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Pulling aside the curtain, Elodie entered the room. "Thorin, what was it you wanted to speak to me about?" Her eyes landed on the she-dwarf and she stopped short. "I must apologize Lady Broa," she bowed her head, "I was looking for Thorin."

The noble dwarf turned to her, "I feel it is I that must apologize, Miss Mooncheek, for I have deceived you."

Elodie's green eyes widened as she stared at her in confusion. "Thorin summoned me, I was just trying to find him," she explained.

"No, it is I that summoned you. I told Dimbar to say Thorin wished to speak to you when really it was I."

She stared at the soft, blonde hair on Lady Broa's chin as everything made sense in her head. When Dimbar had approached her, she hadn't understood why he seemed so nervous, but now she knew it was because of the lie he had told. If Dis wasn't marrying him in a couple days, he would have been given a nice reminder of honesty at the training grounds. Yet, Elodie supposed he couldn't be sore and beaten on his wedding day.

"What do you wish to say to me in secrecy, Lady Dwarf?" her irritation was thinly veiled in her tone.

Lady Broa gestured to the chairs placed around a small table, "Perhaps we should sit."

A negative answer almost formed in her mouth, but stopped when she realized that Lady Broa was betrothed to Thorin and Elodie would have to see her much too often. It would be better to try to get along with her. Biting her tongue, Elodie sat in one of the chairs as Lady Broa took the other.

"Miss Mooncheek," Lady Broa stared at the floor as she nervously bit her lower lip, "Oh, I didn't imagine it would be so hard to say to you." She calmed herself and her clear blue eyes looked straight at Elodie as she breathed deeply, "I will not be marrying Thorin."

"What?" Elodie's mouth gaped as her mind processed what she just heard. "But Thrain and your father have arranged for you two to be wed."

Lady Broa's eyebrows raised, "Out of everyone, I never imagined you would be the one to try and convince me to continue forth with this marriage," she shook her head and gave a soft smile, "It doesn't matter what you say Miss Mooncheek, I will not marry Thorin and now that Thrain is no longer with us, what he has said no longer has bearing over me."

"I do not understand," Elodie admitted.

"Do you not?" Lady Broa stood and approached Elodie. She kneeled in front of her and grabbed her hands, "Elodie," she said softly, "I am in love," her eyes begged for Elodie to understand.

Elodie watched her in confusion, "In love? But not with Thorin?" Lady Broa shook her head, "Then who?"

Releasing Elodie's hands, she stood and stepped away. "I cannot say. If anyone were to find out…it would be shameful. Oh, what a terrible thing love is Miss Mooncheek, I hope you never know the pain of it."

She had already experienced much pain from love, but to love someone and be ashamed of it? Elodie stood and walked toward Lady Broa, "Have you told Thorin?"

"No. I was hoping you could do that for me. I know you two are close and I think he would take it better from you than from me."

"Lady Broa, if I could only understand what love you have found that would allow you to disregard duty."

Her eyes widened, "Yes, I suppose you have not come to love him that much yet." Elodie's brow crinkled. "When you come to love Thorin as much as I love this person, then you will understand. You will not be thinking of your duty, you will be thinking of your heart."

Head spinning and heart beating fast, Elodie opened her mouth to refute Lady Broa's claims of love for Thorin.


And closed it when Dwalin entered the room.

"Are you coming to the training grounds today? I'm ready to beat your scrawny hide into the ground."

Elodie squeezed Lady Broa's hand, "I will tell him after Dis and Dimbar's wedding," she said quietly.

"I will already be gone," Lady Broa whispered.

Shocked, Elodie opened her mouth to say more, but Lady Broa released her hand and took a step back, "I shall not keep you from training Miss Mooncheek," she smiled at Dwalin, "I will never understand how you can allow a she-dwarf there Master Dwarf."

Elodie was not ready to end the conversation, but she followed Dwalin out of the room. She looked ahead, her mind racing. It was the last time she saw Lady Broa.

"Dwalin, is Dimbar training today?"

"Aye, he is."


Scuffling feet and hushed tones broke into Elodie's sleep-filled mind. She slowly opened her eyes to see the last few Dwarves escaping from the room. Seeing it was still dark outside, Elodie glanced around at the now empty room. She quickly scrambled to her feet and rushed through the hobbit-hole.

"Thorin Oakenshield!" she called from the doorway. She decided right then, looking at the one dwarf that she would do anything for, not to let anyone bring her down on this quest. For once in her life, she would do what her heart wanted.

Everyone in the company stopped and looked back at her. She could see Thorin sigh as she ran to catch up with them. "Trying to leave me behind," she smiled at mostly frowning faces.

Fili and Kili both bounded to her sides. Kili lifted her up in a hug, apology in his tone, "Uncle wanted us to leave you sleeping."

Fili nodded, "He said that because you didn't sign a contract, he couldn't make you do anything."

Kili set her down and she looked at Thorin with one eyebrow raised, "Did he now? I'll have to remember that when he wants me to help out at camp," she teased.

Thorin only scowled and turned back toward the company, "Let's go."

"Hold on a minute," Dwalin walked over, "You can't really be serious about letting her come."

"Dwalin," Elodie spoke with her scolding tone, "You saved my life once, therefore I am indebted to you."

He looked self-conscious and stared at the ground, "You don't owe me anything."

"I most certainly do! I owe you my life! Now, you are going on an adventure, right?" He nodded. "And lives are normally put at risk on adventures like this one. So how am I to repay the debt if I am not here to save your life?"

Dwalin sighed and turned around, grumbling as he continued on the hobbit path. Everyone followed after him and nobody said anything else about a she-dwarf joining the company. Even if some of them thought it a terrible idea.

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