Okay so Chapter 2

I wrote this after I was finished with my English Final


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"Oh quit your complaining Dira, Broody isn't a good expression for your face." Chided Rory ,smirking all the way.

"I would have to agree, stoic robot is much more fitting then broody teenager." Added Ross.

"Shut up! I didn't ask for your opinion." Dira growled, smothering her face into the drivers seat.

"Calm down ladies you're all pretty," Dave said, trying to dispel any impending fight. The comment earned him a dual smack to the head from both Ross and Rory.

"Hey hey respect the driver." Dave chuckled a bit.

"When are we gonna get there" Dira groaned out.

"I thought you didn't want to move." Rory said leaning into Diras' personal bubble.

"What changed your mind huh?" Rory giggled jabbing her elbow into Diras' side. Dira shoved him off.

"Anything's better then staying in this car with you two wackos." Dira growled, glaring at Rory and Ross, slouching back into her seat.

"Don't get your panties in a bunch we're here." Dave sighed, pulling up to their new house. Dira directed her gaze out the cars window and towards the house. It was big, bigger then their old apartment at least. The only upside to their moving is that she gets to have her own room, something every teenage girl can appreciate. Dira slowly got out of the car being the last to exit the vehicle and trudged her way to the door. She looked around the living room.

'The house isn't too ugly I guess.' Dira thought as she headed up the stairs.

"Hey kiddo." Dave said, coming up behind her, hand affectionately ruffling her hair.

"Look I know you didn't want to move but a change of pace can be good for you, for all of us." Dave said turning Dira around to face him, moving hair out of her face.

"I know big bro . . . I know." Dira sighed.

"You're room is the last one on the right kid." Dave said shoving Dira toward the general direction of her room. Dira stubbled a little bit correcting herself she started walking normally to her room. She peaked her head in and was surprised that just about everything was already unpacked and set up like her old room. She took off her shades and set them on the night stand and promptly flopped down on her bed. She needed a nap.


Okay hope you liked it. Later people.