Character Profile

Name: Kyoko Kariudo

Age: Appears 18, real age unknown

Race: Demon

Height: 5'5

Appearance: Kyoko has long, sleek flaming red hair with wispy bangs covering her forehead. Her eyes are a metallic silver, her left one bearing a faded scar in the shape of a 'x' (which she obtained from getting clawed by Astaroth in a fight when she was younger). Kyoko has three thin, red claw-like markings on her left cheekbone that turn an acid black when in her demon form. Her ears are slightly pointed and she has very sharp teeth. Her thin, black tail has a red tuft of fur at the end of it and is always wrapped around her waist.

Attire: Kyoko wears a black leather jacket with dark grey lining inside, a crimson red tanktop, black cargo pants and black boots. She wears a Hi Kesshō pendant on a chain around her neck that is used to suppress her demonic side when she is in Assiah. She also keeps her sword sealed inside it and can summon it out by pouring a few drops of her blood onto it.

Personality: Kyoko has a very sarcastic personality. She has a wild sense of humour and loves to pick fights and make bets. To most, Kyoko gives off the aura of one that is very un-serious, dishonest and rebellious, but that's just how she comes off to others. Once you get to know her, she is much more open, easy-going and caring, for a demon that is.

Affiliations: True Cross Academy/Exorcists

Class: Upper First Class Exorcist

Meister Type: Knight

Weapon: Black katana named Gin no Ame.

Abilities: -Can manipulate Satan's blue flames by concentrating all her power into it. She doesn't do it often for it uses up too much energy.

-Can absorb fatal injuries and turn them into a medicine or cure but can't use it on herself.

-Fast reflexes and healing.

-Massive amounts of strength and power reserves.

-Can summon some forms of demons.

-Has control over the element fire.

History: Kyoko was born and raised in Gehenna, the only child of two high class demons, Saeko and Eiji. As Kyoko got older, she started to get into fights with the other demons, usually winning against them. After a fight with Astaroth, she met Mephisto and Amaimon, the sons of Satan. She began to spend more time with them, forming an odd sense of friendship. Later on, Kyoko was banned from Gehenna when she betrayed Satan. Kyoko stuck to the shadows and tried her hardest to stay off Satan's radar. A few years after she was banned, Mephisto came to Assiah and started up True Cross Academy. Kyoko requested Mephisto to let her become an Exorcist and he agreed, unwillingly and after much convincing. Right now, Kyoko is a teacher at True Cross and teaches fighting and combat skill classes.

Extra Info: -Loves sweets and spicy food, but hates seafood.

-Likes playing with fire.

-Has a thing for men with a good sense of humour.

-Likes to practice her swordsmanship skills.

-Hopes to one day return to Gehenna.

-Hates to be kept waiting.

-Almost always seen sucking on a bright, cherry lollipop.

-Is very persuasive and can easily get what she wants. It's almost like a special talent or gift.

-Loves to eat fried rice and drink sake.

-Hates mornings and being woke from her sleep.