Story index:

Book 1 - Two Sides of the Coin (complete) includes the oneshot "Two Sides of the Coin" and the continuation "Flipping the Coin" Also reposted on theheartofcamelot dot com and AO3. This is my dream version of season 5. Watch the wonderful trailer for this fic youtube dot com /watch?v=EMzLKC40btE

Book 2- Knave of Hearts (complete) This would be the equivalent of a 2 hour special in between seasons.

Book 3- Cauldron of Dyrnwch (complete) Season 6 of my Merlinverse.

Book 4- Into Hell, Prieddu Annwn (complete) The final wrap up of everything in the previous books.

Book 5- Lord of Beasts - WIP Season 7 begins with a whole new plot and antagonist!

There are a few spin offs, missing scenes, etc from these stories:

"Head Cheese" is a cracked! Sherlock crossover with my story arc.

"Fate's Lament" is an inside look at Morgause.

"A Month In Snowdon" some missing scenes from Merlin helping Morgana to heal her mind

"Child of My Soul" is the first in my drabbles collection and can be a prequel to Two Sides of the Coin as Merlin tries to find Aithusa.

Thank you for everyone who is following and favoriting these stories! IcarusLSU for you help keeping the plot straight! Aerist for the wonderful cover art of Into Hell and the other pics for this story! Nance for all your help with edits and smoothing out sentence structure! And of course each and every reviewer - you guys are so inspirational! Love you all!