Matt is sitting at his desk working on some papers as Juliette walks in to see him. "Matt the new team

physician will be arriving soon. Will you show her around? "

"When did you hire a new physician and what happened to the old physician?" Juliette sits in the chair

in front of Matt's desk. She actually sounds driven and professional as she speaks. "His contract was up

and I think you will like the new Doctor. She has excellent credentials." Matt looks at Juliette

wondering if Juliette would know what excellent credentials actually entails when it comes to a team

physician… but what the hell. Stranger things have happened lately. Hell, stranger this have happened

today. "What is her name?" Matt puts down his papers and devotes his attention to his trigger happy

new boss. "Adrianna Starr." Nico also walks in with Dani. Matt asks the question that is on both his

and Nico's mind upon the mention of the name. The name instantly distracts Matt from his usual

thoughts surrounding Nico and Dani. "Adrianna Starr… isn't that a stripper? Matt thinks

with a laugh please tell me that she did not hire a stripper at as the team physician. Please… please…

please. None of them notice the woman standing at the door of his office. She is dressed in sneakers,

jeans and a white dress shirt which does not appear to be hers. Dani notices that she is

unconventionally pretty with her short hair and unusual choice of attire. "That would be Dr. Stripper to

you but I actually prefer to be called "Anna". I apologize for my attire but I had an emergency surgery

this morning and did not have time to change prior to this meeting. I was taught be punctual over the

need to be appropriately dressed." Matt immediately stands up realizing the gaffe. "Please accept my

apology, Dr. Starr. Welcome to the Hawks…" He moves towards her extending his hand and then

to do the introductions. "Dr. Starr… Dr. Danielle Santino, the team therapist. Nico Careles, team

security and I believe you have already met Juliette Pittman, the team owner." They all shake hands

and exchange pleasantries. Matt turns back towards her. "Let me show you around the facility."

Anna smiles at Nico since he is their fixer. "Before you ask… The answer is no… that is not how I paid for

medical school. As for lap dances… I don't get out of bed for less than 10k a day and pole dancing is

going to cost you extra." She winks at Matt as she approaches him to follow him out the door. Once

she is out the door, Dani makes a comment. "I guess with a name like that a sense of humor is

mandatory." Juliette surveys Nico and Dani closely as she hands him a file folder. "Just to be clear, she

is very qualified." Juliette leaves the office. Nico takes the file back to his office with Dani in tow. Nico

opens the Doctor's dossier that Juliette had handed him and looks over the information. He notices that

Dani is very curious about the new physician and starts to read aloud from her from the file.

"University of Pennsylvania, Yale Medical first in her class… fellowships…" Nico's voice trails off a bit

and he begins to mumble which throws Dani off a bit. "Something wrong?" Nico looks up at Dani. He

is not sure but he thinks he may know the Doctor from somewhere. He just can't place where.

"Well Juliette didn't hire a stripper."