"Heavenly Gains"
by pari106

disclaimer: "The Dead Zone" does not belong to me; rating: G;
http://www.geocities.com/pari106/index.html ; pari106@hotmail.com ; Code: Double-drabble (of exactly
200 words); Spoilers: "Netherworld". Summary: Johnny's thoughts on "his" family, after this episode.

"You can't take it with you."

Those words aren't just a cliché. Some tired tag-line preachers use to fatten up their coffers.

Those words are true.

You can't take your earthly gains with you to Heaven. Or vice versa. I know because I've been as close to
Heaven as I'll ever be – married to Sarah; living with our two, beautiful children…

I couldn't take them home to reality. I took home my memories of them; I'll always have those memories.
But never them.

//"Where are you going, Dad?" "Can I come?"

I looked down into their eyes. My son's eyes; my daughter's eyes - eyes I'd never seen before that day;
will never see again. Except in my dreams. I never knew how much Heaven can resemble hell until that

"No, baby…Daddy can't take you with him," I managed, somehow, to say. "I wish I could.

"I wish I could."

Oh, God, how I wish that I could.//

Can a man choose his own destiny? Reinvent himself…make himself happy? Damn the consequences to
anyone he hurt as a result?

Can he ever make himself truly happy, knowing what he's done?

I still don't know.

I guess I never will.