tomorrow is Friday. Its about time its Friday. It seems like months go by sometimes before its Friday. Not only that tomorrow I have an interview for an assistant manager to help out because this stuff can put quite a bit of stress on you. I walk down into the subway, and scan my pass to it. Then wait for the train. After about twenty minutes I'm home, and looking in the fridge on what to make for dinner. I cook pork chops with some mashed potatoes. I sit down, and click on the tv. The news is one I notice the subject because thats the virus that is spreading quickly. I know I need to stay awake for this, but I don't know if I can I'm sleepy from not getting enough sleep from last night. The next thing I know is that I'm asleep.

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock. Its 6:25 am. I reach over to turn off the alarm. I get up walk to the bathroom. I get my clothes from my room on the way. I sit them on the counter in the bathroom. I go to the shower turn it on, and I let my hand feel the cool but slowly warming water. I take my hand out of the water. I take my clothes off, and step into the warm water. It felt nice running down my skin besides I didn't want to get out because I knew it was going to be cold this morning. I finish up my shower, but when I went to turn off the water it was kind of hard to do it. I step out grab the towel off the towel rack dry my self off. I walk to the sink get the blow dryer out dry my hair, and just like the shower the heat from the blow dryer felt nice and warm. I get the comb from the drawer. Just like any other morning I finish my routine by tying my tie. I walk out my apartment door just like I thought to my self in the shower today is a cold day. I get on the subway ride to the station closest to the tower. After walking up the stairs out of the station I walk to work. Its only about a three minute walk. I walk into the front door walk to my office sit down pull out my laptop out of its bag turn it on and enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee on my desk every morning curtsy of Rachel. She doesn't do this everyday, but almost every Friday.