V. The Date

"So Derek…I was thinking…would you like to hang out? Like outside of our beds…while that's fun and titillating… and I love waking up to your boner in my ass, I just…" Stiles rambled on as if Derek would refuse.

Derek just smiled briefly and rolled his eyes, "Yeah," he said immediately with no refrain. When had wanting to spend time with Stiles become so normal, casual, and needed? He hadn't even hesitated; it was pure instinct. Shit, he was falling for Stiles, his Stiles. Annoyingly adorable Stiles.

Now he was grinning, quick frown.

"Did I just catch a grin?" Stiles grinned right back and squeezed Derek's cheek, "So let's… go get some coffee, or would you rather go bowling?"

Derek just nodded, "Coffee would be okay… Just less… less squeezing of my cheeks." Derek grabbed his leather jacket off an old coat rack that was frayed from the fire.

"You coming or what? I'll drive," Derek said and Stiles scrambled towards him.

When they arrived at the local coffee shop. Stiles ordered a chocolate chip frappe and a black coffee for Derek.

"I got this, Stiles," Derek said, paying for the drinks, getting a small smile out of the cashier. The cashier frowned a second later when Derek glared at her smile.

"Derek, dude, chill," Stiles said, clapping him on his back and grabbing their drinks.

Stiles practically twirled to a seat in the back corner and slouched in a chair, way too comfortable for Derek's chagrin.

Derek rolled his eyes at him and sat.

"So tell me about what's been chasing you?"

Derek stared, and stared some more.

"Seriously, Der. You know I'm smart, and you know I'm trustworthy. Spill.'

Derek also knew he was human. Derek leaned in, "I-I thought this was a date," Derek said and blushed.

"Date? What no?" Stiles played innocent and sarcastic at the same time just to see Derek get defensive.

"Ok, just wanted to see your reaction…" Derek said so dryly and void of emotion, even though his frequent blinking screamed panic attack. Endearing really.

"It is a date, but Derek our life is so mixed in with wolf drama, that quality time, date time, and sex time will intermingle with danger time."

Stiles was right, but sex time? Okay, maybe eventually, maybe definitely.

"I'm gonna get you for that," Derek shoved Stiles lightly, which caused Stiles to laugh this loud high pitched screech of a something. Should be annoying, but it wasn't.

Stiles just grinned, "Oh, I was going to add that I'm practically, not quite yet, but maybe your…boyfriend, friend who is a boy, guy you like to rub up against at night and lick when you're half awake and not totally conscious…"

Derek coughed. Did he actually lick Stiles that one night when he…? He almost grabbed Stiles from across the table and slammed his head into the tabletop just to shut him up. He stopped himself since Stiles was his to protect, not to harm. He just let out a small breath and then spoke. "It's the alpha pack. Most of it's taken care of though." And with those honest words, Stiles felt a weight lifted. Finally a straightforward moment of Derek's, even if it was weaved with generalities and false securities. It was a start.

"Derek… are we really at a baseball field, and do you really own all that baseball equipment?" Stiles wondered aloud as he held his baseball glove, swinging it as they walked towards the field. Derek was carrying this heavy looking baseball bag; it looked all official and expensive. This was supposed to be part of their date…Stiles guessed it held promise even though Stiles preferred lacrosse; baseball would be cool if he saw Derek play it.

"Stiles, you wanted to know me, so I'm showing you me. Now play along." Stiles raised an eyebrow and shrugged before latching a hand on Derek's shoulder as they walked.

"This is so cool. Mr. Grumpypants actually likes to do something!"

"Stiles. I played for my college alma mater when I lived in New York. Now cut it out."

"Cut it out," Stiles murmured, "Dude, I'm high on caffeine right now, I can't help myself, stop myself," Stiles started rapping and then stopped suddenly before speaking as normal as Stiles could be, "And you're wearing little baseball pants, Derek, nice," Stiles grinned, a gleam in his eyes as his hand lowered slowly along Derek's back.

"Stop." Derek grinned and let Stiles get his hands all over him. Derek let out a small squeak and something that sounded like a giggle as Stiles groped him and finally swatted, then squeezed and pinched his ass. The pinch caused Derek to jump and glare.

Stiles laughed so hard at Derek's reaction that his attempt at pinching Derek's ass again ended up as a small light swat that ended with Stiles on the floor, falling into the sand, gasping for breath. "You…you...you…squeeeeaked, like a bunny, but you're a wa-wa-werewolf!"

Derek just blushed, looking down at his cleats, kicking the sand before smiling at Stiles. How could he make laughing at Derek, which normally would make Derek feel stupid and angry, seem endearing.

"Stiles, cut it out, or else I will kick you out of bed tonight."

Stiles stopped and looked up at him from where he was now laying on his back. His t-shirt was all dusty and brown with dirt. "You wouldn't."

"I would," Derek put his foot on Stiles' chest.

