Some sort of Homestuck AU . . . yeah anyway

Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie

Okay so a few notes

21 year olds

Dave Strider

Ross Strider

16 year olds

Rory Strider

Dira Strider

As more characters are introduced I'll decided on ages, genders and names then.

*****-*****DiraPOV *****-*****

Being the youngest actually did kind of suck . . . a lot. Being the youngest of four siblings sucked even more. Being the only girl was sort of the icing of that cake.

Moving to a new city sucked eggs.

Did we really have to move to Washington in the middle of winter? It was balls cold. It was balls shrinking cold, nothing at all like Texas. I don't want to seem like a brat but I am not happy about the move, at all. I had friends and a life at home. Okay that's a lie I didn't have any friends, besides the ones from online, but I did have a life. Okay, so that's a lie too. Okay so my social life wasn't the best back home, but it was home, and that's all that mattered. I already missed the crowded city, my concrete jungle to explore. The loud noises, they had long since become my lullaby, a comfort. The warm sun casting its glow on my face. I would miss it terribly. Goodbye Texas, the sounds, the sun, my home. Hello Washington, the quiet, fog, cold, and a foreign place.

"This is totally gonna suck" I groaned smashing my head against the drivers seat.