The gladers poked, stared, and snickered at the greenie as if the gladers were little kids and the greenie was a new toy. Minho stayed back, he didn't like to be to much involved with what all the other gladers were doing. He defiantly wasn't a "keep to himself" kind of guy, he just didn't get involved in klunk stuff like poking the shiny new greenie.

The Greenie looked around, taking in everyone in; it would be hard considering they're were about 60 gladers altogether.

"Look at the Greenbean". Gally's annoying voice came out loud and clear from the crowd.

"Shut your hole, Gally". Alby barked.

As the gladers finally gave the kid some room, Minho decided the time was as good as any to get a good look at the newb. He studied the kid, look him from top to bottom. Long legs, tall, brown hair. "Could be a runner". Minho thought to himself.

Just as Minho folded his arms across his chest, the greenie found Minho's face. They studied each other for a few seconds. Minho looked at him, the greenie looked back, they're was almost something familiar about him. The feeling was gone just as quickly as it had come. The greenie was already studying someone else in wonder.

"Where am I?" The greenie said wearily. Those words were expected. They were always the first words of a newbie.

"Nowhere good". This came from Alby.

"Which keeper is he gonna get?" someone shouted from the back of the crowd.

"I told ya, Shuck-face, He's a klunk, so he'll be a Slopper- no doubt about it". Tyler, one of Minho's runners, laughed at himself like a buggin idiot. And, he could be wrong.

Minho thought about it, this new kid could end up being a runner. Minho could be his keeper. The whole thought never really crossed his mind before when there were new greenbeans, but there was something about this one, something that kept bothering Minho. He chose to push the thought away and ignore it altogether. Tyler was probably right, this kid would end up a Slopper.

"I'm with Winston, he's gonna be a slopper, no doubt". Some kid said to no one in particular.

"He can't even do that much, bet my liver on it". Gally responded.

"I said shut your holes!" Alby ordered. "Keep yapping and next break'll be cut in half!"

The glader's voices automatically quieted, they didn't go completely silent, but at least to a whisper.

The greenie, once again studied everything and everyone around him, taking everything in. He was interrupted when his eyes found Gally's. Gally gave him a menacing stare, shook his head, and walked away. It was weird that Gally's mood changed from his usually iterating teasing to what looked to be furious.

Once Gally was out of sight, Alby stepped up to the Greenie. "It's a long story, Shank. Piece by piece, you'll learn; I'll be takin' you on the tour tomorrow. Till then... just don't break anything". He held a hand out. "Name's Alby". He waited for the greenie to shake his hand, but the greenie just stared.

Then, the brave little shuck turned around, walked over to a tree, and plopped down with his back to the stump. He just sat there. Minho had never seen a greenbean act so brave. It was like he knew exactly where he was going. He didn't of course, no newbies ever knew anything. This newb just happened to be more courageous than the others.

"Then tell me", the greenie called out. "Tell me the long story".

Alby looked around at his friends around him (which included Minho) and rolled his eyes.

"Seriously," the greenbean called out again."Where am I?"

Alby walked over to him and sat down cross-legged; the crowd of boys followed and packed in behind him.

Minho decided to go back to the map room. He'd seen the whole seen plenty of times before. The leader would try to shut up the greenie so he could take him on the tour it was probably too late for the tour though, the poor shuck would have to wait till morning for all his questions to be answered. Even then, the answers wouldn't satisfy him. They wouldn't ever satisfy him.

Minho opened the door to the map room and went right back to work with the maps he had left there.

He studied the maps from the previous day and the day before that. He marked each and every change.

He liked being a runner, he didn't have to be around to many people, and he liked that. He did hate though, the days where he had to sit in the buggin map room and figure out which walls moved in the middle of the night, and where they moved and how it changed the map as a whole. But, of course, he was the Keeper of the runners, and Keepers had to stay in the Glade on newbie's arrivals, and when the supplies came. Every other day, Minho was able to go out and explore the maze as much as he pleased, and, alone.

All of a sudden a piercing scream sounded from outside, it was slightly muffled due the walls of the map room.

"Ben". Minho thought to himself. "Poor Ben".

Ben had been stung by a Griever and was now going through the changing. Minho had never had it happen to him before, but he knew that the boys who had, had it happen, had either gone crazy, or died. The only person Minho knew who hadn't gone completely crazy was Gally.

Before the changing Gally was an iterating shank. After the changing, he was an even bigger iterating shank. At least, that's how Minho looked at it.

Another piercing scream. If the greenie wasn't already scared, then he defiantly was now.