Stiles looked as if he was contemplating whether Derek was telling the truth or not, so he just gently touched Derek's hairy legs and tickled him, "Tickle, tickle," he said with a grin.

"Stop," Derek laughed, moving his foot, and grabbing Stiles by his hand and pulling him up.

Stiles put his arm around him, "I knew you'd never kick me out. I'm like your buddy."

"You are my buddy, now you catch, I'll pitch."

"Literally?" Stiles mind was racing with suggestions.

"No," Derek shoved Stiles.

"I think yes." Stiles went long, ready to catch the ball. Derek threw the ball with such precision that it practically landed in Stiles' glove.

"Shit, Derek. I bet it's those wolf senses, I see that red, you cheater," Stiles said as he threw the ball back, but someone cut between the two of them and caught the ball with the same kind of alpha precision Derek possessed. And then one right after another, three alphas lined up between the two of them. The one that originally got between them was one half of a pair of twins. And then there was a barefoot lady-wolf with claws on her toes. It was totally unnerving. And before Stiles knew it, Derek was wolfed out and Stiles had a bat in hand as he backed away slowly ready to swing.

"Cute," the lady alpha sniggered. Her eyebrows rose at Derek and Stiles' display, so on defense and so in sync with one another. Both were attentive and wanting to protect the other.

"You've been running, Derek," She pouted playfully and then laughed again as she caressed Derek's face, "Running to this one, I see," she backed up before turning to Stiles and touching his face, and gave Derek a knowing look. She knew this boy was Derek's possession, but she liked playing with other boys' toys.

Derek fumed. His eyes turned red and fangs and claws extended as he inched towards them, only to be pushed back by the twins.

"So possessive, Derek. Is this one yours?" she took a long sniff of Stiles' body. Stiles still held the bat close to him, breathing long and harshly as her hands ran down his plaid shirt.

"Smells like yours," she grinned, "What can I get you to join us, should I take him hostage?"

Stiles looked in Derek's eyes, not caring that they were alpha red. They weren't scary; they were just a part of Derek.

Derek nodded, giving Stiles permission to act. Stiles gripped his bat harder and without any warning he swung the bat so hard at the she wolf that she went flying to the ground and Stiles booked it with only a few seconds to spare as a sharp nailed foot just missed him. Derek ran after him and to his car.

The alphas just watched with frowns on their faces. The twins held back the she wolf as she tried to run after them.

One of the twins just said, "It's a lost cause, let's just go."

"Ahh, Derek!" Stiles screamed as Derek pulled Stiles inside his house by his hair that was growing out and getting long.

"Never do that again. Never confront another alpha. You hear me?" Derek pulled even harder, his eyes flashing red.

"Okay, okay. I will if I have to save your lame ass," Stiles shoved Derek off him and then purposely grabbed Derek's hair and pulled before shoving him away once more.

"You don't have to fight like such a girl. I'm going home," Stiles huffed and headed back out towards his jeep.

"No. I wanted to—" Derek stalled at his words as if grasping for straws. "Wanted to," he said again, and there was Derek's constipated look again written on his face.


"I wanted to protect you. You're mine," which translated to 'you're my mate,' at least to Stiles who had heard Scott tell him this.

"Mine? We haven't even kissed," Stiles said, heading towards the door only to be stopped by Derek's arm coming in front of him to block him from exiting.

Derek charged forward, kissed Stiles as he slammed him against the door. "Stay, Stiles, stay," Derek whispered when he pulled away from the brief kiss, and that was all he had to say. Stiles was dazed. Stiles nodded before pulling on Derek's belt loop to tell him to follow before letting go and running upstairs to Derek's bedroom. He hopped over that missing step like second nature.

Derek was after him, two steps at a time, and surprisingly smiling as he chased Stiles into his bedroom. Derek smiled even wider when he saw Stiles laying on his bed on his side.

"I was waiting for you. And wow, smiling on you works," Stiles sat up and smiled back, unable to stop himself. Derek's smile was contagious and fucking adorable.

"Shut up," Derek grumbled. His smile faded as he made his way across the room.

"I'm serious," Stiles smirked, reaching out to tickle Derek's stomach and under his arms, only to get a small breathy laugh out of him.

"Aww," Stiles cooed as Derek's smile brightened his face. Stiles reached out and stroked Derek's cheek, completely in awe of Derek, of him and Derek together, and the way he felt. His rushing pounding heart, his complete and utter comfort, his want beyond belief, his need to just have him.

"Shut up," Derek said as he just kept smiling. He leaned into Stiles and kissed him again unable to resist. "Just don't scare me again like that," Derek mumbled as he slowly lifted Stiles' shirt up.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Stiles mumbled, "I just, I just love you," Stiles had never loved anyone like this, not even Lydia.

