A roaring alarm that could make anyone go deaf went off outside. The thin walls of the map room had just barely blocked out the sound. "Wonderful" Minho said to himself in the most sarcastic tone he could muster up. "Another buggin greenie, same old, same old". Although the greenie would probably be the least of his problems, the two day excitement from the greenie's arrival was always incredibly iterating.

"Minho!" Newt called for him outside the map room while he knocked on the old wooden door. "Get your shuck face out here!"

Minho stood up and put the maps he had been working on in a small unorganized pile, it would be easy to remember which ones they were when he would be coming back in only a few minutes.

He reached for the door and used all his strength to turn the battered knob. Once he had opened it he met the back of Newt's head. "Get the shuck out of the way, slinthead". Newt just looked at him and smirked.

Minho stepped out from the doorway and looked out at the large box that was slowly moving towards it's place while making the usual rustic clanks and bangs.

Newt laughed "Come on, let's go meet the poor shuck". He started walking in a fast paste towards the large group of boys who had gathered around where the box would be in just a few minute. Minho followed.

"Minho!" A deep voice called for him. Alby. What could Alby possibly want from him at a time like this. "Get over here! We need help with the rope!"

Minho ran over to Alby who was surrounded by a few other guys who gripped the rope. He grabbed part of the rope just as Newt ran up and grabbed the last remaining spot. Minho stood ready to pull out the greenie along with the boys around him.

"Can't wait to see this poor shuck" said Gally, one of the guys holding another rope. "Must be special since he's so late". Minho laughed along with the other gladers around him. It was true, the box had been a little late today, it had seemed to take a few hours longer than it usually took.

Finally, the box came to a complete stop and the glade went to silence.

A tired, cracked and muffled voice came from inside it "Someone help me!" The glade erupted with laughter. Even though Minho laughed, he felt bad for the boy that was surrounded by darkness in the box. He knew what it felt like, to wake up in a strange place and not remember anything but your name. It was unearthly and terrifying.

The heavy doors to the box started to creak open. Light flooded into the dark room revealing a boy who looked about fifteen or sixteen.

As the gaping hole in the box became larger and larger, the voices of the gladers became louder and louder.

"Look at that shank". Gally.

"How old is he?" Alby.

"Looks like a klunk in a T-shirt". Gally again.

"You're the klunk, shuck-face" Newt. Minho laughed at him, Newt's smart remarks to Gally always made him chuckle.

"Dude it smells like feet down there". Minho couldn't tell who had said it, but he laughed out loud once more.

Gally threw the end of the rope down into the box towards the newbie. "Hope you enjoyed the one-way trip greenie".

"Ain't no ticket back bro" Minho smirked at his own remark.

The greenie stepped into the loop in the end of the rope and held on. Minho and the other gladers tugged on the rope until the greenie was almost up. Once he was to the top Minho, along with a few other gladers grabbed his shirt and pulled him up to the ground.

Alby stepped up so he was standing right in front of the greenie so they were eye to eye. Then, Alby said the words he knew would haunt the poor greenie's dreams forever. The words that he would never forget. "Nice to meet ya, shank. Welcome to the Glade".