AN: After watching the preview for "Brass Tacks" I decided to write this little story.

"Peter! Peter!" Neal practically screamed into the phone after Peter stated his car no longer had any brakes. The panic in Peter's voice scared him. They heard what sounded like a car crash seconds later.

Neal looked at Diana, but she was already reading his mind. She pulled up Peter's tracking data off the OnStar system in his car.

Diana looked at the address for just a second. Then she grabbed her jacket. She explained to Neal and Jones, as they left the office, that the accident was at an intersection only two blocks away.

Diana, Neal and Jones were on the streets in minutes, sprinting towards the accident scene. Moments later they all arrived on the scene. It took them all a second or two to take it all in. Peter's car had been rammed on the driver's side by a police car.

Jones went immediately into agent mode, so he would not have to think about the scene in front of him. He started to question bystanders. Neal and Diana ran towards the car. Neal grabbed the door handle on the passenger's side of the car with both hands and jerked it with all his might. It came open reluctantly. Diana had to give up trying to help her boss to take on crowd control, that left Neal alone to try and help Peter.

They all heard sirens in the distance. And Diana had to yell to Neal to be heard. She kept asking about Peter's status, as did Jones. Neal yelled back to them to be heard over the crowd.

Neal was standing outside the car looking at his friend and handler. Peter was sitting up behind the steering wheel, the wheel seeming to be the only thing holding him upright. The police car had hit Peter's car at an angle, pushing the steering wheel of the car back and to the right.

"Peter?" Neal asked attentively looking at his friend. Neal was surprised when Peter opened his eyes.

"Neal." Peter said as a thin stream of blood flowed out of his mouth. "…no brakes…couldn't stop."

Neal nodded, afraid to open his mouth knowing Peter would hear the fear in his voice. He continued to nod.

"El…tell El I…." Peter started.

Neal felt the tears come to his eyes. He knew what Peter was about to say. Neal knew Peter wanted him to tell El that he loved her. And it hurt his heart to hear it in this context.

Neal couldn't restrain the emotion in his voice. "You'll get the opportunity to tell her yourself, Peter." Neal paused to check his emotions. "You're gonna be fine."

"Tell her." Peter insisted.

By this time Neal was practically sitting in what was left of the passenger seat. He had had to get close to Peter to understand what he was saying. Neal nodded his understanding.

Peter reached out to Neal taking his hand. "…been…good friend…." Peter coughed, he had been talking too much and Neal could tell by the look on Peter's face that he was in a great deal of pain. The cough only made it worse.

Neal squeezed Peter's hand gently. He smiled through his tears. "I am your friend. You aren't going to get rid of me that easily."

Peter smiled weakly before his eyes slid closed and his head fell to his chest. Seconds later Neal was ushered out of the car as the emergency workers took over the scene.


END NOTES: We have only a few more days to find out what really happens. Enjoy!