"But that's how you play the game!" an indignant Marshall Lee cried as he flew after Marceline.

"No!" she cried over her shoulder as she stomped off through the field of slowly returning grass into the depths of nearby cave. Escaping from Marshall though, she would find to be nearly impossible as he was so similar to herself that he could figure out where her hiding spots always were. She hated that about him. It wasn't long until the silent cave was filled with the gentle sound of his footsteps.


"Go away!" she spat from her seat on a moist boulder, bringing her knees into her chest and burying her face in them. She didn't want him to see her like this, why couldn't he just ever leave her alone? He was like that fly that would never go away.

"Marcy," he began softly, sitting down beside her. "Why don't you want to be the queen? That is how you play Castles after all, there's always a king and a queen."

"Because I'm not a queen and I never will be! They wear pretty dresses and have long hair and pretty bright eyes..like my mom and I'll never be as pretty as she was."

Marshall bit down on his lip, she had never told him about her mother but she knew that it was sensitive spot issue for her, he could kind of understand though. His father had been his favorite person in the world.

"Okay then, you don't have to be Queen," he replied, grinning.

"Really? But wait, what else can I be?" she sniffed, wiping at her nose.

"You'll be Lionheart," he said because even though she was every bit a girl, he knew there was a beast growling beneath the surface of her pale flesh.

"What? That's not real, you just made that up!"

"Nah uh! It's real! Lionheart is better than the queen because she's the warrior. No one messes with her, ever."