Chapter 4

El smiled at Neal. "You would never intentionally hurt me or Peter. We both know that. It's…you had no idea how things would go here…with your dad."

"You're being far too forgiving." Neal replied.

"You did nothing wrong." El stated.

"Mrs. Burke?" A nurse said as she peeked her head out the door of the recovery room.

El turned and walked over to the nurse. "That's me."

"Mr. Burke is awake now. The surgery went well. You can see him for just a few moments. Then we are going to get him into a room."

El nodded. She then turned to Neal. She took his hand and squeezed it. "I meant what I said. I come find you, and we'll go up to Peter's room together."

Neal nodded, but didn't say anything.

Peter opened his eyes as soon as he felt someone touch his hand. El smiled down at her husband.

"Hey, hon." Peter said, his throat sore.

"Hey." El said and sighed.

Peter squeezed her hand again and then closed his eyes. Seconds later the nurse came. She sent El back to the waiting room, promising they would come and get her when they got Peter settled.

A few days passed, Peter noticed that Neal was not coming to see him much. And he knew why, El had explained it to Peter when he had first asked about it. El finally pushed Neal into the room. She then left, standing outside, guarding the door in case Neal would try to leave.

"You haven't been in to see me." Peter stated.

"You've had plenty of people in here…El, June, Diana, Jones, and most of White Collar." Neal rattled off.

Peter nodded. "True, it's been nice to see them all. But I've missed my friend."

Neal ducked his head, not replying.

"The brakes failing are not your fault. You didn't cut them." Peter stated.

"All this stuff with James…." Neal started.

"Again…not your fault." Peter replied.

"I'm just…I'm sorry." Neal said.

"Jones and Diana will find out who did this."

"I just…." Neal started.

"Nothing's changed between us, Neal. El and I still consider you a part of our family." Peter replied.

Neal smiled and nodded. Maybe everything would be okay after all.

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