Simon was gone.

He had left her because he was sick, Marceline knew but she didn't quite understand what it was that was making him this way. They had traveled contentedly together for a little over a year and he had gradually changed into a man she didn't recognize though the face was the same.

She traveled alone now, through the rumble, stumbling every few steps. Her father hadn't taught her how to fly yet and she was smarter than to think to try it in a place such as this. Her small, pale arms had wrapped themselves around her stuffed bear, Hambo like a vice, she hadn't let go of him once in days. She could move only by night and her vampire eyes granted her nearly perfect vision but still, she was alone and she had never been more scared in her entire life.

Crying, she could hear crying. Following the sound, Marceline saw a small boy whom seemed to be the same age as her with his face buried in his hands. His clothes, like hers were torn and from the look of his pale skin in the moonlight, she was certain that he was a vampire too.

"Uhm, hi. Are you okay?" she asked, covering her face with Hambo and peering over him, in case the boy was mean.

He startled and wiped his eyes, turning to glare at her. "I'm fine! Who are you?" he demanded

"I'm Marceline but you can me Marcy if you want..and this is Hambo, he's my best friend."

The boy stood and climbed over a pile of debris and hopped down to where she was. "I'm Marshall Lee. Where are you guys going?"

"I need to find my way back to the Nightosphere," Marcy said "My dad lives there, I just can't find it from here."

"I live there too, with my mom!" Marshall Lee smiled "We should go together, the three of us."