After re-reading this I decided to write a new chapter

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The staring contest went on for a few more moments before Dira pushed passed Jake and deeper into the park.

"Hey! Wait up!" Jake yelled. He grabbed Bec's leash and ran after Dira.

"I'm real sorry about that miss, I hope you're not angry at me." Jake uttered with a nervous laugh. Dira rolled her eyes and continued walking.

"I guess you are mad . . ." Jake muttered. Dira turn on her heel to face Jake, who jumped at the sudden motion.

"Do you ever shut up?" Dira inquired through her teeth. Jake flinch at the venom in her voice.

"Yep, definitely mad . . . look, I just wanted to apologize for Bec, no need to get testy." Jake explained, getting defensive. Dira sighed.

"No harm done." Dira said. She turned around once more and headed into even deeper into the park.

"Hey wait I never got your name!" Jake called out. Dira tured her head around.

"Not really any of your business is it?" Dira inquired and she continued down the path that lead to the playground.

"Odd girl don't you think so Bec?" Jake asked looking down at Bec's face. Bec just barked.


Dira took her time meandering to the swing set and sat down on one of them, lazily kicking her legs.

'Weird guy.' Dira thought, kicking her legs harder, gaining more momentum with each kick. Dira had always loved the swings, the feel of the wind rushing past her face. Dira let a small smile slip onto her face. Once she got high enough she jumped, landing perfectly on her feet.


Let's just end this here I have no idea where to go from here.