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Summary: Sai's past. His first meeting with Danzo.

A/n: I don't really know what to say about this story... It's basically the past that you've never seen. I'm not very good with writing sad or full-of-emotion stories, but I'll try my best. Tell me what you think of this first chapter! It'll really inspire me to write about the next chapter!

His first memory was his first meeting with Danzo-sama. He could remember that fateful day as clearly as if it happened only yesterday. He remembered looking up into a face, old and weathered from years of being an assassin, one eye and hand covered in bandages.

He was sitting on the ground, crying loudly as little boys at the age of 4 do, surrounded by rubble and carnage of what was seemingly a house, fires still blazing.

How he didn't get killed in the fire, how he got there in the first place, and who rescued him, he did not know.

He was 4 then.

He didn't know if he used to have a name, or what his parents looked like- those meaningless memories were long forgotten, if he even had memories of before that day.

Danzo-sama had smiled wryly down at him. "Come on boy," he said in a deep, gravelly voice.

"Come with me. You'll be useful to our cause."

The boy looked up at the older man, and put his hand in the other's firm grip. All the doubts and unanswered questions- who was he? What was his name? Did he have a family? - immediately left his mind as he looked up at the man who had taken his hand and took him in.

Danzo-sama was his family, the only family he'll ever need.

Danzo studied the young boy's face, tear-streaked and covered in dirt and soot from the fire that was still blazing in the background. The boy stared back, unflinching, his face filled with hope and trust, not a shred of fear in his expression. In his small hand, he clutched a kunai*, covered in blood and dirt, yet the glint of metal could still be seen in the moonlight.

Just like this boy. Danzo knew, from many, many years of experience, that under that *open, honest face, there lay a cold-blooded ninja that would do anything for him and him alone, given the right training.

Danzo smiled. Here was another suitable candidate for the Root.

*kunai: a dagger, or knife used by all ninja. It is slightly longer than half your arm, and has a round "circle" at the end of the handle. The handle is often wrapped in bandages.

*Danzo is actually comparing the boy's "open, honest face" to the blood and dirt that was on the kunai, and "cold-blooded ninja" to the still-clean areas of the kunai... Cos we all know that Danzo hates purity and innocence.

A/n: So this is how Sai entered the Root. I don't know how else to make him "forget" his real name, so I just assumed he was too young to remember. I think forgetting your own name is kind of impossible, even if you were a ninja in the Root. :3 I don't think the storyline here was thought out well, so if you could point out some thhings that don't seem logical or would like changed, that would be great :)

Next chapter will be Sai's meeting with Shin. Many years would have already passed, I wonder how will Sai turn out?