Authors note so i did get a complain how the original was an unedited blob of text and wasnt proper english so this is the re upload. Also the reason y it is not in paragraphs besides this is because i am writing on the notepad on my itouch. Also i apoligize for anyone who was reading the hunger games social network it got reported for using real people and actual text or something i don't know but i don't know y because that wasnt true tecnally since i have never met or heard of a person named cato ludwig or anyone named clove Fuhrman or enobaria Fuhrman but whatever im really sorry. Oh yeah i don't own the hunger games if i did there would be clato but on too the story.

Cato POV

This better work. I can't believe i am going to let clove kill katniss. She is already gone no point in beating myself for it. Clove is vicious she'll be good and its not like anyone will show up to save the little bitch.
My feet crunch under branches. Where is Thresh. My sword is at my belt and i have a spear in hand. A peircing scream bursts through the arena.

"Cato! Cato!" Its clove.

Oh no clove. I run as fast as i can to get to her afraid im going to hear a cannon before i get to her.

"Cato!" She screams again. "Clove!" I yell back im almost there.

I break through the clearing to see Thresh running off with my back back and Katniss running with hers in the opposite direction.

Then i see it. Clove on the ground and even from where I'm standing i see the dent in her skull. I run over to her and i find myself on my knees on the hard ground next to her griping onto her hand.

"Clove stay with me" I whisper.

"You came" she says.

"Of course i came" i say tears threatening to spill out of my eyes.

"Im sorry" she whispers.

"Don't say that. Im sorry i shouldn't have let you go alone. I don't want to be here alone clove please stay" i tell her.

"I want to but i don't think i can" she says.

She looks me in the eyes her dark brown eyes piercing into my blue ones.
"You have to win Cato." She says.

"I don't know if i can" i tell her.

"Do it for me, you are the only person id want to win so please cato, please" she says the last word barely audible.

I stroke her hair with my free hand and kiss her forehead knowing this is our goodbye.

"Don't ever forget me" she tells me.

"Not possible" i tell her and she gives me a slight smile.

"I love you" i whisper with hot tears coming down my cheeks.

"I love you too" she tells me with a tear rolling down her pale cheek.

Clove gives her last breath and her hand releases its grip on mine. Her cannon fires but my senses are too blocked out to hear it. I just lost my Best friend, the love of my life, my training partner, and the only family i ever had.

Eventually i let go of her hand and walk off the grieving isn't over but now turns to anger i pull my sword out of my belt, as the thunder starts.

The rain comes down I'm going after Thresh then everyone else I'm going to win for Clove.