Trance - Chapter 5 "uprising part 2

Continuing down the highway as cars continue driving on the other side of the highway. After telling Rachel "prepare your self for war" she has kinda been in shock for a long time. We are now about 2 hours away from the city. The highway has merged into two lanes instead of 4 back at the city. Every four miles it seems as if there are less and less cars, but it could just be me making a huge deal out of it. Two uprisings one the government against the vampires and beast that I still think are werewolf's, and a second one the people against the government. I look over at Rachel. Looking at the side of the road. I continue looking back at the road. I still don't know were to go. As if these creatures are not going to going to jump out of now where and attack me and Rachel. I see an exit coming up with a sign that has the near by restaurants, gas stations. I pull over to the exit driving slowly down the ramp. I stop at the bottom at a stop light. I turn to the left at a gas station and when going under the bridge of the highway cars are stopped in the middle of the road. Nobody in them. I come over a little hill. Then to see a small city. Cars stopped in the middle of the road. Nobody here like this town became abandon. I continue driving dodging the cars slowly on the road. I get to the gas station on the left side of the road. I pull over to see Rachel is asleep. I stop at the gas station and pull in front of a pump. I get out of the car and walk inside of the gas station. Empty the smell of fresh painted walls but not that fresh. I walk back out of the store and go to the car. I put the gas pump in the car to fill it up. I slide my card on the gas pump pay machine. I push the lever on the gas pump and hear it start to pour into the car. I get in to realize that Rachel is not in the car. I instantly open the car door to stand up and look around for her. "Rachel? Rachel?" I yell. No response. I'm starting to freak out. I get in the car and drive down the road slowly and dodging the cars at the same time. I look around for Rachel. I see her laying on the ground in the middle of the road. Slam on the breaks and get out off the car. I run to her and she lies there cold. I put my hand on her shoulder to roll her over on her back. I look at her face. Pale white like the life has been sucked out of her. "Rachel are you ok?". She looks at me in the eyes. No answer. I put my hand on her neck. Bruises are all over it. Two holes with blood pouring out the side of it. I feel my left eye filling up with water. I don't feel a pulse. I wave my hand over her eyes and now there closed. I feel the one tear come down my left face. There my wife she is dead. I can't believe what has just happened to me. There was no screams or anything. I can't bear to look at her anymore. I stand up walk back to the car. I get in shut the door and continue driving back onto the exit.

I am about 3 hours away from the gas station that Rachel died at. I just think how? How could that have happened. She didn't scream. No sound of the car door opening. Maybe I was just stuck on the fact of the small town being empty. I just keep driving down a highway. Now that cars are scattered through out the whole road. I have to drive slow to dodge them. I just still can't get over what happened to Rachel. I continue driving. I have know idea were to go until I come to a road block of army men and police officers. I stop instantly. I walk up to them and they ask for my name. I Tell them and then they also scan my eye with some sort of eye scanner. They say I'm clean and let me through the road block. I walk with one guard to a police car. I get in the back then the guard shuts the door. He starts driving down the highway. After about fifteen minutes of driving I see huge cranes building some type of wall. The police car slows down as we near the wall. There is an entrance with a huge wall made of metal. Then the police car stops. The police guard gets out of the car. He walks up to a guard and they talk then he walks back to the car. He gets in and the huge metal gate door opens he drives in. I assume that the government has been working on this for a year or so. I look behind us, and the huge metal door shuts.

The End of Trance.

New story of the Trance series coming soon.