"I'm serious, Stiles. I went to you all those times because," Derek breathed out and leaned his head against Stiles' forehead, his eyes closed and then he opened them. Those eyes peered into Stiles' eyes and bore into his soul, touched his heart, "Because you were always mine. I felt it and ignored it, but when I was so broken and beaten down I couldn't fight myself, couldn't fight my wolf. Want you, love you," Derek breathed out again and then kissed Stiles. His breath was hot, but fresh, and tasted of coffee.

After a moment of kissing, Stiles said, "I crashed in your bed because I wanted you." Stiles breathed out just as heavily as Derek and then added with a small smile, "and because I wanted payback."

Derek laughed and leaned in even more to him. He pushed Stiles down on the bed and climbed on top of him.

"Then I learned to love it, well I always loved it," Stiles rambled as he looked up at Derek, knowing what was about to happen and that he hadn't done 'that' before, and Derek surely did, many times.

"I know, now relax," Derek whispered, gently caressing Stiles' arms. He could feel Stiles' tenseness underneath his body. With those words, Stiles relaxed.

Derek nuzzled Stiles' neck and collarbone, gently nipping at his skin. His hands exploring Stiles' body, his ears listening to Stiles' breathy moans as Derek sucked and grinded against Stiles. Stiles got louder and louder, and even he himself couldn't help himself get loud as a roar came out of his mouth.

When Derek came out of Stiles' neck, his eyes were red and his fangs were extended, something Derek was completely comfortable with, but wanted Stiles to be too.

Derek slowly leaned into Stiles' mouth and Stiles just nodded, grabbed the back of Derek's head and kissed him, his tongue lacing around his fangs as Derek's tongue tried to match up.

"Fuck, didn't expect this to be so sexy," Stiles muttered out as he lapped his tongue against Derek's fangs and tongue once more. One of Stiles' legs wrapped around Derek's waist, so he could bring him even closer.

"Yeah you did," Derek knew; he had felt every sexual impulse Stiles ever had for him, even the subtle uneasy ones.

"Yeah I did," Stiles muttered and started pulling Derek's shirt over his head, "Are we really doing this?"

"If you want to," Derek said, "I haven't since… Kate…" Derek mumbled. Derek only had sex with Kate years ago, no one else—always too closed off for a connection—it was meaningless, lustful, quick and rough, nothing like this.

"It's okay, it's okay. I want to, so badly," Stiles said a little bit too quickly as he kissed Derek's lips in a rush, thinking he hasn't ever…so Derek might have one upped him on the sex count. Stiles wasn't going to tell Derek that though, no way…even though he knew Derek knew.

"You're mine," Derek responded as he pulled away, looking down at his mate, his pale skin, his copper brown eyes, that funny way about him when he smiled and smirked at the same time, those succulent lips. Derek felt comfortable with him, enough to expose his wolf side to him in private. Derek's claws extended and he gently brushed them along Stiles' arms before getting off Stiles and quickly stripping. Stiles followed, standing up along side Derek.

"Get on the bed," Derek said firmly as he took a breath, trying to calm himself down.

Stiles listened and saluted playfully, "Yes, Alpha." Stiles scrambled onto the bed, trying to take his clothes off in the process but tripping over himself and falling onto the bed.

Derek smiled, his face returning to its human features as he let out a small laugh before climbing on the bed once his pants were off.

"I love you," Derek said, "There's just something about you," Derek muttered as he straddled Stiles. Stiles looked up attentively. "That makes me feel…free" Derek's usual word constipation was now endearing as yet another smile came to Derek's lips.

Stiles just leaned up and kissed Derek, "Always was my goal," Stiles said.

Epilogue: The Reaction

Derek and Stiles walked into the pack meeting holding hands. Their holding hands spoke volumes. It was their big entrance into the world as a couple, but by the looks on everyone's faces, they all already knew yet they couldn't stop staring. Scott and Allison were smiling sweetly at them, Lydia had a look on her face that said "she knew it," Jackson looked nonchalant, Erica wiggled her eyebrows at them, Boyd nodded in their direction, and Isaac patted them on their backs in congratulations as he walked by.

"Told you he was your mate," Scott said, still smiling at the two of them.

"Enough staring, get to work," Derek growled, pulling Stiles along to the couch and pushing him down on it before sitting down himself. Stiles smirked, knowing that Derek was going to hate this as he grabbed Derek's waist and pulled him onto his lap, holding his waist tightly, and burying his face in his neck for a brief moment.

Derek glared at him but let himself be pulled on Stiles' lap, "This is making me look weak in front of my pack," he muttered.

"Nope, it just says that I'm boss now," Stiles winked and then turned to the group.

"Jackson, run faster. Scott, stop staring at Allison's ass!"

"Stiles," Derek warned.

"Fine, co-bosses, but the fact that you're on my lap says I'm higher on the scale of boss-dom."

"Whatever," Derek rolled his eyes and finally leaned back against Stiles and relaxed, and let out a long breath and let Stiles be the one in charge.