5 Years or 2,869 Years Later

The Doctor threw open the TARDIS doors dramatically making the little girl next to him giggle.

"Space Florida! I knew we would get here eventually." he said.

"Emphasis on eventually." said his wife. It had taken them six stops. One of which resulted in Wendy being proclaimed the new goddess of the moon Alturna. The Doctor turned to glare at River who smirked.

"It just looks like regular Florida." said Rory stepping outside to inspect the palm tree-lined beach.

"It has automated sand." the Doctor said pointing at the very normal looking sand. "And Disney Universe, which is way cooler than Disney World!" He looked at his god-daughter who usually backed him up. But the four-year old was too distracted by the ocean to help him out.

"Mama let's look for seashells." Wendy cried grabbing Amy's hand and running towards the water.

"Wait for me!" the Doctor yelled.

River and Rory exchanged knowing glances watching their spouses chasing the young girl across the sand. It didn't take long until they were all involved. Wendy found the most shells, but that was mostly due to the fact that she and her father teamed up against everyone else.

Later Amy, River, and Wendy decided to make a sandcastle while Rory attempted to stop the Doctor from killing himself lighting a bonfire. He survived the ensuing explosion, but lost most of his eyebrows.

"Remind me why I married you exactly?" River said in exasperation.

"You find my quirky personality endearing."

"Is that it?" She rolled her eyes, absently twisting the Gallifreyan style wedding band on her finger.

"And here I thought it was because she lost her mind." Amy called from behind the sandcastle.

"Just for that I'm not taking you to the Ice Kingdom of New Nepal."

"We probably wouldn't make it there anyway." muttered Rory making everyone laugh.

The Doctor's comeback was cut off by Wendy. She flung herself into his arms knocking him over backwards. He looked up at the little red-head, who looked so much like Amy when they first met.

"You said you would teach me how to ice skate." Wendy reminded him reproachfully.

The Doctor chuckled; she even glared like her mother. Though, she had inherited Rory's blue eyes. "Don't worry we are still going. After all you agreed to help me beat your parents in a snowball fight. Not going to miss that opportunity am I?" he whispered.

"You two plotting to take over the universe?" Amy asked coming over to sit next to them.

Wendy nodded seriously then gave the Doctor a very obvious conspiratorial wink. Amy smiled, pretending not to notice.

"So tomorrow Disney Universe, yeah?"

Wendy and the Doctor both nodded enthusiastically. Amy laughed at their matching excited expressions.

Things were the same as always.

Author's Notes -

Just a quick moment because a few people asked for an epilogue and I wanted to write one too. Hope you enjoyed it! :D

I love reviews on the last chapters or the story overall. What did you all think?

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